Date With The Vampire


I played the following scene with KittyVamp (not her real screen name) in a one hour session on a Sunday evening in early December 2001.

I met KittyVamp through a Yahoo club and she struck me as a warm, sensuous woman with a terrific dark erotic imagination.

KittyVamp is from New Zealand, and I find it wonderful to be able to play like this with somebody who is in a time-zone seventeen hours ahead of me: I'm getting off with a woman who is already living in tomorrow. THE INTERNET IS WONDERFUL!!!!

Most of the other women I play with are single and childless. However, KittyVamp is a married mother of several children. I really enjoy the idea of a mommy being naughty on line with me and I find it encouraging that family responsibilities do not put an end to erotic adventurousness.

The night we before we did this scene, I ended our chat by telling her that I would drift off to sleep imagining a visit from a shapely vampiress. Kitty reminded me that a vampire needs to be invited into a house in order to enter and I told her, "Oh, well. Of course, I would like you to drop by sometime. However, you live on the other side of the world, so what are the chances?"

*        *        *

Thantasy: Hi!

KittyVamp: Hi

Thantasy: How are you feeling?

KittyVamp: Better. I had a shower

Thantasy: Oh, your Yahoo screen name is still in the shower.

Thantasy: Better go get her out.

KittyVamp: :)

Thantasy: I use showers in the summer to keep cool, too.

Thantasy: Well, I am all ready to jump into some play.

KittyVamp: Me too. Hence the shower.

Thantasy: I must admit that you probably have the superior libido. I would find it hard to get aroused at noon on a hot summer day.

KittyVamp: Well, I am :)

Thantasy: Here, it is dark already and it is chilly outside.

Thantasy: At times like this I find it very easy to become aroused.

Thantasy: So, do you have a scenario you would like to play?

KittyVamp: I love the heat more.

KittyVamp: Yes, I have thought of something :)

Thantasy: OH, me, too! I am DEFINITELY a summer person. It's the darkness I find arousing.

Thantasy: Okay, I pride myself on my flexibility, so tell me what's up.

KittyVamp: Ok. Give me a minute to get this all out. :)

Thantasy: Ok.

KittyVamp: I need to check something -- don't move.

Thantasy: Ok.


KittyVamp: Waking up early from my daytime sleep remembering the words she spoke the night before as I had been passing her open window.

Thantasy: {Emmm. Me and my big mouth. LOL}

KittyVamp: Stretching my sore muscles, my hands above my head.

KittyVamp: Slowly sitting up, peeking out of the curtains to make sure I was not up too early and it was dark.

Thantasy: {Oh, would that I were there to see the sight, I'm sure I would be enthralled with your magnificence.}

KittyVamp: Rubbing along my body feeling the silk of my night gown clinging to me...

Thantasy: <Emmm. Clinging to your voluptuous figure, a dream come true for most men and many women.>

KittyVamp: ...slipping it over my head and dressing in my figure-hugging blood red dress made of Velvet and Silk, the perfect dress for this encounter.

Thantasy: <Softness, smoothness, and an alluring color.>

KittyVamp: Slipping my black cloak over my shoulders and heading out into the darkness, the cool breeze making my hair move away from my neck, exposing it.

Thantasy: <The dark colors a sharp and attractive contrast to the paleness of your porcelain skin.>

KittyVamp: Feeling a little exposed as I slowly walk through the park to her house, the excitement increasing , making me walk faster.

Thantasy: <A striking appearance, calculated to draw the eye and ensnare the heart.>

Thantasy: <She moves in silence through the veil of the night.>

KittyVamp: Slipping under her window waiting and listening.

Thantasy: {Can you give me a little clue as to my character?}

Thantasy: {Very eager to get into my role.}

KittyVamp: Looking at her through the window, her long hair around her shoulders.

Thantasy: <Getting that funny feeling that I am being watched, but, of course, that is unlikely.>

Thantasy: <Probably my vanity at play. I do consider myself a scrumptious delight.>

KittyVamp: Watching her closely as she runs her hands down her body.

