In "Fair," I'm trying to take a somewhat general view of Carthanage life, as opposed to focusing on one aspect as I did in the other stories, such as the dairy farms, the Hanging Academy, or life on Purity Island.

I'm also trying to look more deeply into the morality and ethics of a culture in which dying to be consumed as food is not only accepted by women but, in fact, eagerly anticipated by nearly all of them -- yet they live full (if abbreviated) productive, happy lives, with personal goals they wish to achieve prior to being eaten -- which sometimes, depending on the personality types involved, may lead to a lifetime career choice of slavery, even to the point of undergoing extreme physical modification for non-human roleplay, and yet may in other cases lead to a woman choosing a life identical to one she might live in our own world. And I've tried, as I have all along, to make the psychology behind all this make sense.

You can decide for yourself whether I've succeeded, by taking a look at Carthanage through the eyes of Cammy, a not-quite-typical college girl, and follow her experience of love at (nearly) first sight.

WARNINGS: This story contains snuff and cannibalism (of course), surgical body modification, and ff sexuality.


by Cardaniel

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