Our Date With Noosegirl


I am very proud of this scene because it the first posting in which Cardaniel and I are joined by a third player, a woman with great role-playing skills and a fine erotic imagination, whose screen name I have changed to Noosegirl. For me, the scene demonstrates that what can be fun for two people can be even more fun for three, a truism which I have found to have, um, broad applications.

The scene was done in three sessions. It began on a Saturday afternoon when Noosegirl IMed me and we struck up a pleasant conversation, during which she gave strong hints that she would like to play.

My Saturdays are such that I can be called away from the computer at anytime and I told Noosey that I was reluctant to start something when I might have to go away and leave her hanging (or NOT hanging, as the case might be).

Under the conditions of threatened snuffus interruptus, we played out the preparation of Sara for hanging and the scene was so hot that I asked Noosey for permission to post it on this site. She agreed and also suggested that we take Sara on to the gallows in the near future. I counter-suggested that perhaps Cardaniel could join us and we could make a three-way out of it. She agreed under the conditions that her limits be respected, which I assured her they would.

About a week later, we three were able to get together for what turned out to be another exceedingly hot session, at the end of which, Noosey, who had to sign off early, agreed that Cardaniel and I could perform a postmortem, again keeping her limits in mind.

The following Thursday, Cardaniel and I played out a very arousing postmortem in keeping with the spirit of what had gone before.

Cardaniel and I welcome others to join us in our play whenever mutually agreeable schedules and scene ideas present themselves.

Dramatis Personae

Sara (played by Noosegirl) is a lovely young practitioner of the world's oldest profession. She has been condemned to pay the ultimate price for violating the mores of the intolerant society in which she finds herself.

The Matron (played by Thantasy in plain type) enjoys her job of preparing condemned young women for their date with the gallows. She also envies them their state of arousal, which she helps them reach through her expertise. She eagerly looks forward to following in the footsteps of her charges, especially those footsteps that take place in midair.

The Executioner (played by Cardaniel in plain type) also enjoys his work. Furthermore, he enjoys the company of his colleague, the Matron, and looks forward to helping her achieve her ambitions.

Dobie and Thalia (played by Cardaniel and Thantasy respectively in italic type) are couple of fun-loving kids who decide to join the throng assembled to watch Sara dance on the rope. (Fans of classic TV comedy may find these two characters familiar.)

The crowd of spectators (described by Cardaniel in italic type) is all set for some uplifting entertainment.

The Pronouncer of the Sentence (played by Cardaniel in bold type) has few very lines, but they are important ones -- especially for poor Sara.

*        *        *

Thantasy: <You are in a cold dark cell, chained.>

Thantasy: <Awaiting your fate.>

Noosegirl: <cruel fate has caught up with me>

Noosegirl: <i'll try not to cry as i face it, naked as the day i was born>

Noosegirl: {am i in my cell alone?}

Thantasy: {Yes, but the matron is about to enter.}

Noosegirl: <i lay huddled in the straw>

Noosegirl: <scared.. yet strangely aroused>

Thantasy: <enters, sees the poor, demure young thing>

Thantasy: <thinking, a pity to waste such beauty>

Noosegirl: <i look up when i hear the door creak open>

Thantasy: <yet, she will provide some entertainment on the rope.>

Noosegirl: hello miss...wha what is it?

Noosegirl: <i just see a shadow. an outline against the light>

Thantasy: {Do you want this to be your execution day?}

Noosegirl: {yes}

Thantasy: I'm afraid, my dear, the time has come.

Noosegirl: <eyes wide> so soon? please...not now!

Thantasy: It is time for your supple young body to provide amusement as it dangles.

Thantasy: I hope that you are at peace with your fate.

Noosegirl: <laying back> i'm being hung for being a whore. amusement is all i can do

Thantasy: Yes, I am sure you were a delight.

Thantasy: <Surveys your considerable charms.>

Noosegirl: <i bite my lower lip> yes. i made all my clients happy

Noosegirl: and enjoyed my work

Thantasy: How wonderful for you!

Noosegirl: many men. many women even. but i want to live still!

Thantasy: I hope you are not afraid.

Noosegirl: i'm scared, miss. will it hurt?

Thantasy: <Women? AH!> Well, my darling, it need not.

Noosegirl: *shiver* i just hope i can die proudly. ummmmmm miss?

Noosegirl: can i ask you something?

Thantasy: Many of the girls, if they are in a proper state of arousal, actually enjoy it. What, my dear?

Noosegirl: i was going to ask about that. you have read my mind. i find myself aroused, and was wondering if that was something that has ever happened before...?

Thantasy: Sometimes, yes. Sometimes they work themselves up, unassisted.

Noosegirl: <spreading my legs as far as the chains will allow> see? my cunny is all wet and moist. and i dont know why!

Noosegirl: light glistens off of the gathering dew

Thantasy: You will be naked. Your writhing body will excite all who see you.

Thantasy: It is not uncommon for that to be an arousing thought.

Noosegirl: do you think my body will please them?

Thantasy: I am certain it will. I myself confess that I shall enjoy watching you hang.

Noosegirl: my body pleases you? it must be very exciting to see the hangings

Thantasy: I will imagine your body writhing against mine as you dangle in the air.

Noosegirl: miss... will you hold me? i'm scared

Thantasy: Yes, my dear.

Noosegirl: <i lay on my back, arms outstretched for your embrace>

Thantasy: <takes the girl in her arms> It is my role to make this as pleasant for the women as possible.

Noosegirl: <holding your warm body tightly> how do you do that?

Thantasy: Oh, sometimes like this. <I caress your perky breasts, fondle your hard nipples.>

Noosegirl: <biting my lower lip again> mmmmmm that feels good. do you do anything else?

Thantasy: Sometimes like this. <I reach down and tweak your hard clit, put a finger between your moist pussy lips.>

Noosegirl: <my hips move slowly. rubbing against your coarse matrons gown>

Noosegirl: mmmmm

Noosegirl: and this is your job.... i chose the wrong career

Thantasy: Sometimes I even do this. <nuzzle your neck and ears>

Noosegirl: <kissing your face gently as it brushes me>

Thantasy: Sometimes the women want their juices tasted one last time before they expire. I usually oblige.

