The Price of Beauty

by Thantasy and VaderMaster


My partner in this scene was VaderMaster, a wonderfully romantic medical professional and coffee lover who rides a motorcycle and who comes up with some marvelous scenes for the two of us to play out.

Because of our conflicting work schedules, the scenes Vader and I play tend to be rather short and extremely sweet. This scene is one of the best examples of that.

We moved into the scene so quickly and smoothly, that I have not separated the beginning of the scene from the chat preceding it. The same is true of the ending. I have, however, put our parenthetical exchanges during the scene in square brackets [ ].

Readers may notice how often Vader and I type in almost exactly the same thing at the same time. This kind of being in sync with each other, I believe, makes for good role-play and we often comment on this in our bracketed exchanges.


Vader: Sorry about the other night I was called into work on an emergency I regret not being able to keep our time.

Thantasy: Isn't this our time?

Vader: well if you are not busy

Thantasy: I do have a date right now, but I have been expecting you.

Vader: ok shall i wait for a while

Thantasy: Another ten minutes should do it.

Vader: take your time enjoy the moment

Thantasy: Almost ready, we can start chatting, if you want.

Vader: sure

Thantasy: Well, do you want to set a scene?

Vader: ok do you have any preferences

Thantasy: I'm in a VERY agreeable mood.

Vader: very well let's see I read one not too long ago kinda of a roulette of hanging if you like

Thantasy: Hmm sounds appealing.

Vader: you are among a harem of women in the middle east, long time ago

Thantasy: several girls?

Vader: so your dress would be of that type

Vader: yes many

Thantasy: Silky!

Thantasy: bare midriff.

Vader: you got it

Vader: veil

Thantasy: Mine is sky blue.

Vader: but beautiful EYES

Thantasy: absolutely!

Vader: blue -- I like that

Thantasy: AND VERY expressive!

Vader: yes.....

Vader: now every once in a while the women are placed for auction

Thantasy: Okay.

Vader: to the wealthy sheiks

Thantasy: I kind of like where I am, but I really don't have much choice in the matter.

Thantasy: I get along with some of the other girls VERY well!

Vader: they bid on them and the one that gets the highest bid is hung for pleasure

Thantasy: And the others are sold?

Vader: oh yes you get along with them but you all know you may hang

Vader: You all are bought but only one is hung

Thantasy: Okay.

Vader: and it is in front of the bidders and the other women

Thantasy: Okay.

Thantasy: Now, are the others sold permanently or just for the night?

Vader: just for the night while the one is hanging the others can be used by the bidders for .......

Vader: whatever they choose

Vader: one by one you are lead out onto the block and the bidding begins you are in line

Thantasy: shoulders back, chest out... .

Thantasy: trying to look my best...but not necessarily THE best.

Vader: yes you have the Idea

Vader: there are two in front of you

Thantasy: I'm a veteran of this. have been used for the night

Vader: the one walks up the steps to the scaffold

Thantasy: the love making began while the girl was hanged..

Thantasy: watching her hang always aroused me...

Vader: yes -- many times you have watched others hang and dance while being fucked

Thantasy: made me almost unseemly passionate...

Vader: you have watched with desire to some day be the one

Thantasy: Even when it was a girl I had been close to -- especially then!

Thantasy: A girl that I may have been intimate with the night before...

Vader: you have noticed how aroused you are as they placed the rope on the winners' necks

Vader: yes

Vader: you all know the next night may be your turn on the block

Thantasy: I was intimate last night with at least two of the women in tonight's parade.

Vader: yes the one directly infront of you and one about 5 back

Vader: it is always a slow lift never a long drop

Thantasy: I may watch either of them hang, or another...

Thantasy: Or, tonight, it may be me on the rope...

Vader: yes

Thantasy: I am squishy at the thought...

Vader: there are many wealthy sheiks in the private audience tonight

Vader: the bidding will no doubt be furious

Vader: and will exact a high price for the Master

Vader: as they mount the scaffold the women are shown like livestock

Thantasy: I know that my heightened arousal gives me a special attractiveness.

