Introduction by Thantasy

Cardaniel and I did this scene in one session during Thanksgiving week, 2000.

I laid out a basic concept for acting out a fairly standard comic situation in the very nonstandard setting of the Bordello of the Dead. We both knew what the basic action would be and we were able to give some advanced thought to our dialogue. However, we did not fill each other in on just what our characters would do and say. The result was a combination of spontaneity and polished dialogue that gave us both a lot of laughs as well as hot necro-eroticism. I hope you find the same pleasures in the scene.

If you have not visited the Bordello of the Dead in our roleplay-science fiction-horror-necro-erotic comedy I WALKED WITH A NECROBABE, let me introduce you to the setting and the characters.

The women who work in the Bordello are necrobabes who have been given surgical implants that, upon receiving a radio signal, will disrupt the neural impulses to their voluntary muscles, thus creating a convincing appearance of death. Patrons of the Bordello learn of the establishment through the Internet and pay for their sessions in advance. As the women are completely unable to defend themselves while in necro mode, sessions are monitored to assure safety.

The regular players:

Jayne Harrison is a registered nurse as well as manager and part owner of the Bordello, a position which she came into as result of a misadventure detailed in I WALKED WITH A NECROBABE. Physically, Jayne is a glamazon, being six feet tall and built like a Barbie doll. Erotically, she is bisexual with an extreme fondness for playing dead, especially with her boyfriend.....

Rick Marshall, who is an educator and a very handy person in the workshop as well as the bedroom. Rick and Jayne are deeply in love and their erotic life has taken on a new dimension since Jayne's longtime friend and lesbian lover....

Mavis Burns moved in with them, resulting in a very loving threesome. Mavis shares their interest in necro-eroticism as well as classic movies, but has not yet had implant surgery. Although her heterosexual experience prior to joining Jayne and Rick was limited, Mavis is also drawn to....

Jimmy, the gentle giant who provides security at the Bordello. Jimmy is also a classic movie fan and sometimes watches TCM and AMC while on duty at the Bordello. This, however, does not prevent him from making sure that no harm comes to the professional necrobabes, including....

Katie, a voluptuous dark-haired beauty with a lot of ideas for how to expand the Bordello. Katie is earthy, spunky, outgoing, and very much a contrast to her coworker and lover....

Sarah, a shy, soft-spoken slender blonde. The relationship with Katie is Sarah's first adventure in woman-to-woman sex, and Sarah is still learning the basics of maintaining a lesbian relationship. It is Sarah's innocent blunder that not only upsets Katie but also puts Jayne and Mavis at odds, thus setting up the action in .....


*        *        *        *        *        *

Setting: Evening, just before opening in the lobby of the Bordello of the Dead. Jimmy is alone, sitting at the console/reception desk watching a classic movie on one of the monitors.

Thantasy: <Enter Rick, Jayne, and Mavis.>

Thantasy: [Jayne] Hi Jimmy!

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Hey Jimmy, anything happening yet?

Thantasy: [Mavis] Hello, Jimmy!

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Hi Jayne, Mavis. Hey, Rick. (Smiles.) No business yet, just got in the door myself.

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Looking at schedule.>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] How's your week been, Mavis?

Thantasy: [Mavis] Oh, just super! I think I may be able to get my surgery next month!

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Grins at Mavis.) Say, that's great!

Thantasy: [Jayne] Hmmm. One customer has booked one girl for a long, long time.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Yeah, first-timer too. Dunno if he's really that horny or what.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, so long as he pays, it doesn't really matter.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Pays and don't cause trouble.

Thantasy: <Enter Katie, followed at a short distance by Sarah.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Without cheerfulness.> Hi. Jayne, I want to talk to you.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Heya Katie... Sarah here? Oh yeah...

Thantasy: [Jayne] Katie, what's the matter? You usually enter saying "Hi, what's shaking?"

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Walks in, almost looking like her old introverted self, biting her lip, looking nervous.)

Thantasy: [Katie] Well, apparently my thighs and butt are "what's shaking!".

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] I didn't say that! (Tears on cheeks.)

Thantasy: [Katie] I want to ask you, Jayne, do you know a doctor who would give me a prescription for diet pills?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Please honey, you don't need a diet, I love you the way you are!

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, no, not really. Most doctors don't give them out anymore. They're dangerous. And, besides, why do you think you would need them?

Thantasy: [Katie] Well, somebody <glaring at Sarah> thinks I'm getting fat!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Crying openly now.) No I don't! I didn't mean anything like that!

Thantasy: [Jayne] You? Fat? Come on!

Thantasy: [Katie] Well, how else am I supposed to take that comment about my jeans being tight?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] I didn't say they were tight. You know what I said, you're turning it all around!

Thantasy: [Jayne] What did you say, Sarah, exactly?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Sniff.) We were in the mall, in front of the Gap.... (Lip quivering.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Yes, go on.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] And there was a display in the window, really neat looking jeans...

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] And I told Katie she looked so sexy in tight jeans. (Tears rolling again.)

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Rolling eyes, been there.>

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] That was all I said, really!

