Saturday Afternoon With Pixie and Noosegirl

Introduction by Thantasy

On Saturday, June 16, 2001, I managed to catch both Pixie in Black and Noosegirl online and I invited them to a chat so that I could tell them about plans I had for this website.

Now, it's difficult to imagine the self-proclaimed three hottest necrobabes on the net chatting and not indulging in any play. However, having conveyed my information, I was ready to sign off and so was Pixie. Noosegirl began a cute little pout and Pixie and I could not help but respond.

*        *        *        *        *        *

Thantasy: I'm going to get going and let you two frolic together.

Noosegirl: Awww frolic with us, Thantaaaa!

Thantasy: Take care. See you tomorrow night, if not before, Pixie.

Pixie in Black: I can't stay either :(

Pixie in Black: I just came on to check my mail.

Noosegirl: *pout*

Thantasy: I've got to go frolic with my car -- cleaning it out.

Noosegirl: :P

Pixie in Black: Okay, I'll be there.

Noosegirl: I have to go GET my car.

Thantasy: Oh, Sara we love you!!!!!!!

Pixie in Black: Yes, we do.

Thantasy: We love you so much, we would hang you with a brand new rope!!!!!!

Thantasy: One with lots of give and spring to it.

Pixie in Black: We love "hanging" out with you LOL.

Noosegirl: I like the old scratchy ones better.

Thantasy: Yes, but the old ones may have lost their springiness.

Noosegirl: That may be good...

Thantasy: And they do get smooth after a lot of use.

Pixie in Black: Not as much bounce per ounce.

Thantasy: Yes, more dancing on a springy rope.

Noosegirl: :) Ok. A new one then.

Thantasy: Would not want you to expire before Pixie and I had a chance to finger ourselves into bliss.

Pixie in Black: Yes, you HAVE to last at least that long!!

Thantasy: Watching your boobs bounce, your legs kick, your lips turn blue.

Noosegirl: Hehe. I'll practice holding my breath.

Thantasy: We would playfully stroke your tummy with one hand while we used the other on ourselves or each other.

Noosegirl: While my thighs parted and pistoned.

Thantasy: Our excitement building with each agonizing twist and jerk.

Pixie in Black: On each other has a nice sound to it :)

Noosegirl: My breath coming in ragged gasps.

Thantasy: We would chow down on each other, but we don't want to take our eyes off of you.

Thantasy: We will do that later....

Noosegirl: I'd watch you 69, til I orgasmed in macabre ecstasy.

Pixie in Black: We wouldn't miss a second of your performance.

Thantasy: Lying under your dangling dead body....

Pixie in Black: Our legs squeezed around each other's heads.

Thantasy: Your juices running down your legs, dripping on to us.

Noosegirl: Piss dripping from me, onto each of you as I slowly swung like a pendulum.

Thantasy: Every now and then we would give your body a playful kick so that it would swing back and forth.

Pixie in Black: I can hear the rope creaking as it stretches.

Noosegirl: Eyes wide and staring.

Pixie in Black: Your tongue swelling and protruding from your mouth.

Thantasy: After we had both come our brains out, we would lie in each other's arms watching you dangle from beneath.

Noosegirl: Until I stiffened.

Pixie in Black: Looking up at your swinging body.

Thantasy: Perhaps start you spinning around so we could admire you from all sides.

Pixie in Black: That's a definite :)

Noosegirl: My breasts flopping.

Thantasy: And after your body got a bit stiff, we might take you down....

Noosegirl: My tongue sticking out. A useful tool.

Thantasy: Untie your arms, spread them out slightly....

Pixie in Black: We might be able to use it too, even though it's a little and dry.

Thantasy: each of us settling down on your curled, stiffened fingers.

Pixie in Black: Cool and dry.

Thantasy: Stimulating our cunt lips with them.

Noosegirl: Until your pussies touch it. Then it becomes warm and wet.

Thantasy: Seeing how far we could draw your fingers up into us.

Thantasy: And then do the same with that lovely protruding purple tongue.

Pixie in Black: We'd rejuvenate it, in a sense.

Noosegirl: :P

Thantasy: Play with your tits a little, pull on them and watch them spring back.

Thantasy: And comment to ourselves on what an excellent use we put you to.

Noosegirl: Rope still dug into my throat.

Pixie in Black: I'd like to play with them before we hang her too.

Thantasy: No better purpose could you serve than to give us an evening's pleasure at the expense of your life.