Thantasy: I cannot hide the fact that I am flushed and excited!

Thantasy: I survey the sheiks. Many attractive men!

Vader: yes, many but be careful not to look too long at them that is forbidden

Thantasy: either one of them will have me for his own, or the rope will have me.

Vader: yes

Vader: we will find out soon

Thantasy: The woman in front of me is attractive, but not more so than me...

Thantasy: Of course, it is not always the most attractive girl who is hanged.

Thantasy: Sometimes, a special feature may draw the highest bid

Vader: there is a hooded auctioneer on the scaffold to conduct the auction and carry out the execution

Vader: tall very muscular man in a black hood

Vader: black silk hood

Thantasy: I have longed for his body....

Thantasy: Such a broad manly chest....

Thantasy: I would have him for a lover if that were permitted...

Thantasy: but the only way he will have me is to put the rope around my neck!

Vader: before you ascend the steps a light binding is placed around your wrists

Vader: behind your back

Thantasy: I know that this accentuates my breasts, which are my best feature.

Vader: you have watched him dispatch many of your friends and a few of your female lovers

Thantasy: Whenever I am near him, there is a special excitement.

Vader: He has been very tender in his duties to the winners

Thantasy: Oh, tell me more about that!!!!

Vader: when the bidding has concluded

Vader: and the winner is announced

Thantasy: Yes, yes, yes....

Vader: he usually walks to her placing his hand around her

Vader: then he escorts her back up the steps slowly

Thantasy: finally, she gets to experience his touch!

Vader: turns her to face the audience

Vader: he begins the preparation

Vader: binding her wrists tightly behind her

Vader: then removing some of her silky clothing to reveal her assets

Thantasy: [this has me in a very pleasant state of arousal, dear]

Vader: finally he removes her veil and caresses her face with the implement of the death -- the rope

Thantasy: sigh!

Vader: the auction is a show and is meant for the enjoyment of the sheiks

Thantasy: He is so near to her that she can smell his every scent.

Vader: they are selecting their "losers" for sexual satisfaction as the evening continues

Vader: the winner is then stimulated on her breasts with the braids of the rope

Vader: rubbing across her nipples

Thantasy: [doing a little rt dup with a rope now]

Vader: they know soon they will be suspended by this rope and this will be their final orgasm

Thantasy: [Okay, I am PSYCHED!]

Vader: the winners in the past have provided much excitement to the crowd and that is a posthumous badge of honor to excite the crowd so well while dying

Thantasy: I am sure that when my time comes, I will perform well.

Vader: to writhe and dance heightens the sex for the losers as well

Vader: they are all vicariously experiencing that final tumultuous climax

Thantasy: So many girls have given me a good, show

Thantasy: I do not want to let them down.

Vader: the woman in front you has finished her bidding time and is walked off the platform

Vader: it is time for you to walk up and take your chances

Thantasy: She brought a decent bid, but I have brought higher.

Vader: well you ascend the steps and display your virtues

Vader: how do you do?

Vader: you tell me

Vader: the bidding begins on you

Thantasy: I display myself to my full advantage.

Vader: you hear a few bids from the back

Vader: they are slow at first

Thantasy: I am interested especially in one bidder,

Vader: there is time to sabotage your place

Thantasy: A very handsome man. He has never had me before.

Thantasy: I do want his attention.

Vader: you could do less than a great job and walk down

Vader: and probably have him as one of your friends hangs tonight

Thantasy: I may not want to be the winner, but I do hope that his bid for me is highest.

Vader: you know how to work the crowd

Thantasy: He is interested...

Vader: he raises his hand

Vader: with a very respectable bid

Thantasy: I try not to be too obvious in seeking to appeal to him.

Thantasy: I am flattered at his attention!

Thantasy: I make a few turns...

Vader: another very wealthy old sheik outbids him

Thantasy: I am a little discouraged by that. the very wealthy shiek is on the other side of the room.