Thantasy: [Katie] Yes! These jeans are not tight! Or they weren't when I bought them. They are snug.

Thantasy: [Katie] Meant to show my shape!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Sob.) I just meant to say something nice to youuuu!

Thantasy: [Katie] Well, I guess I'll have to tough it out without the pills.

Thantasy: [Katie] I haven't eaten all day.

Thantasy: [Jayne] That's not really good for you, Katie.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Please, can't you make her eat something? You're her boss, Jayne, you tell her!

Thantasy: [Katie] I took my vitamins. I don't think they will make me fat.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] You're not fat!

Thantasy: [Jayne] You really should eat something, Katie.

Thantasy: [Katie] No soap! You're my boss, not my mother!

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Studying TV screen closely.)

Thantasy: [Katie] I'll just get undressed and jump in the toy box. Maybe somebody who appreciates fat girls will come along and fuck my brains out.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] I don't want you to get sick! Please, Katie, you're perfect, I love you, you're not fat!

Thantasy: [Katie] Oh, by the way, about those ideas I've been having for improving the place ---

Thantasy: [Katie] I think we should add in a hoist to lift me out of the toy box.

Thantasy: [Katie] I don't want Jimmy to kill his back hefting up a fat girl.

Thantasy: [Katie] Turn me off as soon as I'm undressed and in the box.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Stands quietly, trying to control herself. She remembers how she used to blubber all the time. She's trying to be the new Sarah, but it's hard.)

Thantasy: [Katie] I'll try to lay down so that there is room enough for Sarah to squeeze in.

Thantasy: [Katie] Maybe if I put one leg outside the box, she can fit in.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Oh, Katie... (Lip quivering again, nose running.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Gestures to Sarah to keep quiet. Gives her a tissue.>

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Blows her nose loudly.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Quietly.> Don't worry, Sarah. She'll get over it.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] I... we never had a fight before... and it's so unfair, I thought I was saying something nice! (Sniff.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <From toy box in the next room.> Okay, I'm all laid down. I wanted to get down before you switch me off so I wouldn't shake the building when I hit the floor.

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Switches off Katie, using the control panel at the front desk.>

Thantasy: [Mavis] Sarah, you've just had your first lover's quarrel.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Jayne, are you sure she'll get over it? I love her, she's the first girlfriend I've ever had... I mean, like... girlfriend.

Thantasy: [Jayne] You just have to learn to be sensitive. Choose your words carefully. Some people will take stuff the wrong way. Katie's got a terrific body, but obviously she has some insecurity.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] But... I know, I just... you know, I haven't been around people very much. I'm not very good at this.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Starts taking off her clothes, still on the edge of tears.)

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Could you t-t-talk to her? Tell her I didn't m-m-mean anything bad?

Thantasy: [Mavis] Well, it takes time, Sarah.

Thantasy: [Mavis] Like I'm always very careful never to say anything to Jayne that she might take as criticism that she might be putting on weight.

Thantasy: [Jayne] YOU ARE!!!!!!

Thantasy: [Jayne] SINCE WHEN?????????

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Say, honey, I don't think....

Thantasy: [Mavis] Well, I don't mean that you're less than perfect.

Thantasy: [Mavis] I just don't want to say anything that you might take the wrong way.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Shakes his head, gives Mavis the "cut" gesture.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] You mean, you think I SHOULD be sensitive about my body?????

Thantasy: [Jayne] You think there's some reason for me to be insecure?????

Thantasy: [Mavis] No, no.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Honey, really, I'm sure she didn't....

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, then why should you be so worried about this sensitivity that I have no reason to have, according to you?

Thantasy: [Mavis] Jayne, you're perfect. I admire the way that you keep yourself in shape.....

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Hey, no, sweety... (Puts hand on Jayne's shoulder.)

Thantasy: [Mavis] I mean you are a big woman -- tall, big boned...

Thantasy: [Mavis] if you didn't take such good care of yourself, you could develop a problem....

Thantasy: [Jayne] You mean that so far, I'm doing okay....

Thantasy: [Mavis] Well, yes.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Say, why don't we all watch a movie?

Thantasy: [Jayne] But a great, big girl like me could slip anytime and suddenly start chunking up?

Thantasy: [Jayne] If I don't watch it?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Stands, naked now, her clothes all put away in the locker... staring open-mouthed.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Tell me Mavis, are you seeing any signs that I'm beginning to sort of, oh, let's say, let myself go?

Thantasy: [Mavis] No, no, none at all.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Not yet, but you're expecting it any day, huh?

Thantasy: [Jayne] I'm in good shape now, but a couple of cheeseburgers could be the start of a trip to the fat farm?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Whispers.) Oh please don't, please don't fight, you know you love each other...

Thantasy: [Jayne] It's okay, Sarah, it's good that we're getting this out in the open.

Thantasy: [Mavis] Jayne, please! You are terrific!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] But can't you listen to her? She wasn't trying to hurt you, oh please...

Thantasy: [Jayne] Oh, no, she's been too careful, too concerned about my feelings!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] But that's what people who love you do!