Pixie in Black: <~~greedy Pixie :)

Noosegirl: :P

Pixie in Black: Yes, as long as we derive pleasure.

Noosegirl: A hanged young redhead, there for your pleasure.

Thantasy: Oh, Pixie, we would work her into an absolute frenzy before we slipped the rope around her neck.

Pixie in Black: We have to do that.

Pixie in Black: Multiples before we hang her.

Thantasy: Want to make sure that red pussy is dripping with juice so that we can bathe ourselves in it as she dangles, dead and lovely.

Noosegirl: I'm in a bit of a tizzy now. Hehe.

Thantasy: Oh, see, we do love you, Sara.

Pixie in Black: I want my face to look like a glazed donut when I come up for air.

Noosegirl: :)

Thantasy: Yes.

Noosegirl: I want mine glazed as I hang.

Thantasy: And I will lick her juices off of you as you will lick them off me.

Thantasy: Oh, you have but to ask.

Pixie in Black: Oh, yes, not a bit of it will not be consumed.

Noosegirl: Mmmmmmm

Thantasy: We will put a small step ladder beside you.

Thantasy: Not where you can reach it with your feet, mind you, but so that we can mount it, dip our fingers into our flowing pussies....

Noosegirl: In front of my red eyes.

Thantasy: and smear you with the juices your death is bringing forth.

Thantasy: So that you may be certain that you are not dying in vain.

Pixie in Black: We can even put some on your tongue.... before you black out

Noosegirl: Smear the juices on my face.

Thantasy: But that your death is arousing the passions of two lovely creatures...

Noosegirl: Before they face death as well...

Thantasy: who will sport with your corpse once you have had the good grace to die...

Pixie in Black: Yes, our times will be coming :)

Thantasy: and leave it to our devices.

Thantasy: Yes, perhaps, Pixie, you and I even have secret plans for each other.

Pixie in Black: Mmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm

Thantasy: Perhaps one day, you will take me by surprise. Or I you.

Pixie in Black: I'm sure we can think of all kinds of little things.

Noosegirl: Mmmmmmmm

Noosegirl: You are both so sexy!

Thantasy: Having found a new lover.

Pixie in Black: I like the thought of that.... surprise :)

Thantasy: Out with the old, in with the new.

Thantasy: Demonstrate devotion to the new object of affection....

Pixie in Black: Yes, you never know when that might happen.

Thantasy: by permanently ending the relationship with the old lover in a most decisive and enjoyable manner.

Noosegirl: Deciding how each of you might do it.

Thantasy: Every time we take each other in our arms, every time we chow on each other's pussies,...

Thantasy: our excitement is aroused further by the guessing, the wondering...

Pixie in Black: <shudder>

Thantasy: which one of us will decide first to cash in the other.

Pixie in Black: <Wishing I had eyes in the back of my head.>

Noosegirl: Or whether one will decide you should both die together.

Pixie in Black: But then again, why ruin what might be a fun surprise?

Thantasy: Even as we lie beneath the dangling body of dear dead Sara....

Thantasy: and work ourselves to orgasm after orgasm, those thoughts are there.

Pixie in Black: That could be, maybe to keep one from another.

Pixie in Black: A murder-suicide.

Thantasy: Yes, well, that's another story.

Pixie in Black: We have great imaginations :)

Thantasy: Some time we three have to do a scene where we cast lots to see which will expire for the pleasure of the other two.

Noosegirl: I like that...

Pixie in Black: I'm ready when you two are.

Thantasy: Pixie, be sure and send this to me!!!!!!

Thantasy: This sucker is going on the site, pronto!!!!

Pixie in Black: I will, not to worry!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: If that's okay with both of you.

Noosegirl: Perhaps by axe...

Noosegirl: : )

Thantasy: Oh, got company. Gotta go.

Thantasy: Bye for now.

Noosegirl: k

Pixie in Black: I like the thought of a beheading :)

Noosegirl: Me too. Naked and bent over the block.

Pixie in Black: Yes, nervously waiting.

Pixie in Black: As I sharpen the shiny axe blade.

Noosegirl: My arms bound behind me.

Noosegirl: Looking into the basket.

Noosegirl: My cunt dripping and wet, gaping open.

Pixie in Black: Walking behind you.

Pixie in Black: Looking at your glistening pussy.

Pixie in Black: Sliding my fingers over the lips.

Noosegirl: Thighs spread as I bend at the waist.

Noosegirl: Chin on the block.

