Rachel's Stand

by Thantasy


(With Addendum by Paul K)

If you've ever enjoyed erotic fatal fantasies so much that, no matter what anybody else says, you are NOT giving them up, this book is dedicated to you. In fact, this book is dedicated to anyone who has ever had difficulty accepting something about her or his erotic life, whether that person has successfully overcome that difficulty or not.

I want to acknowledge a tremendous debt to Paul K, the writer who first gave life to Amanda and Rachel in "Rachel's Run." There is no better writer in the entire gynophagia community. I especially want to thank him for letting me have some fun with Amanda and Rachel and for adding to my understanding of Amanda in all her fascinating dark splendor.

A truly great character like Amanda relates to every reader in a unique way. The impression Amanda has made on me is affected by the fact that I am so susceptible to her charm. Paul K knows Amanda inside out and I only know her outside (though, if we were to actually meet in some alternate reality, that might change), so Amanda in this story isn't exactly like Amanda in any of Paul K's stories, but I think she will still be recognizable to readers who have met her before. I appreciate that, at several points in the story, Paul K has said to me, "No, you must have misheard Amanda - what she actually would have said is this. . . ." If, in some places, Amanda's dialogue sounds truly authentic, the reader has Paul K to thank for that.

I also want to thank my site partner and principal co-explorer of the pleasingly murky world of nerco-eroticism and Dolcett fantasy, Cardaniel. His inspiration, encouragement, and careful proofreading have been instrumental in bringing this story to completion. The good times that we have had together creating stories and indulging in guilty pleasures have helped me create my own safe island on which I can encounter my personal Amanda.

I also want to thank Scott and Jenna, two of my favorite and most skillful roleplay partners, who gave me a couple of Amandas for my Rachel to play off of. They also gave me feedback on the story as it progressed. Scott is always trying to crowd me off of the dinner plate and he has written some excellent androphagia fiction inspired by his partner Jane. The "Rachel the Duck" sequence grew out of conversations and play with Scott and I am glad to give him and Jane some "on camera" time in this story. Jenna writes some of the best gladiatrix fiction I've ever read and her careful reading of this story saved me from jarring Paul K's ears with Americanisms put into the mouths of Englishwomen.

And I want to give thanks to everyone I have met online who has fired my erotic imagination. And there are a couple of "real life" friends who would certainly wish to remain anonymous but whose comments on the story as it developed have been valuable.

And I must not forget Rachel and Amanda themselves, who, I believe, may actually exist somewhere in the universe. Thanks for the ride, girls.

A Few Words From Paul K on 'Rachel's Stand'

For those who like to know such things, Thanta's sequel to 'Rachel's Run' has been a work in progress for some time and its release has my full approval. I've read and commented on all the prototype versions and sketches. I didn't actually write much, if any of it, apart from a few nitpicking changes to the dialogue, mainly Amanda's. I'm picky about her, she's my creation. The plot is Thanta's own invention.

I wouldn't have written it this way, because I'm not Thanta. I let her have free reign with Rachel, since she'd chosen that character as her main protagonist or alter-ego. Most of the other characters, including Stoneridge, are also hers. I didn't invent the rabbit either.

I suppose this story could be classed as 'fanfic' though that sounds a bit condescending and dismissive to me. It's a good story, I enjoyed reading all the installments and working with Thanta on the technical details. If you have as much fun with it as we did, we'll all be happy. If you don't want to know how it all came about, fine. Forget I spoke. Just read and enjoy. I did.



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If you really want a feeling for the characters in this story and their history, you should read "Rachel's Run," by Paul K, first.

Click here to go to "Rachel's Run".

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Rachel's Stand, by Thantasy: TABLE OF CONTENTS

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS - "Rachel's Stand, the Musical"

"Up the Lazy River" was written by H. Carmichael and S. Arodin.

"You're Just in Love" was written by Irving Berlin.

"That Old Black Magic" was written by H. Arlen and J. Mercer.

"The Pirates of Penzance" was written by W.S. Gilbert and A. Sullivan

"Mad Dogs and Englishmen" was written by Noel Coward.

"Jabberwocky" was written by Lewis Carroll. (Okay, it's not a song.)

"The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down." the Warner Brothers cartoon theme, was written by Shep Fields and Russ Morgan.

"I've Got You Under My Skin," was written by Cole Porter.

The Louis Prima cd mentioned in the story is available from Capitol Records in their Collectors Series. It carries the id number CDP 7 04072 2