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, don't worry, Mavis, I'll try to toe the line! Watch my intake. But you'll watch, won't you, and let me know if you start to see me going to hell in a handbasket??

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Covering face.) Jimmy, just... I'm going in there, turn me off as soon as... I get... (sob) (Runs into toy box room.)

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Knows there is no good response to a question like that.> No...

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Lays down and wraps herself completely around the inert Katie, holding her tightly.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <In the toy box.> <Yeah, you snuggle up real close. You have to, because there isn't much room in here, huh?>

Thantasy: [Jayne] Oh, you mean you'll just stand by and watch me go to hell?

Thantasy: [Mavis] No, I won't. I mean, yes, I will watch you. I mean...

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Please, now Jimmy!

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Pushes Sarah's off button.)

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Gratefully feels removed from the scene around her, holding her unprotesting lover close.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] In other words, you're expecting this decline to start at any time? Any second now, I might begin to wolf down too much chow!

Thantasy: [Mavis] I....I...oh, I'm going across the street to that cafe. I'll be back after you've calmed down.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Honey. (Standing in front of Jayne now, trying to hold her attention with his eyes.) Shhh, it's okay, she didn't mean anything....

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Yelling at Mavis.> Well, see if they have take out over there, okay? I'd like you to bring me back two 12-inch pizzas with extra meat and double-cheese. I feel like a snack.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Honey, shhh, no, come on....

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Turns on Rick.> And if you're about to tell me that if I gain weight, there will just be more of me to love, I would keep that to myself, if I were you.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Backs off.) Nothing like that, I wasn't saying anything...

Thantasy: [Mavis] I'll be back in a while. <Leaves.>

Thantasy: [Jayne] Hmmph!

Thantasy: [Jayne] I wonder how long she's been being "careful" not to say anything to upset me.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Laying motionless, holding Katie.) (Oh Katie please, please don't be mad anymore, I love you so much!)

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Honey, I just think she meant nobody tries to upset people they love.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, maybe I shouldn't have jumped on her.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] It's good she's gone, though. Both of you can just take a deep breath.

Thantasy: [Jayne] But it never occurred to me that it would occur to her that it would occur to me to take something she said as an indication that I'm gaining weight.

Cardaniel80: (BZZZZZ)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Oh, well, time to get to work. Is that our man, Jimmy?

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Punched in the right number. Got (looks again) he's got one girl till 10.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Sidney Porter, the guy's name.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Wow! He must be one horny devil! Let him in!

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Opens door.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Looks up at door.>

Cardaniel80: (Man looks up, a little surprised at Jimmy's height) I do hope I have the correct address?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Are you Mr. Porter? If so, you're in the right place.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Looking for the B-o-D? (Doesn't like to use the full name, just in case.)

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Yes indeed. I am Sidney Porter!

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Smiles.) Got a male Sidney this time.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, we've been expecting you, Mr. Porter. I understand that you have booked one of our girls for almost the entire night. You must be feeling in a very, uh, robust mood.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] I'm so glad. The Web site did not give me an opportunity to express my particular needs... I hope there is a room with a table, and two nice chairs? Yes, for quite a long period, at least.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Why, yes. We have a room with a couple of comfortable chairs and large table.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Rubbing hands together.) Splendid! (Looking around) If I may hang my coat somewhere....

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, there is a coat rack in the room...

Cardaniel80: (The man is very robust, not exactly fat but very filled out.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] I take it you plan to do something rather athletic? If it involves all that furniture, I mean.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Athletic! Dear me, not at all. Rather sedentary, actually.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Oh, sedentary???

Thantasy: [Jayne] Are you into Tantra, by any chance?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Tantra? I don't believe I've eaten that. Yes, I have in mind a good meal, a very tasty one.

Thantasy: [Jayne] A meal!!!!!

Thantasy: [Jayne] Now, Mr. Porter!!!!

Thantasy: [Jayne] We don't -- I mean, I don't know what you're expecting, but....

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Shaking head.) We do a lot of things, but the girls stay healthy and unhurt, always.

Thantasy: [Jayne] you do know that our girls aren't really dead, don't you?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Healthy... (Looking puzzled.) Well, yes, they are paralyzed but quite alive, I understand, which is perfect for me....

Thantasy: [Jayne] I mean, they aren't here to be eaten. This isn't Club Dolcett.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Dolcett?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Now, do I have the correct address or do I not?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Yes. But .... you weren't planning to dine on one of the girls, were you?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Eaten... oh, you... OH! (Laughing.) No, no, no....

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] I don't intend to eat one of your lovely ladies. I should like to eat WITH her.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Oh!!! <Whew!>

Thantasy: [Jayne] You mean you want a dinner companion?

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Well, wait... you know they can't exactly eat, right? I mean, if you want pleasant dinner conversation....

Thantasy: [Jayne] I'm afraid our girls won't be much company. They aren't really conversationalists.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Ah, no, you see, conversation is precisely what I DON'T want.

Thantasy: [Jayne] OH!