Pixie in Black: <Sliding a finger into...>

Noosegirl: *gasp*

Pixie in Black: <your wetness as the spectators watch me.>

Pixie in Black: <Soooooooooo wet and creamy.>

Noosegirl: Mmmm, Pixie. Finger me!

Noosegirl: Before I lose my head!

Pixie in Black: <Working two fingers into you.>

Pixie in Black: <In and out.>

Noosegirl: Cummmminggg...

Pixie in Black: <Smiling at your writhing hips.>

Pixie in Black: <Faster as you start your cum.>

Noosegirl: Eyes closed as my hips writhe.

Noosegirl: Pumping back against your fingers.

Pixie in Black: <Rolling your clit under the fingers of my other hand.>

Noosegirl: *whimper*

Pixie in Black: <Pushing in as far as I can.>

Noosegirl: Ahhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh

Pixie in Black: <Twisting my fingers inside of you...>

Pixie in Black: <as the crowd yells.>

Noosegirl: I scream as I cum again!

Pixie in Black: <Pussy making squishy sounds as I slide them in and out.>

Noosegirl: My body thrashing about above the block.

Pixie in Black: <Waiting for you to get your breath back.>

Pixie in Black: <Gently rubbing your back to calm you.>

Pixie in Black: Do it!!!!!!!!! <screams someone in the crowd>

Noosegirl: Slowing, licking my lips in pleasure.

Pixie in Black: Off with her head!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noosegirl: My hips move sensuously.

Noosegirl: Ignoring the cries.

Pixie in Black: <Looking out over the crowd, smiling.>

Pixie in Black: <Wondering which of them will be next.>

Noosegirl: now now Now NOW the crowd chants.

Pixie in Black: <Picking up my instrument of destruction.>

Noosegirl: My chin fitting nicely over the block.

Noosegirl: A nice smooth groove for my neck.

Pixie in Black: <Taking the heavy handle in my small hands.>

Noosegirl: I wonder how many shoulders were shorn here.

Noosegirl: As the afterglow simmers in my cunt.

Pixie in Black: <Taking a stance, feet apart.>

Noosegirl: Wiggling my ass. Enjoying my cunt flowing.

Noosegirl: Staring into the basket.

Noosegirl: Saying a brief prayer.

Pixie in Black: <Checking my grip, as I have so many times before.>

Noosegirl: My breasts hang under me.

Noosegirl: Nipples tingling.

Noosegirl: I hope heaven is like this.

Pixie in Black: <Bringing it up, around and over.>

Noosegirl: Mmmmm

Noosegirl: A head wind whistling.

Pixie in Black: <One fluid move.>

Noosegirl: My neck tingles.

Pixie in Black: <It whistles through the air.>

Noosegirl: I cummm...

Pixie in Black: <THUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Noosegirl: The basket rushes at me.

Noosegirl: I see only red silk around me. My orgasm intensifies.

Pixie in Black: <I hear the head roll into the basket.>

Noosegirl: 2 points!

Pixie in Black: <A spray of fluid squirts from your pussy.>

Pixie in Black: <Your body, jerks, twitches then relaxes.>

Noosegirl: My eyes blink as I look around.

Noosegirl: Coppery taste in my mouth.

Noosegirl: Blood, I surmise.

Pixie in Black: <As the crowd screams, I reach into the basket, your eyes looking at me.>

Noosegirl: I see her. I see Pixie.

Noosegirl: She's in a fog. The crowd. I see them moving.

Noosegirl: Then.... all goes black.

Pixie in Black: <Picking your head up by the hair, I raise it above my head.>

Noosegirl: The crowd roars approval.

Pixie in Black: <Then place it on stick at the edge of the platform.>

Noosegirl: Beside the others.

Pixie in Black: Yes :)

Noosegirl: Mmmmmmmmm

Pixie in Black: Thanta gets a little bonus with this log :)

Noosegirl: :P

Noosegirl: *giggle*

Pixie in Black: As always, you were perfect Sara :)

Noosegirl: So were you.

Noosegirl: kiss

Pixie in Black: We play well together.

Pixie in Black: <kiss>

Noosegirl: Yes, we do :)

Noosegirl: I need to run along now.

Pixie in Black: We do need to do a threesome with Thanta, soon!!!!!!!!

Noosegirl: And will see you soon, ok?

Pixie in Black: Me too, I'll talk to you soon.

Noosegirl: bye bye :)

Pixie in Black: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixie in Black: Bye