by Pixie in Black


Pixie was inspired to send me this story after she learned that I was tarantula-sitting for a friend.

In this delightful little tale, darling Pixie demonstrates a certain versatility in her approach to this topic area.

*        *        *

I remember the first time I saw my little friend. It was a Saturday morning, early. I was finally settled in. After a week of unpacking, cleaning and getting used to my new surroundings.

I had accepted Granddad's generous offer to live in his Florida vacation home. All I had to do was pay the taxes and utilities. Make repairs as needed and do one home improvement per year.

Next step, a job to sustain myself. Then the meeting of new friends.

But I drift from my little friend. As I was enjoying the comfort of my freshly drawn bath, I couldn't help but hear the faintest clicking noise. Looking in the direction of the sound, there it was. A spider that had to be four inches in diameter!!!!

I froze, I had never seen a spider that big outside of a movie or a terrarium in a display somewhere. He was directly overhead on the wall, just below the ceiling. As I watched I became more relaxed. It's probably as leery of me as I am of him I thought. Uncomfortable, yes, afraid, no. Telepathically I said to it, "You stay up there, I'll stay down here." Seeming to understand he went on his way, not scurrying but just going on about his business at his own pace. That was almost a year ago.

Since, I've seen him on occasion. Adhering to my telepathic message, it's always watching from a high vantage point. Wih the exception of changing a light bulb or two, I've kept my part of the deal, too. Both feet on the floor.

I met Jimmy about six months later. A friend of a friend as is the case so many times. We clicked almost immediately. Always there, with always the right thing to say, it wasn't long before we were bed partners. I won't say I loved Jimmy, I did like him seriously. I truly believed he felt the same about me. We agreed on most everything, we always seemed to have fun together. No matter if it was just the two of us or in a group, we always enjoyed our times together.

Six weeks after meeting, I was late for my period. Naturally the panicky thoughts were there. What if? I knew the answer already. There was no way I could have an abortion.

Kinky thoughts, fetishes? Yes, I have them, many to the extreme. But kill a baby, there was no way I could live with myself with that on my conscience. It was NOT an option.

At two weeks late, my furry little friend revealed himself again. I was in the kitchen making coffee. It was early, warm already. I hadn't bothered dressing, the cool a/c on my skin was just too nice. He was watching from the corner just below the ceiling. I couldn't help but wonder, "............will he tell his little spider friends? Will I have an audience tomorrow? Lots of spiders hoping to catch a glimpse of Penny in the buff?" My nipples perked at my thoughts. He was intimidating to say the least, it was a rush for some reason, it seeing me nude.

As I turned to fully face it, it changed position, almost crouching. "What do I do now?", I asked. As if it was answering, I knew. I needed to know what Jimmy would do.

I never told Jimmy of my condition, rather I fished for answers. None of them were good. Jimmy was out for fun, not commitment. He wasn't ready to be a father. During one of my fishing expiditions, he as much as told me he'd never even support a child. He'd leave his job before that happened.

Being the person I am, a woman, sometimes a dreamer, I hoped maybe Jimmy woud change. He did, to a certain extent.

Our lovemaking took different directions. At his insistance we became more oral. The initial kissing was almost always followed by a gentle but firm push on my shoulders. His way of saying he wanted head. I don't blame him really, I did everything I could to please including swallowing. Yes, I enjoyed it, the hot cum squirting into my mouth.

And I enjoyed what he did as well, we both were talented in that respect.

As for his thoughts on commitment, I was in this pregnancy alone and I knew it. I was keeping my baby, that decision was made. I'd figure out how to work and be a single Mom. The answers would come, I knew they would.

My little friend again!!!!!!!!!!! Sitting on the shower nozzle watching me clean the bathroom. It seems discouraged for some reason. Probably irritated because I have some clothes on, I think with amusement. One of Pop's worn out madras shirts and panties. I look up and ask, "Shall I take them off? I know you aren't used to me in clothes."

I rarely dress in the house, it's that a/c thing again. Unless I'm going out somewhere, I'm enjoyin', no doubt about it!!!!!! But today for some reason I put on the shirt. To feel closer to Pop in an hour of uncertainty, that was probably the reason.

As I watched it, it made no motion. "...okay, I'll leave them on then."

"You know we're a lot alike..." Where did that come from? Did I think it? Or did my little friend think it and I heard it?

Jimmy came over later that day. We watched a movie, then as usual we moved to the bedroom. I performed probably the best oral sex that I ever had. Jimmy had complained about lack of sleep, being worn out. I knew he had gotten high earlier too, the effects were still there. The dry mouth, bleary eyes. He moaned constantly as I did my work. The licks and kisses, my head bobbing, coaxing him to cum for me. I couldn't help but touch myself as I sucked at him. I was in a hyper state of arousal as I thought of what lay ahead. He came for me after an extended session, I wanted it to last, for him to enjoy.

As I stepped from the bed, I saw my reflection in the full length mirror on the closet door. The now exaggerated curve of my belly, the swelling breasts. My bottom semed wider, too. A little mommy to to be, I thought to myself.

Stepping to the kitchen, a sip of water and a wink to my little friend. A brief check of items on the kitchen counter and back to the bedroom!!!!!!!!

He lay there looking up at me as I climbed on the bed. Straddling him I lowered myself, feeling his warm breast on my glistening secret lips. He still hasn't even noticed, I think to myself. How could he not?

Hands on my thighs, my hips moving slowly back and forth I enjoyed his lips and tongue on me. It wouldn't be long, he'd bring forth my orgasm. The thoughts I was thinking, his talented tongue would make it intense. I had to maintain control. To reach the end I desired, I couldn't slip up now.

His arms were under my shins, I made sure of that when I climbed over him. I had him pinned as well as I could.

"Oh, oh, yessss..............here it comes." My bottom quivering with it, I reach down and pinch his nostrils closed. Lowering myself I deprive him of all air. Shaking and quivering, my body is on fire with it. Shocks go through me. "Lean back, lean back...............keep the pressure on I keep thinking." I know if I lean forward he may push me off. I can feel his tongue pushing, tryin to lift me with it. How long has it been? He's slowly giving up now. 45 seconds? A minute?

The rush of my orgasm is over now, my whole body flushed. My breasts heaving, sucking in air while I deprive him. Little twitches in my bottom. I slide my hands over my belly. Not really big yet, still four months to go. At 5'0" I'll be quite a little balloon.

I know he's gone now, the struggle is over. I climb off and go into my bathroom, retrieving the item I want. A quick trip to the kitchen for something else. A final check of all the herbs and spices.

Leaning over him I grasp his now flaccid cock head between thumb and forefinger. The other hand flips open the straight razor, ready to claim the first part of my feast. I can't help but think of my furry little friend. "...yes, I believe we are a lot alike."