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] I simply want a lovely dinner companion, who will grace my table with her beauty but not interrupt the dining experience with unnecessary female chatter!

Thantasy: [Jayne] Oh! Well, trust me, one thing our girls do not do is chatter. I take you have had bad experiences with that? Too much table talk?

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Would you want her... uhhh, laying on the table or what?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Sigh) Yes, talking interminably over those things that seem to fascinate women. As to her posture, I would prefer her sitting in a chair, if at all possible. I merely wish to have a dinner companion on whom I can feast my eyes as I please my palate, but who will not otherwise compete with the food for my attention.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Looks wide-eyed at Jayne, his hands in the air.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, I think that can be arranged. Now, about the food... did you bring something with you? We don't have a full kitchen here.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Ah, yes. I have arranged for the food to be brought here... you can imagine my relief at finding I had come to the right place. The caterers have previously served me in my home and are accustomed to... oddities.

Thantasy: [Jayne] You must tell me about those oddities, sometime. Well, let's go in and pick out a dinner companion for you. If you will step right this way... <Takes him into the toy box room.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Rubbing hands.) Ah, yes, let us pick out my date for the evening.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Now, the young woman on the left, the one with such a fine, well-honed perfect body, is Katie.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Oh my! (Sees Sarah and Katie's bodies twined together... not Katie's idea at this time.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yeah, Jayne, flattery gets you NOWHERE!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Oh my, she is lovely, yes!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Hear that Sarah, some guys like big women!>

Thantasy: [Jayne] The other modest, slender frail thing is named Sarah.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Frowns.) I believe she has been crying. Is she quite all right?

Thantasy: [Jayne] She was a delicate, sad thing in life. The tears of despair are still in her eyes.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Ah, yes, she is dearly departed, of course...

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, which would you prefer for the night, Mr. Porter?

Thantasy: [Katie] <God, I hope he picks me1 I could use a good fuck to take my mind off food.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Well, I believe I might have chosen Sarah... she looks so sad, though. Katie appears quite vivacious! I'm sure she will be charming.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Excellent choice!

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Is accustomed to hearing that. From the wine steward.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yea! So long, Sarah!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Could you bring her along please... if you could just show me the room.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Now, of course, our girls need to be carried. Some of the men like to do that themselves. But I'll ask Jimmy to help.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yeah, naturally! I'm a two-person tote all right!>

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Calls out.> Jimmy? Could you help me a moment?

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Yuh? Whatcha need?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Could you help me carry Katie?

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] No problem. Sounds like we need room 2, we just put them nice chairs in there.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Well, it's going to be nice to get some action!>

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Bends down, takes Katie's feet.>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Taking her under her armpits.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Room Two? That's the one with the table and chairs! I'm gonna get it on a table! All right!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <True necrobabe stuff, spread out on a hard surface! I not supposed to be able to feel anything, anyway! Ha! Ha!>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Whoa, watch Sarah, she's... no she's okay (Watches Sarah slump to the side as Katie is removed.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Don't worry about that little bitch.>

Cardaniel80: (Fresh tear rolls down Sarah's cheek... now she can't hold Katie!)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Okay. Plop me on that table and let's get the party started!>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Walks backward through door with Katie, looking for nearer chair.)

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Gestures to Jayne with his head.) This one?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Surveying room, looking cautiously pleased.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Sure, We'll put her there. If that's satisfactory with you, Mr. Porter.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Hey, what's this shit? We're going to do it in a chair? Okay by me!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Yes, quite good. Your accommodations are quite adequate. Not luxurious, but I believe I will enjoy it here.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Lets Katie down into the seat, trying to settle her so she will stay upright.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Now, Katie, Mr. Porter may not want to have sex with you tonight -- at least that is not his main intention.

Thantasy: [Katie] <What? You mean I'm too fat to fuck! Shit! I'm done for!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] You are fortunate to be a guest at an excellent dinner, my dear Katie.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Dinner?????? Food???? OH NO!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <PLEASE!!! NO!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Frowns as outer door buzzes.) Not expecting nobody else....

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Ah, that would be the caterer! Right on time! I took the liberty of giving him the code number, I thought it would speed things a bit. I hope you don't mind.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] <Over the intercom.> Should I get that, honey?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, generally we don't like to have the codes given out, but I'm sure this caterer will be very discrete. <Yelling.> Yes Rick, please!

Thantasy: [Katie] <A caterer!! You mean not just a pizza delivery boy? What kind of deal is this?>

Cardaniel80: (Door opens. Jovial voice calls out.) Bordello of Death?

Thantasy: [Katie] <Maybe I've fallen asleep and this is a nightmare!>

Thantasy: [Jayne] You did tell him all about us, didn't you, Mr. Porter.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] I got a bunch of plates and trays to bring in. That okay? Is Mister Porter here?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, word of mouth is important to any business.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] He knows as much information as is available on your Web site. I felt he needed to be prepared for... anything he might see.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Excuse me. <Exits to lobby to meet caterer.>

Thantasy: [Jayne] We've been expecting you! Right this way.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Face lights up upon seeing Sidney.) Ah, there you are!

