The Necrobabe Murder Case

A Bordello of the Dead Adventure

by Thantasy


The Necrobabe Murder Case is dedicated to Pearl White, Marion Davies, Thelma Todd, Joan Blondell, Ann Sothern, Betty Hutton, Lucille Ball, Goldie Hawn, Sandra Bullock, and every other actress who has shown us all how to be beautiful, sexy, funny, and sometimes in jeopardy all at the same time. Simultaneously, they've filled us with laughter, chills, and (depending on sexual preference) either envy or arousal. Also, I want to make special mention of Gracie Allen, whose movie The Gracie Allen Murder Case suggested the title of this novelette.

I want to acknowledge a debt to every mystery writer I've ever read, but especially to Harry Kemelman, creator of the character Rabbi David Small and author of The Nine Mile Walk which inspired the odd crime-solving methodology used in the present story.

Also, a special thanks goes to actor Peter Falk and the writers and producers of Columbo for creating such a memorable character who is so much fun to parody.

Finally, I want to thank my site partner Cardaniel from whose imagination sprang the Bordello of the Dead and the radio-controlled implants that allow the girls in the BoD to provide such a delightful necroerotic experience for the BoD's patrons. I just hope that some neurosurgeon with an interest in electronics finds the inspiration to bring these little gizmos into reality.

Now, some words of warning. Unlike some other stories set around the BoD, this novelette contains depictions of actual death and necroeroticism. However, laughter and, of course, erotic good times remain, as always in the BoD, the main focus. That's why I enjoy playing in this topic area and I think I can say the same of most of the wonderful people I've met here.


  • Chapter 1 - Death Benefits
  • Chapter 2 - Oh, There Is Just One More Thing...
  • Chapter 3 - Just Encase Justin Case, Just in Case
  • Chapter 4 - Wake for Little Suzy
  • Chapter 5 - Putting the Pizzas, Er, Pieces Together
  • Interlude - The Company "Slumber Party"
  • Chapter 6 - A Day at the Stadium
  • Chapter 7 - Jayne Prepares to Go on Stage in Full Costume... Well, Actually, Filled to Overflowing
  • Chapter 8 - The Necrobabe As an Angel of Mercy, or: No, They Don't Teach This Technique in Nursing Schools
  • Chapter 9 - Pretty Necrobabes All in a Row
  • Epilogue