Noosegirl: my chained hands move over your body

Noosegirl: <looking in your eyes> would you do that for me? a common whore?

Thantasy: Sometimes, they want a preview of what the sensation will be like.

Noosegirl: do you ever think about it, miss? how it would be on the rope?

Noosegirl: how will it feel?

Thantasy: Yes, my dear. I confess that I have simulated the sensation on myself.

Thantasy: Here, let me show you.

Noosegirl: i'm moist. does it make you moist, too?

Thantasy: Oh, yes.

Noosegirl: are you moist now?

Thantasy: <I place a hand on your throat> How could anyone help but be moist in the presence of such a lovely young woman who is about to expire?

Noosegirl: oh! thats warm... can i see how moist you are?

Thantasy: <I squeeze a bit, causing pressure in your ears, cutting off your air slightly.>

Noosegirl: <my mouth opens slightly, and my breath becomes a little raspy>

Thantasy: <With my other hand, I reach down and penetrate your pussy lips.>

Noosegirl: <my tongue licks my dry lips, as i moan softly>

Thantasy: <I pull my fingers in and out, maintaining a steady pressure on your neck>

Noosegirl: <my hips rise, my wet cunny sliding down your finger>

Thantasy: <finding your juices flowing, I know that this is to your liking.>

Noosegirl: oh yes... yes.

Noosegirl: i want to feel you, miss.

Thantasy: Spread your legs a bit more my dear.

Noosegirl: <knees parting wider, trying to expose all of myself>

Noosegirl: <my red pubic hair glistens with my excitement>

Thantasy: <I turn, bending down to taste your juices, maintaining one hand on your throat.>

Thantasy: <Your lips quiver at the touch of my tongue.>

Noosegirl: <my hand rest on your back as my swollen labia longs for your touch>

Thantasy: <My breasts press against your abdomen>

Noosegirl: <i kiss your legs, slowly slipping your skirt up>

Noosegirl: <the back of your knee>

Noosegirl: <up your thighs>

Thantasy: <I increase the pressure on your neck slightly, I feel you wiggle with pleasure.>

Thantasy: Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!

Noosegirl: *gasp*

Noosegirl: <hardly able to breathe, i lick you just below the coarse dress>

Thantasy: <I am slightly tempted to end it all for you here and now. To be licking your pussy when you expire.>

Noosegirl: <my thighs close around your head, holding your lips to my cunny>

Thantasy: <But I know that might mean that I would face the rope myself.>

Thantasy: <A fate I am not yet ready for.>

Noosegirl: <my hips rise as i try and catch my breath>

Thantasy: <Someday, I may be.>

Noosegirl: <my swollen tongue runs across your buttocks. so temptingly presented>

Thantasy: <Someday, the rope's call may become so strong, that I will take one of these darlings all for myself and be prepared to take my own turn on the gallows.>

Noosegirl: <to take her place>

Thantasy: <And hope that another will come to see that I am sent to dangle in as happy a state as this one will be.>

Noosegirl: <wiggling under your caress...>

Noosegirl: <my lips touch your nether lips>

Thantasy: <The thought arouses me so! I passionately plunge into you, probing as deep as my tongue will reach.>

Thantasy: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: <I feel your touch on me!!!!!>

Thantasy: <I adjust my hips, remove my hand from your throat>

Noosegirl: <the blood returns to my head as i slip my tongue along your swollen lips>

Thantasy: <Your attentions drive me wild!!!!>

Noosegirl: <my head whirls as i can breathe again>

Noosegirl: <i almost pass out, and hold onto your hips for support>

Thantasy: <I feel your excitement at the rush of oxygen>

Noosegirl: <an orgasm surges thru me suddenly!>

Thantasy: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: EMMMMM!!!!!

Noosegirl: <my hips rise and my thighs clutch your head!>

Noosegirl: <i feverishly lick your pussy. knowing that it's my last meal>

Thantasy: <I am overwhelmed with sensation! Driven over the brink myself>

Noosegirl: <my thumb flicks your clit, as my tongue moves up and circles, then enters, your bottom hole>

Thantasy: <gasping, I lay upon you, stroking your legs.>

Noosegirl: <i kiss the bottom of your buttocks. savoring the feelings>

Thantasy: <Still want to instruct you in what is to come for you, and yet still craving your attentions.....>

Noosegirl: miss? will you kiss me?

Thantasy: <I sit up, covering your mouth with my pussy, your nose in my ass> In a moment, darling!

Noosegirl: <i wiggle my tongue, tasting your sweet pussy. your tender ass>

Thantasy: <I press down on your face, cutting off your air, suffocating you.>

Noosegirl: <i buck and heave. trying to breathe. unable to breeeeatheeee>

Noosegirl: <my hands on your thighs. trying to push you off.. failing>

Thantasy: <I play with your tits while your chest heaves as you gasp for air that will not come.>

Noosegirl: <trying to scream. all that happens is my tongue runs wildly across your pussy>

Thantasy: <I see your legs kick, see your wet pussy lips bucked up.>

Thantasy: <I feel your intense arousal.>

Noosegirl: <my body arches under you. smothering in your damp womanhood>

Thantasy: <I feel the vigorous licking of your tongue.>

Noosegirl: <my nose is buried in your dark cleft>

Thantasy: <Death being imminent, your body, your tongue exhaust themselves.>

Noosegirl: <my eyes bulge. my feverish movements slow>

Noosegirl: <my swollen tongue stays extended. buried in your puckered bottom hole>

Thantasy: <It would be so lovely to kill you this way, and then plunge forward as your dying pussy expells its flow.>

Thantasy: <I do sense you growing weaker.>

Noosegirl: <am i going to die now? my mind races as my moist cunt explodes!>

Thantasy: <I remain there just a moment longer.>

Thantasy: <I feel your orgasm, see your discharge.>

Noosegirl: <my last vestige of breath is expelled from my lungs>

Thantasy: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Thantasy: <My own overtakes me again!>

Thantasy: <I rise up>

Thantasy: <just in time.>

Noosegirl: <my flesh tingles as i quiver uncontrollably beneath you>

Noosegirl: <i gasp for air.>

Noosegirl: <drinking it, like a fish does water>

Thantasy: <I see your chest suck in the air.>

Noosegirl: <my breasts heave as i savor the oxygen>

Thantasy: <I hear your moans of gratitude and pleasure.>

Thantasy: <I turn myself about, press my mouth to yours.>

Noosegirl: <my chains clink as i begin to breathe normally. a trail of your juices slides down my chin>

Thantasy: <Tasting my own juices on your lips.>

Noosegirl: <i kiss you passionately. tongue greeting your lips>

Thantasy: See, my dear, your fate need not be so bad.