Cardaniel80: [Karl] I've got stuff in the van staying warm. We gonna do it in this room, Mr. Porter?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Do you need any help with your things?

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Naw, I'm used to working alone. Got my own little business.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Smiles.) The man is a marvelous cook.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Smiles as well) Well, thanks, Mr. Porter.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, I' m sure we can give you a hand to hurry things along. <Remembering that Mr. Porter is paying by the hour.>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Suddenly notices Katie.) Oh!!

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] My guest for the evening, Karl.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Hey! Hi good-looking! Whatcha got cooking?>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yeah, I'm the dinner guest!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Fuck! I'm a dinner guest.>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Grins.) I know not to ask. Back in a minute. Soup to start, Mr. Porter?

Thantasy: [Katie] <STARTING with soup! Sometimes that's my whole dinner.>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (To Jayne.) I think everything's under control here.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, I'll just leave you to your repast, then. Bon appetite! <Exits to go join Rick.>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Walks back out towards the front room.) You need anything, holler.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Hey! Guys! Don't leave me here!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <God! I haven't eaten all day and that soup smells delicious!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Sits opposite Katie.) You are about to witness a true feast, my dear.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Deposits soup bowl in front of Sidney, and distributes smaller plates and silverware.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, yeah. Like that's really what I want to do!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Get me out of here!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] What about a nice Chateau Breveaux to go with that, Mr. Porter?

Thantasy: [Katie] <What kind of soup is that?>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, wine!!! Fuck!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] That would be wonderful, Karl.

Thantasy: [Katie] <If I could have a swig of wine right now, that would ease the pain in my gut!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I can even smell the, what do they call it, bouquet of the wine from here!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Leans over soup bowl to savor the aroma, as Karl leaves.) Ahh! This is quite a nice Spanish bean soup, Katie. Karl makes it so subtle... it almost drifts into your mouth on its own...

Thantasy: [Katie] <Bean soup!!! Get some of it to my mouth!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Takes a spoonful, inhales, smiles.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I love bean soup!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Look at him! I've seen guys whiff pussy and not get off so much!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Puts spoon in mouth, sighs.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <OH!!! Sigh!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Does it taste good, really good?>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Reaches for wine, swirls it.) The wine is a perfect accompaniment.

Thantasy: [Katie] <The way he's enjoying it! Yes, you could pour some of that in my mouth. I probably would swallow automatically, I think.>

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (In outer room, Karl pauses, not needed for a few minutes.) Uhh, ... Karl, is it?

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Wiping face with handkerchief) Yup!

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Do you... you've been with Porter pretty often, I guess?

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Once a week, a couple of years, I guess.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Does he... well, is this something unusual for him?

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Ain't seen nothing like this... now sometimes he has a girl with him, tied and gagged. First time I wasn't real sure, but she nodded and winked at me, so I guessed it was all right.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Katie probably wishes she had a gag in her mouth right now. At least, it would be something.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Well, our girls... you can't get them elsewhere, you know. Only here.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Yeah, I seen the Web site. Quite a thing. Try it myself if I had time. Or the money.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Well, maybe you'll get time sometime.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, we might be able to work out a trade agreement as far as the money is concerned.

Thantasy: [Jayne] If we ever have somebody desiring such a night as Mr. Porter is having, but didn't know about your service, we could make a referral...

Cardaniel80: [Karl] You mean if I bring in some customers I could get like coupons or something?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Sure. We can be flexible. We'll talk about it later.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Sounds good. I better go see how Mr. Porter is doing.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Finishing up soup. Karl appears.)

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Ready for an appetizer?

Thantasy: [Katie] <Appetizer!!!! How many courses does this meal have?????>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Got some nice fresh shrimp, and my own sauce.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Eyes light up.) Oh, the sauce! Yes, bring that in, Karl.

Thantasy: [Katie] <SHRIMP! Oh, yummy, yummy!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Appears in moments with a covered dish.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Please turn me on, oh please, just for a few minutes!! Let me grab a couple bites then switch me back off!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Lifts the cover.) Oh yes!

Thantasy: [Katie] <I won't say a word!!!! I promise!!! I'll be too busy eating!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <That smells so good!!!!>

Cardaniel80: (The sauce smells very tangy, spicy.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'm never, never going to do this to myself again!!! Never!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] A little more of the white, Mr. Porter?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Yes, please. (Karl pours more wine for him.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Maybe I'm being punished for being so mean to Sarah! She is a sweet thing!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <This serves me right! .... no it doesn't!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I don't deserve this torture! I'm just a harmless, sweet necrobabe!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Dips a shrimp in the sauce, immersing it, his eyes glowing.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Look at him devour that shrimp!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Finishing shrimp. Karl appears in doorway.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <He is so savoring every bite!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Ready, Mr. Porter?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] What do we have now, Karl?

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yes, Karl, what do WE have?>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Like there is another person here!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Found a great Chateaubriand this morning, sir.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Excellent!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Good god! I think that's beef!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] New potatoes on the side, and broccoli salad.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Please bring it in... what about wine, Karl?