Thantasy: < However, finding someone able to not only appreciate the outer me, but also able to touch the inner me -- that has not been easy.>

Thantasy: <I have, of course, found that resorting to self-pleasuring helps me compensate for essential loneliness and apparent lack of appreciation.>

Thantasy: <I cup my hands under my breasts, raise them slightly.>

KittyVamp: Watching her, getting more and more excited.

Thantasy: <Rubbing my fingers over my nipples, arousing myself.>

KittyVamp: Slowly creeping into the room.

Thantasy: <I have that feeling that I am not alone, but I know that my imagination can play tricks on me, especially when I am becoming aroused.>

KittyVamp: Slipping my cloak off.

Thantasy: <Imagining that some vision of loveliness, my physical equal or even superior to me, has found me exciting and is drawn to me.>

KittyVamp: Standing behind this gorgeous creature.

Thantasy: <Imagining her touch, her caress.>

Thantasy: <I lower one hand to my clit and begin to finger myself.>

Thantasy: <Imagining that the hand is that of my dream lover, my dream mistress.>

KittyVamp: Slowly reaching toward you running my finger down your back.

Thantasy: <I am startled at the touch! I have heard nothing!>

Thantasy: <Has my imagination carried me away?>

KittyVamp: I whisper in your ear, "Do not be afraid."

KittyVamp: Slowly running my whole hand up your back and to your neck.

Thantasy: <I gasp at the deep feminine resonance of her voice.> not afraid.

KittyVamp: "I will not hurt you, only give you pleasure."

Thantasy: <Her touch seems slightly cold, but I am shivering from excitement already.>

Thantasy: I will do my best to return the favor, if you allow it.

KittyVamp: Reaching around to touch your breast with my other hand.

KittyVamp: Feeling the warm flesh sending shivers through my body,

Thantasy: Ahhhh. <I clasp my hand over yours to encourage you.>

KittyVamp: Leaning down and licking your neck as I squeeze your breast in my hand.

Thantasy: <I back up slightly, pushing myself into your body.> Ahhh!!!!

Thantasy: Oh, you already know me so well! You know my weaknesses! Or my strengths!

Thantasy: <As I back into you, I feel the softness of your breasts, larger than mine, but as firm.>

KittyVamp: Pressing my body into yours, my lust rising fast, my pussy getting wet.

Thantasy: <I gyrate my ass, hoping to stimulate you.>

Thantasy: I would turn and gaze upon you, if you give permission, or you may take me unseen, if that is your wish.

KittyVamp: Placing my hand under your chin and lifting it up so you can see me.

Thantasy: Anyone who can arouse me this much, this quickly, may do with me anything she wishes.

Thantasy: <I gaze into deep, mysterious eyes -- eyes that seem to draw my soul into them.>

KittyVamp: "You like what you see, my dear?"

Thantasy: <Instantly, I know that I want to surrender to you, to offer you whatever I may have that your heart desires.>

KittyVamp: Rubbing my hand around your neck.

KittyVamp: Feeling the pulse.

Thantasy: Absolutely!!! Does what I see like me? <I tease a bit.>

Thantasy: <My heart races at your every touch.>

KittyVamp: Leaning over pressing your head into my breasts.

KittyVamp: Oh, yes. I love what I see.

Thantasy: Emmmmm. <I know that I could remain thus until I passed out from lack of breath.>

Thantasy: You are such a treat for the eyes. Your touch such a treat for my body!

Thantasy: Ask anything of me!

KittyVamp: Gripping you tightly and pulling you up to face me.

Thantasy: <I melt into your touch. I have no will of my own, confronted with your beauty, your strength, your allure.>

KittyVamp: Slipping to my knees, running my hands down your body.

KittyVamp: Pressing my mouth to your willing breast.

Thantasy: What may I do to please you? AHHHHH!!!!