Thantasy: I do my best to show my best assets to my would-be lover

Thantasy: I keep myself very straight.

Vader: he raises his hand again in response

Vader: the bid climbs

Vader: he has bid a second time for you

Thantasy: This very wealthy sheik, often the girl he bids highest on is the one who is hanged.

Vader: but now again the old sheik bids higher

Thantasy: He does like to have a woman for himself while the one he has put the highest bid on is hanged.

Vader: not always, but if the bidding continues to climb you will win

Thantasy: An interest from him will almost surely mean at least a fifty-fifty chance at death...

Thantasy: I will try to get one more bid from the man of my heart's

Vader: he bids and raises the bar again

Thantasy: after that I would turn my attention to the older man if he bids higher...

Vader: now the old sheik is thinking

Vader: the crowd is silent

Thantasy: There is hope that the older man would win me, but not bid the highest of the for me.

Thantasy: that he would bid higher for another girl.

Vader: watching the action between the two men

Thantasy: I do hope the old man gives up now.

Vader: he bids just above the younger man's bid

Thantasy: SHIT! I focus my attention all on my chosen!

Thantasy: Well, it isn't much of a raise.

Vader: now you have the highest bid yet but there are women in line behind you

Thantasy: My fellow looks prosperous enough to make it higher.

Thantasy: I will continue to appeal to him as best I can

Vader: your chosen raises his hand and doubles the bid

Thantasy: given the limits of my...!!!! HURRAY!

Thantasy: But maybe not!!

Vader: this is now a very high bid

Thantasy: Doubled!

Thantasy: Okay, enough, I'm very happy!!!!!

Vader: far above the previous high

Thantasy: Does this man want to see me hanged!!!!?????

Vader: the old sheik remains silent

Thantasy: Is this a record high bid???

Vader: well, we don't keep records but it is as high as memory of the hangman

Thantasy: I wouldn't bring a record high bid. I'm sure of that.

Vader: there are other women

Vader: to be bid on

Thantasy: Then I'm sunk! The hangman will be lover tonight!

Vader: the bidding on you is closed

Vader: you walk down to be with your man

Thantasy: I am frightened but relieved, somewhat.

Vader: if possibly for a short while

Thantasy: I go to him.

Thantasy: [my hands, are they unbound now?]

Vader: as you reach the last step your hands are freed

Vader: and the next woman walks up the platform

Thantasy: As I go to him, I try to keep my eyes down..

Vader: his eyes follow you to him

Thantasy: but yet, let him know that I would look at him...

Vader: as you arrive he caresses you

Thantasy: I press myself to him...

Vader: he looks at you

Vader: he whispers to you

Thantasy: I avert my eyes..

Vader: in your ear

Thantasy: I listen...

Vader: your beauty and my love for you has cost us this night

Thantasy: either he wants me or he wants to see me die...

Vader: I have bid for you and now that will cost you your life my love

Thantasy: I could suggest that he could bid more highly on another girl...

Vader: You are too beautiful to be taken for such a small price the old man was offering

Thantasy: but I know that would be very expensive.

Vader: but then that would diminish your beauty

Thantasy: I know that what he says is true.

Vader: bidding higher for another

Vader: that would not be right

Thantasy: I understand his sense of values.

Vader: the crowd seems distant

Thantasy: I realize that this is his sacrifice as well as my own...

Vader: I could not help but bid all I have for you

Vader: you are the most beautiful

Thantasy: As it is likely he will not be able to enjoy me later...

Thantasy: I would desperately like to serve him now, while the bidding goes on.

Vader: but he caresses you now

Thantasy: I bury my face in his manly chest...

Vader: he gazes at your expressive eyes

Vader: he kisses your neck

Thantasy: I look up at him..

Thantasy: I press my thighs to his...

Vader: touches your breasts

Thantasy: I offer to raise my skirt...

Vader: he raises it with you

Vader: he presses himself against you

Thantasy: I wrap one leg around him..

Vader: you feel his throbbing mass

Thantasy: To make his entrance easy...