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Got a burgundy I think would go well with it.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Burgundy it is!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Broccoli salad. I'm not much for broccoli, but right now I would kill for a chunk.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Finishing shrimp as Karl leaves to get next course.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <And new potatoes, small, tiny, dear little potatoes!!!

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Brings in several plates. Savory beef smell fills the room.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <One of them would seem like banquet right now!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <This is driving me fucking nuts!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Uncovers dish to reveal enormous slab of beef, perfectly cooked.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I never noticed it before, but like all my senses are more acute when I'm turned off!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <It's not just my sexual arousal that's higher!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Slices off an edge of beef, puts it in mouth, closes eyes as he chews.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <My sense of smell! I never realized that I could smell this well!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I can even tell that that's not a steak -- it's more like a tenderloin!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Look at him chew that! What's the big word? Masticate? He's masticating that tenderloin!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Sighs.) Ah, Katie, if only you could know the pleasure... I'm sure your unpracticed taste buds could only know the mere outlines of such a dining experience!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Well, let me practice!! Sign me up for a course!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Continues slicing up beef, eating it bite by bite, washing it down with burgundy.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <God! Why can't somebody just shoot me or something!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Periodically augments the beef with the tiny potatoes.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, cripes! If I can't eat that tenderloin, I want to BE that tenderloin!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'd just as soon he was chowing down on me!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Magically appears as Sidney is finishing. He always seems to be there at the right time.) Dessert, Mr. Porter?

Thantasy: [Katie] <and also, good lord, it is sexy to watch somebody eat!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Dessert!!!!! Yes!!!! Dessert!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] I will trust you on dessert as in all things, Karl. What do you have for me tonight?

Thantasy: [Katie] <Come on now, have a heart! You've got to know that I would like some dessert!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] I've put together a triple-fudge mousse. My wife just goes nuts over it.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Please, if there's any pity in your heart, think about the poor necrobabe across from you! TRIPLE FUDGE!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Perfect! Would you have some of that cherry cordial to go with it?

Thantasy: [Katie] <And cherries!!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Smiles) You know me, Mr. Porter. Cherry cordial coming up!

Thantasy: [Katie] <I can taste chocolate covered cherres right now!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Returns in moments, and a thick chocolatey smell invades the room, filling every corner.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, this is worse than being dry-fucked with a big dick!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Ah, Karl, that looks perfectly... I hesitate to use the common word "scrumptious," but there are times when no other word will suffice!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Hey! I can be scrumptious too!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Will there be anything else, Mr. Porter?

Thantasy: [Katie] <Turn me on long enough to get one bite of that and I'll be scrumptious for you until your ears fall off!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] No, I'm quite satisfied. If you could just clear away in... say twenty minutes?

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Will do! (Leaves Sidney and Katie are alone again.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Twenty minutes!!! God!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Please, please, one little bite!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Look, I'm a dead girl, you can do anything you want with me!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <But you could have a heart and feed me just a little!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'm at your mercy! And I like you, I really, really do!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] This really is quite divine, Katie. Perhaps, with the wonders of technology (such as you yourself represent) they will someday make the sensations of this dining experience accessible to the untrained palate.

Thantasy: [Katie] <I can make a lot of sensations available to you, trained or not!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Make a sensation available to me!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Slowly eats the mousse, eyes closed, savoring each bite.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Like the sensation of licking that dessert plate!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I could handle that sensation!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Finishes off last bite, pushes chair back with an enormously satisfied sigh.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I've never been tortured like this in my whole life!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Karl] (Appears at door.) Will that be it, sir?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Yes, excellent, wonderful, Karl! Your best yet! If you would clear this away now... I shall call you, as always, in preparation for the next occasion.

Cardaniel80: [Karl] Sure thing, Mr. Porter. (Picks up remaining plates, silverware, glasses.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, clear it away! There goes the food!!! Good-bye food!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <It was nice to meet you, food!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Sits back a moment, holding his stomach.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I wish we could have gotten to know each other better, food!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Look at him! He really enjoyed that!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I remember what it was like to have a full stomach, too!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <God, how I miss it!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Truly wonderful. And now, Katie, I shall have my dessert. My post-dessert dessert.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Gets up and comes around the table to Katie.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, you mean, finally, you're going to take an interest in me!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Poor tortured, starved dead girl?>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Lifts her carefully and lays her gently on the table, spreading her legs apart.)

Cardaniel80: (Her lower legs are hanging down over the edge.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I can still smell the food!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, I'm so on edge!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'm absolutely torn up inside!>

Cardaniel80: (Her pussy is inches from the edge. She can feel the table edge under her upper thighs.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <My body is craving sensation!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <The table is hard, but it feels so warm!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Sits in the chair directly in front of her pussy.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I can feel the wood especially with my shoulder blades!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <What's he going to do? He's going to eat me! Top off that great meal with my pussy juices!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Quietly.) You are quite lovely, Katie, so well-formed and feminine. I see your sex is truly exquisite.. Ah, the lips already puffy, quite wet and shiny...