Thantasy: Embrace it as you would embrace a lover.

Noosegirl: yessssss. i fear it still, but i dont. you know what i mean?

Thantasy: I will walk with you, side by side, to the gallows.

Noosegirl: promise? i want you there

Thantasy: I will remember the touch of your mouth on my sex as I watch you dance in the air.

Noosegirl: <whispering> will you cum as i hang?

Thantasy: Rest assured that I will.

Thantasy: And I predict that you will, too.

Noosegirl: will anyone touch me as i hang?

Thantasy: I am afraid that is not allowed. But, imagine my hands on your lips.

Noosegirl: i will. i will.

Noosegirl: i think i love you. remember me always

Thantasy: Yes, my darling.

Noosegirl: <whispered in your ear> and one day... when you hang. you'll know what i'm going to feel soon

Thantasy: Yes, my darling. I do look forward to that.

Noosegirl: <the cell brightens with the onrushing dawn>

Thantasy: My tits bouncing, my pussy dripping, my legs kicking!

Noosegirl: <i rise up, grinding my pubic pelt into yours.>

Noosegirl: i'll think of you when i'm up there

Thantasy: yes. And I shall think of you, also, as I expire.

Noosegirl: <a single tear runs from my eye>

Thantasy: Today, after your dance is done and you are taken down from the rope, I will see that your body receives loving attentions.

Noosegirl: what will they do with it?

Noosegirl: they won't just dump me in a hole, will they?

Thantasy: I shall give it my personal attention.

Thantasy: No, darling, not right away.

Noosegirl: i hope you taste me on last time, as i lay there, dead

Thantasy: Yes, my dear, I shall taste your last discharge.

Thantasy: <Brushing your hair back> Come, darling, your public awaits!

Noosegirl: my shoulder straighten. i guess i'm ready

Noosegirl: <my body is still humming from my climax>

Thantasy: <I remove the chains on your wrists but leave those on your ankle attached.>

Thantasy: There should be quite a crowd gathered.

Noosegirl: <i bite my lower lip> yes...i guess...

Thantasy: <I remove my own blouse and bra so that you will not be so self-conscious about your nakedness -- and for other, more personal reasons.>

Thantasy: News has spread that a lovely young woman is dancing on the rope today.

Noosegirl: but.... one last kiss? please?

Cardaniel80: (checking the hoisting mechanism, out on the gallows.)

Thantasy: Yes, my darling. The last kiss that you will FEEL, that is.

Noosegirl: *sniffle* yes.. the last

Noosegirl: i lean forward, eyes closed

Noosegirl: my lips slightly open. i smell myself on your face

Thantasy: <I gently take you in my arms and place a kiss on your lips>

Noosegirl: <my lips part, and i suckle your tongue>

Cardaniel80: (Listens to the pleasant hum of the mechanism, smiles slightly.)

Thantasy: <As your lips are parted, I thrust my tongue into your mouth>

Noosegirl: <my tongue swirls with yours. dancing>

Thantasy: <Stroking your back>

Noosegirl: <puuuurrrrrrrr>

Thantasy: <Our bare breasts touch each other, creating further arousal>

Noosegirl: <my nipples tighten even more. aching>

Thantasy: <I smell your hot juices>

Thantasy: <I know that you are prepared for the rope.>

Cardaniel80: (Crowd still filing in, chatting, restless with anticipation.)

Noosegirl: <holding you tightly we kiss. a lingering kiss>

Thantasy: Come, my darling. It is time.

Noosegirl: <my damp mound pressing yours>

Noosegirl: <i nod slowly>

Noosegirl: <as you pull away>

Thantasy: <I can barely tear myself away from you.>

Noosegirl: <i turn my back to you and cross my hands behind my back>

Thantasy: <I move to your side. I put my hand on your shoulder.>

Noosegirl: <i tremble at your touch>

Thantasy: <I quietly push you forward to the staircase leading to the courtyard where you will hang.>

Noosegirl: <i walk slowly... hesitantly>

Noosegirl: <looking back at you every few steps>

Thantasy: <slightly behind you, I watch your lovely ass as you move up the stairs>

Noosegirl: <i feel your eyes on my bottom, and wonder if you can notice the juices running down my thigh>

Thantasy: <A very pleasing sight>

Noosegirl: <i climb the steps. they spiral up>

Noosegirl: <finally, another door>

Thantasy: <we near the top, near the door. The sunlight streams through the open door>

Cardaniel80: (The sound of voices comes from behind the door.)

Noosegirl: <the bright light beats down on my bare bosom.>

Thantasy: <I see that you are even more lovely in the bright sunlight.>

Noosegirl: <my nipples cast shadows>

Noosegirl: <i look at you>

Noosegirl: <and lean forward, kissing you quickly>

Thantasy: <I respond, and urge you on.>

Thantasy: <My own excitement is difficult to contain.>

Noosegirl: <i gently bite your lip>

Thantasy: <The executioner awaits at the top of the gallows.>

Cardaniel80: (The crowd sees movement in the doorway, shouts and applause are heard.)

Noosegirl: <i pull back and whisper..>

Noosegirl: i love you. see you on the other side

Cardaniel80: (I am dressed in black: pants, shirt, hood, all black.)

Thantasy: <I place my hand on your ass to urge you forward.>

Noosegirl: <i walk through the door>

Noosegirl: <into the bright sunlight>

Cardaniel80: (Whistles and catcalls emerge from the crowd as the lovely naked woman steps forward.)