Vader: he slides in slowly


Vader: then continues to penetrate deeply

Thantasy: I am trying not to cavort too obviously...

Vader: he kisses you on the ear lobe

Thantasy: I glance absent mindedly at the girl on stage...

Thantasy: I do not know her well....

Vader: the bidding is moving along

Thantasy: I doubt that she will bring more than myself.

Vader: there are four girls left

Vader: none are even half of your record bid on the board

Thantasy: I concentrate on my lover.

Vader: he concentrates on you knowing time is short

Vader: he thrusts in and out steadily

Thantasy: Only one of the girls has a chance to beat my bid...

Thantasy: the very last one, she is gorgeous

Thantasy: I am not really hopeful, however.

Vader: he brushes against your nipples

Thantasy: I grind my hips against his.

Vader: they are very hard

Thantasy: I have never felt such manhood in me before!!!!

Vader: and show nicely through the silky

Thantasy: I would that I could indulge myself with him all night.

Vader: the final woman is taking the platform

Thantasy: This is my last and only chance.

Vader: this is your last chance and the time is growing near

Thantasy: She is a real beauty I have had her and would love to see her dance on the rope...

Vader: the pace of the love quickens

Vader: in response to the impending

Thantasy: I do want to take my lover's cum into me, have it inside me if I have to go to the rope...

Vader: the old sheik is bidding

Thantasy: The old sheik has an interest in the girl

Thantasy: [sync]

Thantasy: She is his type...

Vader: the bid is low yet

Thantasy: I've seen him delight in seeing such as her hanged...

Thantasy: I, again, turn my attentions to my lover...

Vader: he is very rich

Thantasy: I dig my nails into his back...

Vader: he is focused on you

Thantasy: I grind my hips furiously...

Vader: he feels your swollen lips below

Thantasy: The old man is interested, and there is other interest.

Vader: he wants you to cum before you swing

Vader: the bidding has slowed

Thantasy: I resolve that if I am to die, I shall do my best to entertain my lover!!!

Thantasy: The thought of his eyes on me as I die excites me tremendously...

Vader: then shower him with yourself now as he gives you his full measure

Thantasy: The thought of being with him all night also excites.

Thantasy: I explode with a burst of orgasm!!

Vader: the bidding gavel slams down

Thantasy: Quietly, but intensely!!!

Vader: the bids are final

Thantasy: I feel him come within me!!!!!

Vader: you do not need to look

Thantasy: I bury my face in his chest to hide my cries...

Vader: the final woman did not do well at all

Thantasy: having gotten my pleasure, I am content....

Vader: she is on the final step and now the tall executioner begins to walk down from the platform

Thantasy: I give my lover an intense kiss of love and passion...

Vader: The hangman is walking toward us

Thantasy: Farewell, my love...

Vader: I lift your veil and place a kiss upon your lips

Thantasy: I shall do my best to die well...

Vader: and whisper die well my beauty

Vader: I will love you forever

Vader: you feel the cold hands of the tall man surround you

Thantasy: to make the others envious

Thantasy: I resist not in the least.

Vader: he states you have won, Thanta

Thantasy: I bow my head.

Vader: we will do this together

Thantasy: Now, I face this final lover..

Vader: and well for you

Thantasy: This object of desire for so long...

Vader: let's give them a show they paid so highly for

Thantasy: I smile...

Vader: you are at the bottom step

Thantasy: I look back at my lover

Vader: the platform seems higher than before

Thantasy: then ahead to the rope.

Vader: it awaits your neck

Thantasy: My legs are still shaky from the orgasm I just had...

Vader: you begin the ascent with your escort

Thantasy: I feel my lover's seed and my juices running down my legs..

Thantasy: plenty, however, remains within me...

Vader: you are on the platform and I turn you to face the crowd

Thantasy: I am not eager.

Thantasy: I look at all the eyes upon me.

Thantasy: My lover's most of all.

Vader: I grasp one arm, your left, and place it behind your back

Thantasy: I see a touch of sadness there at what is to be lost...