Thantasy: <I lean into you. My breasts, ample in their own right, seem so modest and girlish compared to yours.>

Thantasy: <I press myself into your mouth. I could stand to have you devour me standing right here.>

KittyVamp: Sucking gently on you.

KittyVamp: Rubbing your belly.

KittyVamp: Licking all over your breasts and across your belly.

Thantasy: <I clasp my hands behind your head, drawing you to me.>

Thantasy: <My juices are flowing. I feel a weakness in my knees.>

KittyVamp: Mmmmmmmm

KittyVamp: Opening your legs and rubbing you slowly.

Thantasy: <My level of arousal must be apparent to you.>

Thantasy: Oh, what brought you to me? What have I done to deserve such wonderful treatment from such a beautiful woman?

Thantasy: Whatever it is, I am so happy that I did it!

KittyVamp: Looking at your face as I lick down your belly and slowly over your thighs.

KittyVamp: I whisper to you, "You invited me and here I am."

Thantasy: <I quiver. The texture of your tongue is delightful.> I did? I don't remember ever having laid eyes upon you! If I had, I could not have forgotten!

KittyVamp: "I heard you as I was passing your window last evening."

Thantasy: Last night? Last night?

Thantasy: I was not aware that anyone was able to hear my words.

Thantasy: What was it that I said that you took for an invitation? Had I known you were there, I am sure I would have invited you willfully.

KittyVamp: "I heard you."

KittyVamp: Opening your legs wider.

KittyVamp: Pressing my hands to your lips.

KittyVamp: Slowly licking inside your swollen delicious heaven.

Thantasy: I was in a bit of a rant last night. <I lick the palms of your hands.>

Thantasy: <I am becoming very unsteady due to my high level of arousal.>

KittyVamp: Mmmmmm.

KittyVamp: Licking up to your clit slowly sucking it into my mouth.

Thantasy: I fear I may lose my balance. Would you mind if we laid down? I could also pleasure you, if you allow it.

Thantasy: AIIIEEEE!!!!

KittyVamp: Letting go of you.

Thantasy: <I brace myself on your shoulders to remain standing.>

Thantasy: <Released suddenly, I stagger a bit.>

KittyVamp: Standing up and slowly slipping my dress off.

Thantasy: <I feast my eyes on your gorgeous, ample body.>

Thantasy: <Pale skin, pink nipples. A natural red head.>

Thantasy: <I reach out my hand to caress you.>

KittyVamp: Grabbing your hand and pressing it to me.

Thantasy: <I cup one full breast in my hand. The weight of it is so pleasant.>

KittyVamp: Wrapping my body around you and kissing you deeply on the mouth.

Thantasy: <I surrender utterly to your charm.>

Thantasy: <I return your kiss with all the passion I am capable of.>

KittyVamp: Slowly lowering you to the bed.

Thantasy: <Your strength is amazing.>

KittyVamp: Straddling your body pressing my breasts to yours as I kiss you.

KittyVamp: Rubbing my wet pussy against yours.

Thantasy: <I try to recall what words I might have uttered last night that brought this wonderful creature to me.>

Thantasy: <I feel our clits rub against each other. Yours is engorged, larger than mine.>

KittyVamp: Moaning deeply in your mouth.

KittyVamp: Breaking the kiss and turning your head.

Thantasy: <I incline my hips so that the tips of our pussy lips can touch each other.>

Thantasy: <I love the way that you handle me, exercise your will upon me.>

KittyVamp: Rubbing against you harder.

KittyVamp: Slowly tracing my finger down your neck.

KittyVamp: I see the veins.

Thantasy: If only I knew what I said that brought you to me!!!

KittyVamp: Whispering in your ear.

KittyVamp: "I have something to tell you."

Thantasy: Yes, darling. Please tell me. Tell me anything.

KittyVamp: "I am a child of the night. Do you know what that means?"

KittyVamp: Grinding my wet hot pussy into yours.

KittyVamp: Feeling my orgasm build.

Thantasy: <I gulp.> I have only heard that phrase once before....

Thantasy: an old movie that scared me and yet enchanted me at the same time.