Thantasy: [Katie] <He's making me sound like a well-prepared main course!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Or he's talking about my pussy the way those guys on tv talk about wine!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Let me see if you taste as lovely as you look. (Bends towards her and tentatively licks her pussy lips with his tongue.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <AHHHHH!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Cripes!!!! I'm so on the edge that that is driving me wild!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] I'm glad you don't shave it, dear girl... that patch of hair is so inviting. (Rubs nose in bush.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, jeez! I'm dizzy with lack of food! And that feels soooo fucking good!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Almost whispering.) Truly outstanding, my dear. (Pushes tongue farher into her, licking her with energy and passion.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Oh, I'm thinking about Sarah's tongue and how good it felt there last night!!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Moves in closer, puts arms under her thighs, and reaches in from side then and cups her breasts with both hands, still licking.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Shit!!! I miss Sarah!!!! I'm sorry I was mean to the little bitch!! OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <My breasts!!!!! MY pussy!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <It's like my pussy can almost smell the chocolate on his breath!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Feels Katie's nipples becoming hard as little pebbles under his touch.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Now, I know I am going nuts!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <OOOHHHHHH!!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Takes hands away from her breasts, still licking, unzips pants.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'm so faint from hunger and worn out from being tantalized with that food!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <So near, and yet sooooo far!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Does surprisingly agile disrobing while still licking.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Whole body craving sensual stimulation!!! Senses heightened!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <This is all so lovely!!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Please fuck me!!! I'm just a piece of meat.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Stops licking at last, and stands in front of Katie. Pulls her a few inches closer, and presses his cock against the entrance to her pussy.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'm dead meat like that you just ate!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <God! His cock on my cunt lips!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Lifts her legs up, her ankles on his shoulders. One nearly slips off, but he finds a more stable place for it nearer his neck.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I wish I had a piece of steak between my other lips!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yes, dead girls can be awkward.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Make the best of it!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Holds her legs as he presses forward, his cock slipping easily into her... she is tight, but of course a little looser than when switched on... but SO wet.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Put it in!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <I feel like I'm smooth as silk!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Penetrates her deeply... pulls back, and then thrusts again.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <He's gliding in so perfectly!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Grunts as he begins thrusting rhythmically.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I'm a horny, hurgry dead girl!!!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Yes, yes, yes, yes!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Thrusting harder, and now reaching down to hold her breasts again.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <YESSS Grab my tits!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Hands now reaching farther, holding her shoulders, keeping her from sliding away as he thrusts harder.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <I love the feeling of the hard wood on my shoulder blades!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <This feels so primitive, so natural!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Stiffening suddenly.) Ahhhhgggghhh!!!!!!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Exploding with orgasm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (He grunts, animallike, as his seed begins to fill her.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <AHHHHHHH!!!!!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Huhh-UHH!! UHH!!

Thantasy: [Katie] AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: [Katie] <Brain in chaos!>

Thantasy: [katie] <Body in turmoil!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Still holding her shoulders, now standing motionless, deeply inside her, a final gush of seed spilling into her.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <The longing, the hunger supplanted by the satisfaction of orgasm!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <The world seems a-whirl, she and the table floating, groundless.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Adrift.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (His hands are gently holding her waist now. He is still inside her, but his body is relaxing.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Slowly regains awareness of surroundings, of identity, of the events that have preceded this.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Satisfied, relaxed!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Lets himself slip out of Katie, finally, with an audible pop.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Feels the exit, is grounded back in reality.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Lifts Katie up, off the table, and puts her back in the seat. Has to take a few minutes to get her adjusted so she won't fall over.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Gee, sex and starvation can be a good combo.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Although, I can do without the starvation in the future.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Smiles as he starts putting his clothes back on.) You were truly a wonderful companion tonight, my dear.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Thanks!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <But next time, leave some leftovers for me, okay?>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Whew! That was great!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <And I'm not hungry anymore!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Bends down and kisses her.) I believe our time together is up... ooops! (Catches her head as it starts to slip to the side along the back of the seat, lets it rest against the back again.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Maybe I've gone past hunger, into some other state beyond it.>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Smiles.) For now, farewell! (Takes his coat off the hook and bows before exiting.)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Or maybe I got fucked so well that I just can't feel the hunger any more.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Bye! Hurry back! But next time, I want to know that you're coming so that I can eat before you get here!>

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Comes out into the front room, his coat draped casually over his arm.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Did you have a good night, Mr Porter?

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Smiles.) Enjoy yourself?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Was Katie a satisfactory companion?

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Splendid, really first rate. My highest compliments to your establishment!

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, please feel free to come and see us anytime.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] I shall! You will see me again. Tell Katie she was marvelous, and I shall ask for her again.

Thantasy: [Jayne] I'll let her know that she pleased you! I'm sure she will be very gratified to know that. And thank you for introducing us to your caterer. We might be able to make an arrangement with him in the future.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] You could do no better than Karl in catering, he is a wonder.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Come on, Jimmy, let's get Katie back to the box! It's almost closing time, maybe we should wake her up.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] Well, a very pleasant night, then, to all of you.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Yes. And a pleasant night to you also.