Vader: the grip is tight so you do not resist

Thantasy: I resist not in the least.

Vader: the right arm is brought back to meet the left

Thantasy: The old sheik is very intent upon me.

Thantasy: He will enjoy my performance very much...

Vader: this was his plan

Vader: to watch you swing

Thantasy: Other girls look at me with curiosity, wondering how I will do.

Vader: but he knew he could raise the bid

Vader: by the way that your lover looked as you first walked up the platform for the bidding

Thantasy: but he did want to give me a chance with my lover....

Vader: yes

Vader: The old sheik knows that his pleasure will now come soon

Thantasy: So, my life shall end as an entertainment.

Vader: the rope wraps around your wrists tightly

Vader: for some much more noble for others

Vader: an act of love for your lover

Thantasy: I am honored to be the object of such attention.

Vader: and an act of respect for your owner

Vader: the Master sheik who hosts this event

Thantasy: I will do my best to show the crowd what an excellent body my lover had

Thantasy: for his enjoyment.

Vader: now your veil is removed for all to gaze at your beautiful face

Thantasy: I hear sight gasps of awe

Vader: the audience is hushed

Thantasy: I am even more beautiful now than before.

Thantasy: Mine is the beauty of a satisfied woman

Thantasy: nothing more beautiful in the world!!!

Vader: the excitement in the room is palpable

Thantasy: The contented smile on my face would tell anyone how well I have been loved...

Thantasy: I want to beam for my lover...

Vader: the noose is brushed lightly across your face

Thantasy: to let all know that he has prepared me well.

Vader: it caresses across your lips

Thantasy: [rt duplication]

Thantasy: I kiss it

Vader: you kiss it as it passes

Vader: [we think alike -- this is scary]

Thantasy: {Be surprised how often I hear that LOL}

Vader: [you type faster though]

Vader: [LOL]

Vader: back to the noose

Vader: it travels across your face and touches your neck

Thantasy: [I'm really indulging myself with this on my nipples.]

Vader: I rest it on your shoulder as I step behind you to remove your silky top

Thantasy: My glorious breasts are revealed.

Vader: they are

Vader: You feel me untie the knot in the top and slowly allow it to fall from your breasts

Thantasy: Even those already romantically involved are in awe of the sight.

Vader: the crowd is still

Thantasy: These will bounce beautifully!

Vader: never before has such a perfect beauty been in this spot about to swing

Thantasy: It is a waste of sorts,

Vader: yes it is

Thantasy: but seeing the destruction of beauty

Vader: finally I loosen the silk around your waist

Thantasy: is intensely gratifying.

Vader: I would not do this but for your desire to be there

Thantasy: the knowledge that even this can be bought and destroyed is confirmation of power.

Vader: such a waste of beauty

Vader: your silk falls to your feet revealing your renewed excitement and your recent encounter

Thantasy: The skirt is dropped, revealing shapely hips that have recently known the

Thantasy: entrance of a lover.

Vader: [we think alike]

Vader: [LOL ]

Vader: [you are tooo goood dear ]

Thantasy: they glisten.

Vader: your thighs glisten

Vader: your lips are blushed and full -- a well-groomed patch of hair above is moist

Thantasy: All the men in the room look at my lover with envy.

Vader: yes

Thantasy: He is stunned himself at the sight!

Vader: he advances near the front to allow you a better look

Vader: and to better see himself

Thantasy: I smile proudly at him

Vader: he is heavy with thoughts of loss

Thantasy: I let my lips (on my mouth} quiver,

Vader: he wishes you had not won

Vader: but all bids are final

Thantasy: This may be a lesson for him...

Thantasy: There is only one who could intervene at this point...

Thantasy: but that rarely, rarely occurs...

Vader: the executioner steps to your right side

Vader: and grabs the noose resting on your shoulder

Thantasy: and this spectacular moment would be lost.

Thantasy: I keep my eyes intently on my lover...

Vader: he teases your nipples with the braid

Thantasy: This sends a rush of juice down my legs.