Thantasy: <You look really ravishing>

Noosegirl: <blinded, i can't see. i can only hear voices. hundreds of them>

Thantasy: Hey, Dobie, what's all that noise from the courtyard?

Cardaniel80: Oh, I heard there's a hanging today.

Thantasy: <I let you pause for a moment, to let your eyes adjust.>

Noosegirl: <i blink. finally i can see. a huge crowd is gathered around the gallows.>

Thantasy: Oh, COOL! Can we go?

Cardaniel80: Rather do that, or go see them tear down the old Endicott building? Either's okay with me, Thalia.

Thantasy: Do you know who's being hanged?

Noosegirl: <i walk slowly forward. i look at the crowd. i occasionally see someone i know>

Cardaniel80: Some prostitute.

Noosegirl: <they watch me walk by. eyes hungrily awaiting my doom>

Thantasy: <Your skin is so beautiful in its paleness from your stay in the dark cell.>

Cardaniel80: (You see a single noose hanging from a crossbar.)

Noosegirl: <my red hair is tousseled. "freshly fucked">

Noosegirl: <i stare at the rope.>

Thantasy: Oh, a woman! Neat! Let's go watch, huh? Huh?

Cardaniel80: Sure, Thalia. More fun than seeing a building reduced to rubble.

Thantasy: Oh, cool. Unless it makes so hot that I want to... you know...

Cardaniel80: (grins) I wouldn't mind a bit.

Thantasy: <I feel you stiffen slightly at the sight of the rope>

Cardaniel80: (A slight breeze shifts the noose back and forth.)

Noosegirl: <i step slowly along approaching the gibbit. butterflies in my tummy>

Thantasy: <I can already visualize it around your lovely neck. I feel myself further aroused.>

Cardaniel80: (Your chains clank as you step forward. With the ankle shackles, no escape is possible.)

Noosegirl: <looking at the noose, my pussy tightens.>

Noosegirl: <i feel my arousal returning, redoubled>

Thantasy: <Slowly we advance through the crowd. A wide path is open for us.>

Cardaniel80: (You can see how much farther you must walk in your lifetime. It ends where the noose is.)

Noosegirl: <soldiers hold back the throng>

Thantasy: <Many male and female admirers gaze upon your loveliness.>

Noosegirl: <i reach the steps>

Noosegirl: <and begin to walk up>

Thantasy: <I follow behind you. Prepared to catch you if you falter.>

Cardaniel80: Scuse me, scuse us, comin through.....

Noosegirl: <each step very deliberate, i reach the top>

Thantasy: <I admire the brave way you walk, your steadiness>

Noosegirl: <eyes rivited on the noose>

Thantasy: Yeah, Dobie, get us into a good position.

Cardaniel80: (You are puzzled... you thought there would be a trapdoor. Where is it?)

Noosegirl: <i feel your warm hand on my arm and walk me forward>

Thantasy: <There are thirteen steps to the platform>

Noosegirl: <i see no door. i now realize that i will be strangled!>

Cardaniel80: Hey, she's got a nice body... not as good as you, of course hon, but really cute.

Thantasy: <I see that there is no trap door. Poor thing, you are to be hoisted rather than dropped.>

Thantasy: <A better view for the crowd and a longer dance.>

Noosegirl: <i tremble in fear>

Noosegirl: <and excitement>

Thantasy: Oh, yeah. She is hot! I think her boobs are bigger than mine though.

Noosegirl: <pearls of dew begin to glisten on my pubic fur>

Cardaniel80: Yeah.... bet they'll bounce when she swings.

Thantasy: The matron's are bigger for sure!

Thantasy: <We approach the top step.>

Thantasy: <Your foot is on the platform.>

Noosegirl: <i stumble slightly>

Cardaniel80: Wonder how come the matron's topless... maybe they'll hang her too, ya think?

Thantasy: Oh, gee! I hope so! But I only see one rope.

Thantasy: <I place my hand on you to steady you.>

Thantasy: <I do want you to maintain your dignity.>

Noosegirl: <i look at you and mumble "thanks">

Noosegirl: <i reach the top. staring at the rope and walking slowly towards it.>

Noosegirl: <drawn, like iron to a magnet>

Cardaniel80: Man, remember that girl last month? She must have kicked for twenty minutes!

Thantasy: <I face the executioner, an old friend. I know that someday he will hang me.>

Thantasy: Uh, Dobie, you must have taken ANOTHER girl to that hanging!

Cardaniel80: (I nod to the matron, admiring her full breasts.)

Thantasy: <I shove you forward slightly. I return his nod.> She is in your hands now.

Cardaniel80: (Laughs) No, that was you. I think you got so hot you don't even remember it.

Thantasy: Oh, yeah! Sure!

Noosegirl: <i stand. unsure of what happens next>

Cardaniel80: A slightly-built man with a paper appears on the scaffold....

Thantasy: <I step back. I let my colleague take over.>

Cardaniel80: He faces the crowd, clears his throat and begins to read....

Thantasy: <I doubt that this is a reprieve for you, but anything is possible.>

Noosegirl: <i look at you, eyes wide. a burst of hope!>

Cardaniel80: "Sara Porter, since you have been convicted by a jury of free men of prostitution....

Thantasy: <Strains to hear the man's voice.>

Cardaniel80: "And since you have been previously warned of the consequences of such evil conduct....

Thantasy: Oh, Dobie, she's being hanged just for fucking! I do that all the time!

Cardaniel80: Yeah, but you do it for free.

Cardaniel80: "Therefore, on this day and in front of these witnesses...

Noosegirl: <head bowed, i listen to the reading man>

Cardaniel80: "You shall be hanged by the neck until you are dead."

Thantasy: Yeah. I guess you're right!

Noosegirl: *sob*

Cardaniel80: Executioner, you may do your duty when you are ready.

Thantasy: Dobie, I think I see wetness at the top of her thighs, right near her pussy.

Thantasy: I don't think that's sweat.

Cardaniel80: Hey, yeah, you're right. It's dribbled halfway down her thigh!

