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The stories here include such subjects as hanging and snuff, as well as cannibalism. Remember, you were warned.

All characters participating in or witnessing
sexual activities in any story are fully mature
adults. If you want something else, look elsewhere.

Stories by Cardaniel

(Descriptions by Thantasy)

The Carthanage Stories -- A collection of stories taking place in a world we call Carthanage that is much like our world, but not entirely. Stories include the following:

  • "Fair" --- Cammy and Alisa enjoy an eventful first date at the university's annual fall fair. What could possibly go wrong? This story serves as a general exploration of Carthanage society.

  • "Pony" (NEW!) --- A generation after Cammy and Alisa meet, their daughters, Sandra and Selena, finishing high school and avid fans of ponygirl racing, look ahead to their adult lives as typical female Carthanage citizens. A deep look into the ponygirl subculture of Carthanage.

  • "Academy Girl" --- Miranda was the best present Andrew Cameron could have expected from his father for his twenty-first birthday: a stunningly beautiful, fully-trained, sexually sophisticated graduate of the Hanging Academy to serve as the principal entertainment and main dinner course for his birthday party. For Miranda, the event was to be the culmination of a lifetime of fantasy and three years of intensive training. Her obligations, sexual and otherwise, to Andrew and his father Preston were spelled out clearly by Academy rules, but what about the other member of the Cameron family? Was there anything that Miranda, in the last hours of her life, could do for eighteen-year-old, bookish wallflower Amy Cameron? (This describes the first book in a series.)

  • "Island", a sequel to "Academy Girl" --- Purity Island is a throwback colony in which all the progress made by the women of Carthanage in the past hundred years has been negated and women are seen only as food and slaves, as readers of Academy Girl know. In the years following the events of that novel, the island has become an object of anthropological study. A clever arrangement allows college girls to observe and interact with the Purists without becoming a part of the society. When Sara Bollinger's secret heartthrob, Cherise Marteau, is selected for the extended field trip, Sara comes up with a desperate plan to be included in the excursion so that she can spend one last summer in the presence of the woman whose nearness causes her to become tongue-tied in the extreme. Will some unforeseen incident cause the two co-eds to experience way more togetherness than Sara ever imagined? This story includes gynophagia, bondage, and extreme peril, but also contains the humor and love found in all Carthanage stories.

  • "At the Dairy Farm" --- In Carthanage, most women exercise their privilege (or discharge their obligation, as a very few view it) of serving as a source of food in a single, climactic act. In Clarissa Martin's family, however, most of the women spend their entire adult lives nourishing friends, family, and society at large as girlcows on the family dairy farm. The Martins are a loving family in which the normal dynamics of mutual care, respect, and gentle manipulation are not much altered by the fact that Tom Martin's livestock (with one very important exception) is drawn from his sisters - until, of course, his daughters are old enough to join the herd. The lives of the Martin girls are filled with purpose because of their role as girlcows. Their lives are also filled with sisterly love and sexy fun because, well, they're the Martin girls.

  • "Home For The Holidays" --- Freshman and Omega Tau member Randy is struck by the plight of Kristi, a plucky Grade B girl who had come to campus hoping for something much better than the treatment Randy's frat brothers had in store for her. This is a story of as elegant an expression of love as a man can make in Carthanage.

Other stories by Cardaniel

  • "The Experiment" --- While it's theoretically possible for both involuntary subjects to survive a run of  Dr. Smith's diabolical experiment, that has never happened yet because trust, cooperation, and altruism are required for that result and the doctor stacks the deck by pairing people who are unlikely to care if the other survives. When a single subject does survive, it is usually through ruthlessness. When youth and inexperience are added into the mix, do kidnapped teenagers Robbie and Lisa even have a chance?

  • "High Tide" --- Bright, pretty, creative, artistic, and sensuous, Ronnie seems to have the perfect life -- she even has love. However, when, under pressure from her husband, she blurts out her deepest erotic desire, he finds it too strange to even consider. She can fulfill her desire by giving herself to another lover, but, if she does so, how complete must her gift be?

  • "In Trouble" --- It is virtually impossible for lesbian lovers Brianna and Jenny to escape their sentence of death by hanging because there is no way to affect the cold mechanical apparatus through which the sentence will be carried out. But can they find a way to cheat their executioners of the pleasure of having them die in loneliness and separation?

  • "Killer App" --- What if your life could be placed in the hands of online friends who shared your appreciation of the eroticism of asphyxiation? Had Paula's husband really found a way to do that? And was he acting out of anger or out of a loving desire for her to attain sexual fulfillment? And how serious was he? How far would this go?

  • "One in Sixty-Four" --- A young gasper-girl devises an ingenious way to add an element of genuine risk to her noose-play, while keeping the odds heavily in favor of her survival. But what if she hasn't planned as well as she thought? Are the odds still in her favor?

  • "The Right Motivation" --- Cheryl is very firm in her conviction that she could never be persuaded to voluntarily perform a suicidal act. Can her boyfriend Chris prove her wrong? How far will either of them go to win an argument? And, is winning REALLY everything or is there something beyond that?
There are more stories by Cardaniel, in various genres beyond those offered on this site, at CARDANIEL'S KINKS.