Vader: the crowd senses the continuation

Vader: they begin their individual love making

Thantasy: I smile boldly at my lover...

Thantasy: allow myself to mouth a kiss to him...

Vader: trying to synchronize themselves with your impending orgasm

Vader: he stands alone watching

Vader: intently

Thantasy: I see the gorgeous man whose sperm still fills me...

Vader: the others are watching occasionally

Thantasy: his sperm will be alive in me after I am dead...

Vader: he feels your wetness still on him

Thantasy: I sense excitement building in the crowd..

Thantasy: I know the executioner has a keen sense of just the right time to hoist a girl...

Vader: the executioner begins to touch your clit

Thantasy: He has appraised me, He knows the measure of my strength..

Vader: to heighten the crowd's enjoyment

Thantasy: His touch is intensely exciting.

Thantasy: my knees bend slightly...

Vader: the noose swings lightly brushing against your bare breasts

Thantasy: My legs weaken with the rush of excitement...

Vader: he taunts you with his light touch

Thantasy: I glance at my lover, at the old sheik

Thantasy: at the other girls in whose place I have been chosen to die...

Vader: he would like to give you one final pleasure before you swing

Thantasy: I wonder which of them will follow me...

Thantasy: Now I look intently at the executioner...

Vader: he raises the noose in front of your face

Vader: and again brushes against your cheeks

Thantasy: The unbridled lust in my eyes tells him how I have longed for him all these years.

Thantasy: I lean my cheek into the rope.

Thantasy: caress it with my cheek...

Vader: he raises his hand up to your lips to allow you the taste of you and your lover

Thantasy: I thrust my breasts slightly to him. I lick his fingers...

Thantasy: I suck on them

Vader: he places his finger to your lips that you may enjoy yourself

Thantasy: I even bite them a bit

Thantasy: I tease the tip of his finger with my tongue...

Thantasy: I gaze passionately into his eyes...

Vader: and you taste your lovers cum with your own juices

Thantasy: I love the taste of our chemistry...

Vader: your lover sees this and knows you have enjoyed him

Thantasy: His life-giving seed, my pleasure-giving juices...

Vader: now the executioner continues his tasks

Thantasy: I feel the excitement of the crowd, I know the executioner does too.

Vader: He opens the circle

Vader: lifts it over your head and slides it down onto your neck

Thantasy: I behold the noose

Thantasy: AHHHH

Vader: you assist in its travel

Thantasy: the feel excites me

Thantasy: I shake my head to free my hair

Thantasy: I gaze passionately again at the executioner...

Vader: now slack is removed and the rope hugs gently your neck

Thantasy: I lean forward almost falling into him.

Thantasy: brushing his chest with my nipples...

Vader: the coil is left to fall on your breast

Thantasy: I rub myself against it.

Thantasy: feel its tiny hairs brush my nipples.

Vader: all little slack is removed and the hug is tighter but not uncomfortable

Thantasy: The old sheik is very aroused.

Thantasy: My lover is excited....

Vader: the knot is positioned high and behind your right ear

Thantasy: some of the girls furiously work their men...

Vader: now the executioner walks over to the post and begins to remove all the slack

Thantasy: I flash a delightfully wicked smile at my lover...

Vader: the coil is now upright and the rope climbs straight to the beam above you

Thantasy: [Mild rt with rope]

Vader: the rope is tied off

Thantasy: I know he will hoist me very slowly

Thantasy: I tease a bit.

Thantasy: I bend my knees.

Thantasy: Just enough to take my feet off the ground a bit...

Thantasy: testing the feel of what is to come...

Vader: the executioner returns to your side the crowd is getting into it now

Thantasy: I dangle just a bit of my own will...

Thantasy: I do not want to take the executioner's job from him..

Vader: no need to bend your knees he spreads your legs wide

Thantasy: I want to show my lack of fear...

Thantasy: teasing, working the crowd..

Thantasy: also building up for my orgasm..

Vader: the rope tightens its grasp and is slightly biting into your neck

Thantasy: My feet are now on the ground.