Noosegirl: <i'm afraid, but my excitement is visible to the crowd>

Thantasy: <Final judgment has been pronouced. There is no hope for you.>

Noosegirl: remember me

Cardaniel80: (I look at you, expertly examining your neck.)

Thantasy: <I smile at you, assuring you that you will live my memory.>

Cardaniel80: (Calls out) Hey, doesn't she get last words?

Thantasy: <I look at you. Wondering if you do have a statement to make.>

Noosegirl: <being examined like a cut of meat. i lick my lips>

Noosegirl: <clearing throat>

Noosegirl: i'm glad you could all come today. i hope you enjoy my dance

Noosegirl: it's free. the only time you ever got anything free from me

Cardaniel80: (To Thalia) What do you think you'd say, sweety? If you were there?

Thantasy: <Beginning to cream at the thought of a dance.>

Noosegirl: I'm sorry if i hurt anyone. i dont think i did, but the state feels otherwise

Thantasy: Ooooo! You think I would look good up there?

Noosegirl: so here i am, today. good bye, and i'll see you all on the other side

Thantasy: <I listen to your words. I am touched.>

Noosegirl: <i close my eyes and bow my head, praying silently to myself>

Cardaniel80: God, hon, you'd look SO sexy dancing up there.

Thantasy: <I realize that there is some unfairness in this.>

Thantasy: Oooo! Maybe we can play a little game where you hang me. Just for a little while.

Noosegirl: <i raise my head.> ok. do me

Thantasy: <I smile, I admire your spunk.>

Cardaniel80: (I lift the noose, and hold it poised over your head.)

Cardaniel80: Hey! You want to? (Excited.)

Noosegirl: <i look at my hangman.>

Thantasy: <You look so brave.>

Noosegirl: do your job well, Mr. executioner

Thantasy: Well, you'd have to promise to let me down.

Cardaniel80: (Smiles) Hey, I already promised I'd never let you down.

Thantasy: <I nod, well said, my dear!>

Cardaniel80: (I loosen the loop of rope and slide it down over your head.)

Thantasy: <I see the rope pass over your pretty face.>

Noosegirl: <i shiver as the hemp passes over my head>

Cardaniel80: (It tickles as it slides past your nose.)

Thantasy: <Knowing what is to come, my juices flow.>

Noosegirl: <i rub my thighs together as the rope settles on my neck>

Thantasy: <This lovely girl, with whom I have just made love, will be hanged within moments.>

Cardaniel80: (Nuzzles your cheek) Let's go home after she quits kicking and play a little.

Thantasy: Oh, Dobie, look at her squish her thighs together!

Noosegirl: <my nipples are impossibly hard. i've never been so turned on! and i'm going to die!>

Cardaniel80: (I slide the coils of rope down, tightening the hold of the rope on your slender neck.)

Noosegirl: <i'm going to die!>

Noosegirl: <i feel it tighten. a small climax runs thru my body>

Noosegirl: <i quiver and sway slightly>

Cardaniel80: I bet you'll get juicier than she is.

Thantasy: <I step forward, place my hand on your shoulder reassuringly.>

Thantasy: <Holding you steady.>

Thantasy: Ooo, you think so???

Noosegirl: <i look at you and smile>

Noosegirl: <whispering...> i just came..

Cardaniel80: You'll get juices running down to your knees, wait and see.

Thantasy: Die well, my dear! Die well!

Cardaniel80: (I turn a handle.... the slack slowly goes out of the rope.)

Thantasy: <I step back, giving the crowd a better view.>

Noosegirl: <ulp! it's now!>

Thantasy: <I see you quiver with anticipation.>

Noosegirl: <my feet lighten, i feel the rope tighten further on my throat>

Thantasy: <I see the juices flowing between your legs.>

Cardaniel80: I could build something like this setup for the basement.... handle and all.

Thantasy: <Unconsiously begins to finger her pussy>

Thantasy: Oooo, yeah!

Cardaniel80: (I stop turning the handle for now.... you feel an upward pull from the rope.)

Cardaniel80: (But it has stopped moving, for now.)

Noosegirl: <my neck stretches slightly>

Cardaniel80: (I give it another half-turn... you are forced up onto your toes.)

Thantasy: <I watch the rope bite into your neck. I see you rise on your toes.>

Noosegirl: <having trouble breathing. i gasp in rasps>

Cardaniel80: (The two-foot chain between your ankles clinks as you shift your feet.)

Thantasy: <The breeze has made my own nipples hard. They are now almost embarrassingly erect.>

Cardaniel80: (A voice from the crowd) You going to swing her?

Thantasy: <I see the moistness on you parted lips.>

Noosegirl: <i look around wildly, lust coursing thru my veins>

Thantasy: <I see you shiver.>

Cardaniel80: (The executioner smiles, enjoying his work.)

Noosegirl: <the rope pulls on my neck. i lips my lips, knowing what is coming soon>

Cardaniel80: (He admires your lovely body, so helpless, soon to die.)

Thantasy: <I fight the temptation to reach out my hand, and touch your pussy.>

Thantasy: <There will be time enough for me to that later, however, when you are stretched out on a table, dead.>

Noosegirl: <my soaked pussy makes smacking noises as i shift nervously on my feet>

Cardaniel80: (I turn the handle once more.... your toes point downward, your feet reaching desperately....)

Thantasy: Oh, Dobie, this is so exciting! They are really taking their time!

Cardaniel80: I could do it just like this.... let you dangle so your toes just touch. My own little Thalia dancing for me.

Thantasy: <I see that a puddle is forming on the platform between your feet.>

Cardaniel80: (Your toes lose contact.... you're hanging! This is it!)

Thantasy: Oooooo. yeah. <Squeezes his hand excitedly.>

Thantasy: <I am glad that my own pussy is not bared for all to see. They could tell how much I love my work.>

Thantasy: <I see your toes leave the platform.>

Noosegirl: <my feet kick, i cant breathe anymore!>

Thantasy: <Your face becomes flushed, I see the veins pound in your forehead.>

Cardaniel80: Wow, look at her kicking, hon! Like she could really reach the floor that way.