Stories by Thantasy

(Descriptions by Cardaniel)

  • "Angie and Nick" --- (With Vader.) A Biker's babe made a big mistake, and now must pay the ultimate price. Will she be hanged? Will she be quartered? Can love save her? A remarkable collaborative effort, largely created extemporaneously online.

  • "Callie" --- A story of hunting and eroticism, and the thrill of being eaten. A sequel to "Rachel's Stand," below. (Though you don't have to have read that first.) Bon appetit.

  • "Date With The Vampire" --- Introducing KittyVamp, another new playmate for Thantasy. Kitty lives in New Zealand, Six Feet Down Under where the vampires dwell.

  • "Ivy and Thanta Get A Crush On Each Other" --- A roleplay dialogue created by Thantasy and our friend Muddy Ivy, in which two women meant to be together are brought very very close together.

  • "A Mid-Summer Night's Scene, With Noosegirl" --- A story of love and snuff, played with the extreme eroticism Thantasy and Noosegirl can muster when the mood, and a very sexy drawing, inspire them.

  • "The Necrobabe Murder Case" --- A Necrobabes novel by Thantasy, inspired by her love of many things: classic movies and television, mysteries, and lovely babes playing dead. Readers wishing for more background on the story might choose to read "I Walked With A Necrobabe" (see below) first, and "The Bordello of the Dead Thanksgiving Special."

  • "The Price of Beauty" --- (With Vader.) Is there such a thing as being too beautiful for your own good? Could be, if you belong to this harem. At the end, Thantasy invites reader contributions to this one.

  • "Rachel's Stand" --- An action story of sex and food -- hard to tell them apart sometimes. This is a sequel to the story "Rachel's Run" by Thantasy's very good friend Paul K. (See below, under "Stories by Guests.") If you are reading stories on this site, you either know Paul K, or should.

  • "Saturday Afternoon With Pixie and Noosegirl" --- Thantasy, Pixie in Black, and Noosegirl show the amount of erotic mayhem that can occur when three horny necrobabes are let loose in a chat room.

  • "The Sun Also Rises, Usually," or "Thanta Misses Her Chance" --- A short (autobiographical?) story in which Thantasy's sojourn in Dreamland prevents her from attaining her.... well, dreams.

  • "Thantasy and Jonni" --- Thantasy's online interaction with a willing dinner, showing off the fact that she can dish up someone else as well as being dished up herself.

  • "Thanta and Noosegirl, Cheek to Cheek" --- From the people who brought you "A Mid-Summer Night's Scene" (above), this scene shows that love can really last "till death do us part," and it doesn't have to be all that long.

  • "Vader's Halloween Present for Thantasy" --- How does a vampire spend Halloween? If you're Thanta the Vampire, the answer is: not necessarily the way you expected.

Stories by Cardaniel and Thantasy Together

  • "At The Club: CRAMPED FOR TIME" --- Danny and Thanta enjoy an evening at the BDSM Club, where Thanta accepts a dangerous challenge. Has she breathed her last?

  • "The Bordello of the Dead Thanksgiving Special" --- An introduction to some of our favorite characters from "I Walked With a Necrobabe," in a story that justifies the saying "don't go to bed mad at your partner." We can now add "Don't die that way either."

  • "I Walked With a Necrobabe," or "The Jayne Horror Picture Show" --- A story of what might be termed "high-tech necrophilia," in several acts, created by Thantasy and Cardaniel in online chats.

  • "My Fair Necrobabe" --- We present our recent discovery of the original version of the 19th century classic story, which asks the age-old question: can a randomly chosen woman, perfectly normal in every way, be transformed into a necrobabe? Follow young Eliza's journey of self-discovery, encouraged by the ever-helpful Professor Henry Higgins.

  • "Our Date With Noosegirl" --- A scene generated in several sessions of on-line chat among Cardaniel, Thantasy, and our new friend Noosegirl (Not her real screen name, so don't bother trying to contact her), who plays a young woman awaiting execution by hanging. Is her fate inevitable? Will she find, at long last, love?

Stories by Guests

(Descriptions by Cardaniel)

  • Rachel's Run, by Paul K, the story that inspired Thantasy's book-length story, "Rachel's Stand" (above). Paul K (also known as PK) is an honored guest, responsible for many great gynophagia and snuff stories. You can communicate with him on the DolcettGirls Forum. (You need to register in order to access the forum.) Clicking the link above will take you away from our site. Please come back.

  • Wet and Messy stories by Muddy Ivy, our new friend who, though she does not like her stories grim, certainly likes them sensual and erotic, and -- well, messy.

  • Spider, by Pixie in Black --- A story of a woman who finds something in common with her many-legged friend.

  • Vampire, by Pixie in Black --- A tale of a night in the long life...

  • Rebecca's Limit --- A culinary story submitted to us by Quillmeisternocturnal, about a guy who really should have known better.