Angie and Nick, Part 1 --- Introduction

by Thantasy

My partner in creating this scene/story was VaderMaster. Vader is a Pennsylvania medical professional who rides a motorcycle and loves good coffee. He is also an intelligent, caring, romantic person with an intense erotic imagination that happens to run toward asphyxiation scenarios.

In early July 2000, Vader and I played a wonderful scene of his design. I was one of several slave girls being auctioned off with the understanding that girl who brought the highest bid of the night would be hanged as an amusement. The man who wound up making the high bid on me genuinely desired me, but in his enthusiasm, wound up making me the (un)lucky winner. It was fun and very, very sexy.

A few days later, Vader messaged me with a suggestion for another scene which immediately appealed to me. The details of the set-up for the scene were as follows:

  • He is the leader of a gang of bikers and I am his bitch.
  • I have disgraced him by openly flirting with another member of the gang.
  • I am to be very repentant, but it won't do any good.
  • In order to show strength, he must punish me severely.
  • I understand his position perfectly and I do not want to be the cause of his losing face in front of the gang.
  • The most appropriate punishment would seem to be to hang me naked in front of all the gang members and their women, as an example of what would happen to any bitch who fucked up.

Now, of course, the hanging would not have to be to the death. The humiliation and physical pain involved in being hoisted naked as well as being permanently outcast from the gang might be punishment and example enough, even if my life were spared. In spite of my fuck-up, I have a lot going for me: I am very good looking and a great piece of ass; I also had been very loyal up to the point of my fuck-up.

Vader and I discussed options as a gang leader might with a trusted friend. Clearly taking the hanging all the way to death would send the clearest message and reinforce the leader's image as a man of strength. Anything less would indicate a tendency toward sentimentality and could lead to trouble on down the line. Somewhat reluctantly, at least on Vader's part (he much prefers scenes in which I get to survive -- and I kind of like them, too), we agreed that the cleanest, simplest, least ambiguous course that would leave the fewest loose ends would be hanging to the death.

We decided that the scene should begin with all the preliminaries completed. He would have already rendered his judgment and the gang would be gathered, waiting for the sentence to be carried out. We would meet, just the two of us, for a few moments before I would be led to my doom.

So, with that much understood, we set a time about a week from that conversation to start the scene.

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