Noosegirl: <kicking wildly>

Noosegirl: <my thighs spread, showing my wet cunny to the crowd>

Thantasy: oooooo!(Juicing aplenty)

Cardaniel80: God, she's REALLY wet.

Noosegirl: <cummmming>

Thantasy: <I fold my arms over my chest, caressing my breasts>

Noosegirl: <my body writhes>

Thantasy: <I see your orgasmic burst.>

Noosegirl: <my feet kick even more wildly.>

Cardaniel80: Hey, look, she's cumming, isn't she? I think she is....

Thantasy: <I have seen you make these movements before, on the floor in your cell.>

Noosegirl: <my eyes bulge as my neck stretches>

Thantasy: <I know that much of this is from your sense of arousal.>

Thantasy: <I am so pleased with myself for having prepared you so well.>

Noosegirl: <my body racks in another climax. i wiggle painfully.>

Thantasy: <Your excitement causes me to anticipate that day when I will kill one of the girls in her cell and be forced to take her place on the rope.>

Cardaniel80: (Out of the corner of your eye you see the executioner tie the handle in place and step away)

Cardaniel80: (You know nothing can save you now.)

Thantasy: <Now, that you are suspended thus, I step forward.>

Noosegirl: <my kicking slows. my lungs burn in agony>

Thantasy: <under the guise of appearing to check some vital sign, I press my hand to your chest.>

Noosegirl: <cummmming again.>

Thantasy: <removing it, I brush your nipples slightly, revelling in their hardness.>

Thantasy: <With your kicking and twisting, your juices are splattering everywhere!>

Cardaniel80: Think you'd wriggle longer than she can, honey?

Thantasy: Well, I don't know! I could try. We can practice a lot. I can probably work up to it.

Noosegirl: <my knees rise to my chest>

Cardaniel80: Yeah, we'll start slow and work up to it.

Noosegirl: <my juices drip to the wood below>

Thantasy: <A beautiful blush forms on your upper breasts and near your shoulders.>

Noosegirl: <i shiver and shake, then my legs drop>

Noosegirl: <blood roars in my ears>

Cardaniel80: Oh, I think that's it.

Noosegirl: <my vision begins to tunnel>

Noosegirl: <and turn white>

Noosegirl: <then.....i see no more.....>

Thantasy: <I see the last flickers of your eyes.>

Thantasy: <I see the familiar glassy stare.>

Noosegirl: <a thin trail of drool runs from my lips, past my swollen tongue>

Cardaniel80: (Quietly to matron) We'll let her hang another fifteen minutes after her last twitch.

Thantasy: <Your body still jerks.> Yes, she should twitch for a long time.

Thantasy: She was very, very aroused.

*       *       *       *       *

Thantasy: <After about 20 minutes, Sara's jerks have completely ceased.....>

Thantasy: <and the crowd has thinned considerably.>

Cardaniel80: (She is motionless, except for a very slow back and forth twisting. She hangs limp)

Thantasy: <Dobie and Thalia have run off excitedly.>

Thantasy: Well, I guess it's time to take her down.

Cardaniel80: Wait for the mirror test....

Thantasy: Okay.

Cardaniel80: (The executioner pulls a mirror out of his pocket, holds it in front of the condemned woman's nose.)

Thantasy: Any fog on the mirror?

Cardaniel80: Nothing. Not breathing. Don't see how she could be, of course.

Thantasy: <I jab her with a fingernail, no reaction.>

Thantasy: Yup, she's gone.

Cardaniel80: (Reaches over to untie the rope where it is fixed to the handle. Starts cranking her body down.)

Thantasy: <I guide the body down until the feel touch the platform>

Thantasy: <Holding her up so that she does not fall.>

Thantasy: <Her naked breasts pressed to mine.>

Thantasy: <Looking into her her glassy eyes.>

Cardaniel80: Should I untie the noose, or you want that on awhile? I know you. (Smiles)

Thantasy: <Her mouth opened provocatively.>

Thantasy: Well, if you don't mind, just cut the rope.

Thantasy: She does look sooooo good in it.

Cardaniel80: (Smiles again) I guess I knew you'd say that. (Reaches up and begins sawing through rope a foot above her head.)

Thantasy: <Sara's body moves slightly with the sawing motion.>

Cardaniel80: (The rope parts, and the matron feels Sara's body weight pressing forward against her.)

Thantasy: <I press her head to my shoulder. Feel her lips on my skin.>

Thantasy: <Her dead weight feels good in my arms.>

Thantasy: <A lovely, lifeless body.>

Cardaniel80: Let's get her inside, and you can sign off on her death.

Thantasy: Yes.

Cardaniel80: Need any help, or have you got her?

Thantasy: I'll take her feet and back down the stairs.

Cardaniel80: Okay, we'd better lay her down then....

Thantasy: <As you put your hands under her arms......>

Thantasy: <I slide my hands down her torso...>

Thantasy: <her thighs....>

Thantasy: <Her calves...>

Cardaniel80: (Smiles) man, I've never seen one get THAT wet down there.

Thantasy: <until I grasp her ankles.>

Cardaniel80: Did she pee, or is that all purely juices?

Thantasy: I think that's mostly juice.

Thantasy: I'll tell you when we get her inside.

Cardaniel80: (Shaking head) She sure as hell died happy then.

Thantasy: Have you got a good grip? Don't want to drop her.

Cardaniel80: No problem here. You okay down there?

Thantasy: <As we carry her down the stairs, with each step her tits jiggle.....>

Cardaniel80: (Notices matron breathing hard.... not from effort. She looks flushed, lips parted... very aroused.)

Thantasy: <her head lolls side to side, as though thrashing about in ecstasy>

Thantasy: <I see my partner's eyes on my chest, my hard nipples>

Thantasy: <My juices are flowing so heavily, I may be staining my slacks>

Cardaniel80: (Winks) You want to do this one, don't you?

Thantasy: Yes. You know me too well.

Thantasy: <On solid ground, I back up towards the door>

Cardaniel80: Great body. She came pretty high-priced, I hear.

Thantasy: Yes, well now, her services will be free.

Thantasy: <Backing down the steps inside the jail>

Cardaniel80: And she's just the way you like em.