Thantasy: Does that mean that you live only by night?

Thantasy: That you are born of darkness?

KittyVamp: "I am a Vampire. I want to feed from you."

Thantasy: AHHHH!!!!!!

KittyVamp: "I am only here in the darkness."

Thantasy: <At first I am scared. Feeding on me could mean....>

Thantasy: <But how can I deny this beauty anything!!>

Thantasy: Do .... you need my permission to that? <My voice shakes.>

KittyVamp: I have permission from my Sire. I don't need yours.

Thantasy: Ahhhh. The permission would be there if you asked for it.

Thantasy: <I am in a state of near orgasm from your stimulation, and now this arouses me in another way.>

KittyVamp: Grinding into you, licking your neck.

KittyVamp: Feeling you shake under me.

Thantasy: I surrender.

KittyVamp: "I can feed from you and not turn you."

Thantasy: Will it hurt?

KittyVamp: "You will not change."

Thantasy: Will I remember this?

KittyVamp: "Yes, you will."

KittyVamp: Slowly sucking on your neck

Thantasy: Ahhhh! <Relieved to know that it is implied that I will live.>

KittyVamp: "I will not take too much from you, I want you again."

Thantasy: <I feel my blood being drawn from me!>

Thantasy: I will be here whenever you want me.

KittyVamp: Sinking my fangs into you.

Thantasy: AHHHHHH!!!!!!

KittyVamp: Feeling your warm blood fill my mouth.

Thantasy: <Penetrated.>

KittyVamp: Grinding harder into you.

KittyVamp: Ohhhhhhhhhh!

Thantasy: <I am a source of nourishment and pleasure at the same time.>

KittyVamp: Drinking deeply, feeling it in my belly.

Thantasy: <As the blood leaves my body, a certain wooziness comes over me, helping lower the threshold at which I wash over into orgasm.>

KittyVamp: Letting go of you and slipping down your body.

KittyVamp: Licking your pussy all over, sucking your clit into my mouth and pushing my fingers into you.

Thantasy: AHHHH!!!!! <She has kept her word, I will live! And even more... SHE WANTS ME!!! SHE REALLY WANTS ME!!!>

KittyVamp: Sucking you harder.

KittyVamp: Harder.

Thantasy: <The idea of being appealing, desirable to this powerful, intoxicating creature, pushes me over the edge!!!!!?

Thantasy: AHHHH!!!!!!!!

KittyVamp: Lowering my mouth over your entrance sticking my tongue deep in you drinking your cum.

KittyVamp: In doing so shaking all over and cumming.

Thantasy: <I utterly lose control, thrash about. The waves of orgasm pound against my internal shores.>

KittyVamp: Holding you tight drinking and licking you.

Thantasy: <I feel you come along with me!!! I can't believe that I am capable of bringing this out of you!!!!>

Thantasy: Oh, my darling, my lover, my slayer if you will!!

Thantasy: Please tell me what words of mine drew you to me?

Thantasy: What did I say that you took as an invitation?

KittyVamp: "You don't remember?"

KittyVamp: Lying close to you.

Thantasy: No, in truth, I don't. I said many things last night.

KittyVamp: Smiling.

Thantasy: Please tell me.

Thantasy: <I look into your eyes imploringly.>

KittyVamp: "You were dreaming and you said that we had been talking earlier, which was true we did and that you wished that 'she' would drop by sometime."

Thantasy: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: <I kiss and hug and kiss and hug you!!!!>

Thantasy: Oh, my darling, my dream mistress come true!!!!!

KittyVamp: Holding you close.

KittyVamp: "I will return. It's time for me to leave."

Thantasy: Farewell, my love!!!

KittyVamp: Kissing you softly slipping out of your window.

Thantasy: {Finis?}


Thantasy: That was marvelous, Kitty!!! Wonderful!!!!!

Thantasy: I am so hot!!!!!

KittyVamp: I am soaked

KittyVamp: Hehehe.

KittyVamp: Damn that was hot!