by Thantasy

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First, I would like to thank Paul K for creating the wonderful character Amanda Blake and for allowing me to use her and others of his characters in this story. I believe that there is no better writer of gynophag fiction than Paul K and there is much about Amanda that makes her the ideal opponent for my heroine Callie to face. Paul K has been extremely helpful in keeping Amanda's dialogue authentic and he has made several suggestions which I have incorporated into the story.

I have tried to write this story in such a way that it is unnecessary for a reader to have previously read Paul K's stories or my own Rachel's Stand, which also features Amanda. I do, however, highly recommend Paul K's works to anyone interested in this topic area. The original "Rachel's Run," on which "Rachel's Stand" and "Callie" are based, is available in our "Stories by Guests" list. Many more of his stories can be found on the DolcettGirls Forum, to which a link can be found on our "Links" page. Stories that Amanda appears in include "Alanna," "Alanna's Return," "Amanda," and "Rachel's Run." The characters Anthony and Anthea appear in "The Seduction of Shahnaz" and "Jenny Checks Out." Paul K also creates photo-manipulations on themes of vore and gynophagia.

I would also like to thank my partner Cardaniel for his friendship, his careful proofreading, his helpful suggestions, his encouragement, and the hard work that he puts into maintaining this site.

Thanks to JRB for providing a nice illustration for Callie.

I would like to thank anonymously two real-life friends. One patient fellow read through all of the first drafts and revisions of Callie, even though he has no interest in this topic area at all. Another long-time friend who is a professional massage therapist provided some technical advice for Chapter Seven.

I am grateful to all my online correspondents with whom I have shared fantasies over the years. These men and women have helped me clarify for myself what does and does not appeal to me in the world of necroerotic and Dolcett fantasy. Callie is, in large part, a result of these clarifications.

I would also like to thank two marvelous women whom I have never met or corresponded with: tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, whose performance in the 2003 Wimbledon women's singles final provided the original inspiration for this story. I doubt that they would be flattered by this acknowledgment, but, for me, they demonstrate, in their sisterly but highly competitive relationship, how two women, or any two people, can relate to each other in very different ways simultaneously.


Callie is a work of social science fiction and erotic fantasy. Callie's world is identical to our own except that, in the 1980s, the Reagan "Revolution" in the United States and the Thatcher "Revolution" in the United Kingdom had a more purely libertarian nature. Laws no longer protect consenting adult citizens from their own weaknesses. There are no limits on the nature of contracts that can exist between two individuals. In practical terms, this means that if one party is rich enough and the other party is needy enough, the needy party can sell herself or himself to the richer party for any purpose on any terms that they can mutually agree upon. A person can, for example, agree to run as quarry in a hunt or agree to be roasted alive.


All of the song lyrics quoted in Callie were written by Cole Porter. I share with my heroine Callie the opinion that Porter was the greatest genius the American musical theater ever produced. I've attempted to include as many samples as possible to demonstrate Porter's wit and range. The fact that so many of his lyrics can be fit into a story such as this is evidence that he was a very versatile versifier.

No other songwriter has dealt more effectively with the subject of love as an all-consuming and even self-destructive obsession than Porter. And no writer could better employ humor and cleverness in delighting an audience.

I consider it a pity that I can only provide examples of his talents as a lyricist in this format. Examples of his talent as a composer will have to be found elsewhere until somebody offers to make a movie of Callie.