Thantasy: <A steeper angle.>

Thantasy: <Sara's juices running down her thighs>

Thantasy: <Inside, the aroma of them is even more noticeable.>

Cardaniel80: Her nipples still look hard. Looks like she'd start rubbing herself now if she could.

Thantasy: <We reach the bottom of the stairs, make our way to the examination room>

Thantasy: <opens the door with one hand>

Cardaniel80: (Sees dark spot now between the matron's legs.)

Thantasy: <A large table awaits...>

Thantasy: <covered with a sheet.>

Cardaniel80: Want me to unlock her cuffs?

Thantasy: Yes.

Cardaniel80: Okay, let's get her down first....

Thantasy: <Once she is on the table, I dig in my pocket, produce the key>>

Thantasy: Emmm. <I lift her right ankle slightly.>

Thantasy: <From this angle, she looks so appealing.>

Thantasy: <I unlock the bracelet from her right ankle.>

Cardaniel80: (Stands next to matron, casually puts hand on her bare waist.)

Thantasy: <Lay her leg further than necessary to the right.>

Thantasy: <I repeat the process with the left ankle.>

Cardaniel80: (Inhaling) Wow, I can smell those juices from here!

Thantasy: <Sara's legs are spread provocatively>

Thantasy: <from where I stand, I can see her pussy, open and beckoning.>

Cardaniel80: Can't remember one like that. They get excited sometimes, but this one creamed a river.

Thantasy: <I move to her right side, looking down upon her defenseless loveliness>

Thantasy: That question you asked earlier, let's see if I can answer it.

Thantasy: <With my finger, I probe her pussy.>

Thantasy: It feels like juice. Creamy.

Cardaniel80: Listen, I know I always tell you this, but they catch you with her like this, you'll get hanged too.

Thantasy: <I raise my finger to my lips>

Thantasy: Tastes like juice.

Thantasy: Yes, I know there is danger.

Thantasy: But then, who's to tell?

Thantasy: Certainly not Sara, here.

Cardaniel80: (Smiles) Not me.... unless you want me to. Sometimes I think you do.

Thantasy: <I slide out of my slacks.> Again, you know me well.

Thantasy: <My face is a mask of arousal and passion.>

Cardaniel80: I've got an extra rope here (pats pocket). Want to feel it around you neck while you're doing her? Kind of share the experience?

Thantasy: <I untie my boots and slip our them and my slacks at the same time.>

Thantasy: Oh, that's a rope in your pocket! I thought you were just glad to see me.

Cardaniel80: (Laughs) Both.

Thantasy: Yes, slip it around my neck.

Thantasy: <Somewhat demurely, I bow my head.>

Cardaniel80: (Pulls rope out) I thought you'd never ask.

Thantasy: <Staring down at the slack-jawed, wide eyed Sara, I wonder what she might think if she could see this.>

Cardaniel80: (Widens noose to let it slip down over her head, then tightens it.... not tightly, just fairly snug.)

Cardaniel80: They say this is what the well-dressed matron is wearing this season.

Thantasy: <The rough texture of the rope, the strength in your hands, these arouse me further.>

Thantasy: <I run my hands over my body, feeling my heat.>

Cardaniel80: (Throws the end of the rope over a pipe in the ceiling above the table.)

Thantasy: <Ah!!!!>

Thantasy: <There is enough slack in the rope, that I can mount the table without pulling it off>

Cardaniel80: (The end of the rope hangs down within easy reach.... not restricting her movements. At present.)

Thantasy: <I place my legs between those of the dead girl.>

Thantasy: <I lower myself slowly until our pussies touch.>

Cardaniel80: (Smiling) Hey, you didn't get all that wetness from her.

Thantasy: <she already feels slightly cool to the touch, and the coolness of her juices against my hot pussy excites me.>

Thantasy: <I lower myself onto her, my pendulous breasts pressing into hers.>

Cardaniel80: (As the matron settles in place, the hangman pulls slightly on the end of the rope, taking the slack out.... her movements are free, but she can feel the slight tug against her throat.)

Thantasy: <I let my weight rest on her body. I feel the pull of the rope.>

Thantasy: <My weight forces air from her lungs, causing a death rattle to escape her mouth.>

Cardaniel80: (He pulls just slightly harder, making the rope tighten just a little.)

Thantasy: Emmmm, she's singing to me!

Cardaniel80: How did she know your favorite song?

Thantasy: <I press my lips to hers, feeling the air of her last breath>

Thantasy: <I kiss her passionately, rubbing my breasts against hers.>

Thantasy: <I feel her hard nipples pushing into my softness.>

Cardaniel80: (Hangman watches, getting hard at the sight of the live and dead body making love.)

Thantasy: <I feel her cooling, slightly clammy skin.>

Thantasy: Ah, Sara, I promised you this!

Cardaniel80: (At the sound of her sighs of passion, he gets harder still.)

Thantasy: I promised that your delightful body would not go unattended.

Thantasy: You danced a lovely dance, dear.

Thantasy: I'm sure you made every cock hard and every pussy wet.

Thantasy: And now, you are mine, mine alone to enjoy!

Thantasy: Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

Cardaniel80: (Quietly) I think this one was special to you.

Thantasy: <I grind my clit against hers,>

Thantasy: <Delighted in its hardness and in the lack of response to my motion.>

Thantasy: Yes, she was almost the one!

Thantasy: You and I both know that one of these days, I will take one of these girls for myself!

Thantasy: In her cell, deprive the crowd of the sight of her dangling.

Thantasy: Keep her death all for myself.

Thantasy: And we know what will happen to me then.

Thantasy: I'll take her place, maybe immediately, maybe the next day.

Cardaniel80: (Gestures with the end of the rope he is holding) Now, I could make sure she's your last girl... if you want. You could breathe your last while you're holding her. Just say the word.

Thantasy: Every time I watch one of these sweet things expire in ecstasy, the temptation gets stronger!!!! Yes, I know you could do that!

Thantasy: But I want my time on the scaffold, I want to please an audience, just as she did.

Cardaniel80: Just depends if you want to control your own death or somebody else's.... okay, I understand.