Cardaniel80: [Sidney] (Gives a little courtly bow, opens the door, and is gone.)

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (To Jayne.) You don't think she might be hungry, do you?

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, let's wake her up and ask her.

Thantasy: [Jayne] We aren't expecting anyone else tonight, are we?

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Nope, nobody on the schedule.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Say... let's just turn her on... not Sarah, just her... see what she does.

Thantasy: [Katie] <Suddenly feels the jolt awakening her.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Gets up, a little unsteady, but hurries to the door.>

Thantasy: [Katie] Hey, wow! What a rush!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (?? I still can't move!)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Looks back at Sarah, goes back, bends down and kisses her.>

Thantasy: [Katie] Hey, it's almost time to go, isn't it, Jayne?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Katie?? We're okay??)

Thantasy: [Katie] Wake Sarah up, okay?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Yes! Yes, get me up!)

Thantasy: [Katie] <Grabs her clothes and slips into them quickly.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Jeans fit pretty darn good!>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Maybe they were a little tight before.>

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Oh!) (Moves creakily, uncertainly, as always after being off for hours.)

Thantasy: [Katie] Here. <Tosses Sarah's clothes at her.>

Thantasy: [Katie] Get your duds on!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Gets up and runs out to the front room.) Katie? You're not mad anymore?

Thantasy: [Katie] Shit no! Mad about what?

Thantasy: [Katie] Did you do something to piss me off?

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] About... (grins) nothing, I forgot.

Thantasy: [Katie] Come on! We're going for some pizza!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] All right!!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Let's go all-you-can-eat!

Thantasy: [Katie] <As soon as Sarah is dressed, hugs her.> Yeah! All you can eat!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] (Kisses her.) See you guys later!

Thantasy: [Katie] Come on, let's split! <Taking her hand.>

Thantasy: [Katie] <Passing into the lobby and to the door quickly.> Hey, guys!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Bye Jayne, Jimmy. Oops! (Pulled to the door.)

Thantasy: [Katie] It's been great! Gotta go hit the All-you-can eat pizza place!

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Yeah! (Thumbs-up gesture to Jayne.)

Thantasy: [Jayne] Ah, Katie, Mr. Porter was very pleased. Says he'll ask for you again!

Thantasy: [Katie] Great! Nice guy! Let me know, though, so I can chow down first. Oh, hi, Mavis!

Thantasy: [Katie] Just cutting out, catch you later.

Cardaniel80: [Sarah] Bye!

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Passing Katie and Sarah as she's coming in> Boy, they're in a hurry to get somewhere.

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Carrying a big plastic bag.>

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Walks up to Jayne.>

Thantasy: [Mavis] I had to drive all over town to find a place that already had this stuff out.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] What's that, Mavis?

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Reaches into bag, pulls out a five-pound heart-shaped box of chocolates.>

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Gives Mavis an I-hope-you-know-what-you're-doing look.)

Thantasy: [Mavis] Here. Happy Valentine's Day, a little early.

Thantasy: [Jayne] <Takes it. Hugs her> Thanks!

Thantasy: [Mavis] You don't have to eat it all at once, but you can if you want to.

Thantasy: [Mavis] Or you can stick it up your pussy a few pieces at a time and make me eat it.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Lets out a sigh of relief.)

Cardaniel80: [Rick] Hey, I like that last idea.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, maybe a few pieces for Rick.

Cardaniel80: [Rick] (Grins.) Even better.

Thantasy: [Mavis] Yeah, he's entitled. For putting up with us.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Here, Jimmy, why don't you have a couple now? <Opens the box and offers.>

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Gets up unexpectedly and grabs both Jayne and Mavis in a big bear hug.) There ya go!

Thantasy: [Jayne] WOW!

Thantasy: [Mavis] Yeah! WOW!

Thantasy: [Jayne] What brought that on?

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Lemme just take one, you guys take the rest. (Reaches in the box and snags a piece.) Well, you know.... didn't like seein' you guys fightin'.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Well, we don't like it either.

Thantasy: [Mavis] Something we have to do every once in a while so, just in case we ever do get mad at each other, we'll know what to do.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] All's well that ends well, huh? Einstein said that.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Yes, Einstein said that.

Thantasy: [Jayne] I think he was quoting Shakespeare, but he did say it, I'm sure.

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] Well, don't practice it too much, okay?

Thantasy: [Mavis] <Arm around Jayne's perfectly proportioned waist.> We'll keep the practice to a minimum.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Come on, guys, let's go. Let Jimmy close up.

Thantasy: [Jayne] We can go home and have a nice little chocolate binge!

Thantasy: [Mavis] And get a sugar high and be up all night!

Cardaniel80: [Rick] It's not triple fudge mousse, but it looks great to me.

Thantasy: [Jayne] Good night, Jimmy!

Thantasy: [Mavis] Night, Jimmy!

Cardaniel80: [Jimmy] (Waves pleasantly.) Night, guys! See you, Mavis.

<Exit Jayne, Rick, Mavis, and five-pound box of chocolate.>