Vader: yes still

Vader: he teases you for the crowd

Thantasy: I need to raise on my toes slightly.

Vader: not yet

Thantasy: again, I bend my knees for a second.

Thantasy: dangle freely.

Vader: he looks down into the crowd at your lover

Thantasy: the rush is intense...

Thantasy: I smile at my lover as I do this.

Thantasy: put my feet back to the ground...

Vader: and says My good man step up and assist me

Thantasy: Even the old sheik has never seen such as this...

Vader: he walks slowly to the steps

Thantasy: He is delighted.

Thantasy: My lover comes to me...

Vader: his feet are heavy as he mounts the platform

Vader: he walks over to you

Thantasy: I twist as I will soon twist for real.

Thantasy: provocatively...

Thantasy: I keep my eyes squarely on his...

Thantasy: the wicked smile on my lips...

Thantasy: his juices running down my legs...

Vader: the executioner tells him torture her for their pleasure I must lift her

Vader: and walks to the tie off

Vader: your lover kisses your lips

Thantasy: I throw my breasts out to him

Thantasy: I kiss as passionately as ever before...

Vader: you feel the jerk as the executioner tugs lightly to release the knot on the post

Thantasy: Is it a wince I make or a tingle of pleasure?

Vader: then you feel yourself standing on tiptoes

Vader: your lover sensing the urgency begins to touch your thighs

Thantasy: there is a slight, very slight pounding in my ears..

Vader: stroking your pussy

Thantasy: I thrust my pussy to him

Vader: the rope is growing tighter

Thantasy: feel his finger enter me...

Vader: he uses his other hand to pinch lightly your nipples

Thantasy: the dizziness comes faster than I thought.

Vader: his fingers are inside you

Thantasy: With his strong hand, he supports me slightly...

Vader: the rope climbs even higher

Thantasy: Not enough to save my life, but enough to prolong it a bit.

Vader: you are resting slightly on his hand

Vader: yes you think alike

Vader: the crowd is going wild

Thantasy: His pleasure-giving fingers prolong me...

Vader: the color begins to change on your face

Thantasy: I now bend my knees again...

Vader: you are turning red

Thantasy: challenging him to hold me up...

Vader: the rope is lifted slowly higher

Thantasy: The pounding in my ears is intense.

Thantasy: when I lower my legs, I can no longer find the floor.

Vader: now if not for his hand you would have no contact with the ground

Thantasy: My neck and his hand support me...

Thantasy: I smile, trying not to make at all a grimace of pain.

Vader: he struggles to support you but knowing it is only prolonging your time

Thantasy: I am not suffering.

Vader: ha does not want you to suffer

Vader: gasps are heard

Thantasy: I am in ecstasy..

Thantasy: My air is being taken, it is true

Vader: he feels your lips are swollen

Vader: your pussy is very wet

Thantasy: I am fading, slowly, gracefully. His fingers

Thantasy: give me intense pleasure.

Vader: he continues to brush your nipples

Thantasy: the lost of oxygen does begin to cloud thoughts...

Thantasy: and heighten sensation...

Vader: the rope is raised to allow the crowd a better view

Vader: you are tied off

Vader: the executioner steps to your side

Thantasy: A dying woman dangles before them.

Vader: he tells your lover to stop

Thantasy: An excited, passionate woman..

Vader: and stand aside

Vader: your pelvis begins to thrust in the air

Thantasy: I am so intensely aroused, I do not notice the withdrawal of his hand..

Vader: your legs walking

Thantasy: My vision now darkens..

Vader: your wrists involuntarily fight the tight bindings

Vader: your tits bounce as your body jerks

Thantasy: My legs are kicking twisting...

Thantasy: Inside my head all is arousal...

Vader: many in the crowd are cumming

Vader: there are shouts

Thantasy: somehow I sense the intense excitement that surrounds me....

Vader: and groans

Vader: groans

Vader: many are watching your last seconds

Thantasy: It pushes, drives what is within me...