Thantasy: But, if you can restrain yourself, yes, I would like a taste of it now!

Cardaniel80: (Smiles) hey, I'm a pro.

Thantasy: Give me a taste of what she felt!

Cardaniel80: Coming up.... so to say.

Thantasy: <I feel the rope tighten.>

Cardaniel80: (Pulls so her neck is lifted upward.)

Thantasy: <Immediately, I feel thr pressure in my ears>

Cardaniel80: you've got a choice now. You could kiss her or breathe.

Thantasy: <I lower myself to kiss her>

Thantasy: <Feeling my air cut off>

Cardaniel80: (Holds steady, not yielding.)

Thantasy: <My juices flow!!!!!>

Thantasy: <The pressure is heavy!>

Thantasy: <Sweet, intoxicatingly sweet Sara, inviting me to join her.>

Cardaniel80: (Watches her naked body tense as she struggles to breathe.)

Thantasy: <I feel dizziness and I feel the draw of Sara.>

Thantasy: <To expire atop her, like this.>

Thantasy: <Our dead bodies piled atop one another.>

Cardaniel80: (Watches as she strains to kiss the dead girl, to continue making love to her.)

Thantasy: <My clit is so hard against hers.>

Thantasy: <She is lovely, lovely!!!>

Thantasy: <The blackness and my own orgasm crowd in on me!>

Cardaniel80: (Excited at the sight of the matron's hips squirming and grinding against Sara's.)

Thantasy: <reluctantly, I pull away from her, raise up.>

Cardaniel80: (Maintains the rope in its place, letting her breathe.)

Thantasy: <Pull the rope at my neck, just a little, allowing a rush of air>

Thantasy: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: <I straighten up completely, my breasts heaving>

Thantasy: <I feel myself up,>

Thantasy: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: <My own touch sends me over the brink!>

Cardaniel80: (Watching her arouse herself further arouses him further.)

Thantasy: <Contining to arouse myself with one hand, I grasp Sara's dead breast with the other, grasp it tightly!>

Cardaniel80: (His hand unintentionally tightens its grip, cutting off her air as the orgasm racks her body.)

Thantasy: <The contrast gives me a new wave of excitement!>

Thantasy: <I am aware that my air is cut off>

Thantasy: <In the intensity of my orgasm, I cannot care.>

Thantasy: <More concerned to ride the wave, I do not pull at the rope>

Cardaniel80: (Loosens his grip just before she passes out.)

Thantasy: <I let this carry me over the edge.>

Thantasy: <rope slackened, air rushing in.>

Thantasy: AHHH!!!!!!!

Thantasy: <I shake and quiver!!!!>

Cardaniel80: (Breathing hard himself, wide-eyed, rubbing his crotch.)

Thantasy: <Aware that I can not remain upright much longer....>

Thantasy: <I raise my hands, remove the rope from my neck>

Thantasy: <Allow myself to fall forward, and then roll off of Sara...>

Thantasy: <Lying beside her, my legs spread.>

Thantasy: <Knees raised, fingering myself frantically>

Cardaniel80: (Pulls down his pants to relieve his cock from its uncomfortable confinement.)

Thantasy: <I look at you, not speaking, but my intent is clear.>

Thantasy: <I extend my hand, beckoning.>

Cardaniel80: (Takes off pants, but keeps shirt and hood so she will know it is the hangman who is taking her.)

Thantasy: <I twist, shoving against Sara's body.>

Thantasy: AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Thantasy: <I receive your hard cock into my drenched pussy, as eagerly as I will one day receive the rope from your hands on the scaffold.>

Thantasy: AHHHH!!!!!!

Thantasy: OH!!!!! YES!!!!!

Thantasy: TAKE ME!!!!!

Cardaniel80: (lays full length on top of her, caressing her body, kising her.)

Thantasy: <Our rocking jostles Sara, her head rolls to the side, she is looking at me.>

Cardaniel80: On that day, after you have taken your victim in a private hanging, on that day you are hanged yourself -- I'll take you again, then, afterwards... just like this.

Thantasy: <I gaze into her glazed eyes, knowing I will wear that look soon enough.>

Thantasy: YESS!!!!!!

Thantasy: OH! YES! OH! YES!

Cardaniel80: Your dead body will play host to my cock, one more time.

Thantasy: JUST LIKE THIS, and I will be just like her!!!!!

Thantasy: AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Cardaniel80: Exactly! Exactly like she is now!

Thantasy: OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!

Cardaniel80: Look at her! You'll be just like that!

Thantasy: YES!!!!!!

Thantasy: YESSS!!!!!!!

Cardaniel80: (Her excitement brings him towards a peak very quickly.)

Thantasy: The next one, as lovely as she, that one will be my undoing!

Thantasy: YES!!!!!!

Cardaniel80: I've seen (pant) the court calendar (gasp) wait'll you see the girl next week!

Thantasy: <Washes over completely.>

Cardaniel80: NGGGHHHHHAAAHH!!!!!

Thantasy: <Becomes a fuck toy!>

Thantasy: <As incoherent as the corpse beside her.>

Thantasy: <Feels your discharge!>

Thantasy: <Your quivering cock! Filling her with seed.>

Cardaniel80: (His arms tighten around her like a vise as he empties himself into her.)

Thantasy: <Driven to yet another height!>

Thantasy: AHHHHHH!!!!

Thantasy: <As near to unconsciousness as she was a few moments ago from lack of air.>

Cardaniel80: (Starting to come down from his high, but suddenly imagines her, lying underneath him, lifeless, limp, as she will be soon)..... NNNGGGAAHH!!!! (He comes again!)

Thantasy: <A week, a week.>

Thantasy: <A lovely girl next week!>

Thantasy: <And then her own turn on the rope.>

Thantasy: <And her own turn to be the lifeless girl on the table.>

Cardaniel80: (Has never had a double-orgasm before... he knows how excited he will be when the time comes.... very likely in a week's time. Just a week.)

Thantasy: <Kisses the executioner, her executioner.>

Cardaniel80: (Kisses her passionately... feels at one with her.)

Thantasy: Until next week, my darling, until next week!!!!!