Thantasy: whatever my body is doing, I have no awareness.

Vader: some of the other women with the same envy you once had

Vader: they await their turn as the winner

Thantasy: Only a very general thunderous wave of sensation

Thantasy: comes through me...

Thantasy: conscious thought is gone...

Vader: the crowd senses your death

Vader: the fluids releasing

Thantasy: the intense sensation remains.

Thantasy: my bladder empties....

Vader: your lover looks into your expressive eyes

Thantasy: they do not see him...

Vader: wanting you to know as you go how much he loves you

Thantasy: a very dark cloud is over my eyes..

Thantasy: I sense presences...

Vader: wanting you to know what a wonderful show you have done

Vader: the best the crowd has ever seen

Thantasy: my jerking body does now cause a slight bit of pain ad the rope works my neck.

Vader: your face is grimacing a bit

Thantasy: but that is nothing, a slight shadow in the brilliant sunshine of my orgasm....

Thantasy: No one may be able to tell but behind the mask of death that is forming...

Thantasy: the last sparks of awareness withing me are

Thantasy: an intense blinding pleasure...

Thantasy: ....................

Thantasy: ...........

Thantasy: ...........

Vader: there is one woman with the old sheik who was very envious

Thantasy: ............

Thantasy: whatever my body is doing, there is no spirit behind it...

Vader: she awaits another night................

Thantasy: I am extinguished.

Vader: it is silent -- your legs are slowly twisting with the rope

Thantasy: this lovely appealing body is left behind...

Vader: your tits are motionless

Thantasy: my dead eyes, focused on nothing...

Vader: your mouth is open its last and tongue sagging

Thantasy: seem only to express wonder if anything.

Vader: a trickle of drool falls onto your breasts

Vader: your arms are still and your fingers curled from hypoxia

Thantasy: My body is mine for my lover to claim if he wants it...

Vader: he is given you as he bid for you

Vader: you are gently released into his arms

Vader: he and the executioner remove the noose and bindings

Thantasy: somehow, somewhere I know this...

Vader: and lay you flat on the platform

Thantasy: I know that I am not discarded...

Vader: even in death you are so beautiful

Vader: they look at you laying there

Thantasy: a treasured possession even yet.

Vader: you died well

Thantasy: [Yea!]

Vader: your lover kneels beside you

Vader: leans over and kisses you softy on the lips

Thantasy: [BTW I am up for postmortems, if you like].

Vader: whispers I love you my precious dear

Vader: closes your eyes

Thantasy: [Puts my tongue back in, I hope.]

Vader: yes -- very respectful of your body

Thantasy: looking very good.

Vader: [I am not into postmortems but will continue if you wish]

Thantasy: the flickering aura that is around me knows nothing, but does sense his tenderness.

Vader: and I am not into wasting beauty

Thantasy: [No, I'm content].

Vader: very well

Thantasy: This got me off well.

Vader: glad you liked it

Thantasy: and re my beauty....

Vader: congratulations on winning the contest BTW

Thantasy: the kind of glow that this gives me would light up a room...

Vader: really

Vader: do you ever just chat and not hang?

Thantasy: the waste is only fictional, my dear.

Vader: would like to get to know more

Vader: Yes I know

Vader: but it is a great fantasy

Vader: and does get me hard and excited as it does you I am sure

Thantasy: the effect of this play actually brings more beauty into my life and therefore into the lives of those around me.

Thantasy: yes, we can chat for a while.

Vader: ok

Thantasy: let me get another soda...

Thantasy: brb



What followed was a nice friendly chat between Vader and myself that included some discussion of our personal real-life experiences in this area.

During that chat, I complimented Vader on his willingness to do a postmortem even though he does not particularly enjoy doing them. The scene had already left me so glowing with satisfaction, that I did not miss the postmortem at all.

However, if after reading this scene you feel that it cries out for a postmortem and feel that you could write one in keeping with the spirit of the scene, feel free to write it up and send it to me. With your implied permission, we will attach it, along with other submissions, to the scene.