A Mid-Summer Night's Scene, With Noosegirl


On a weekend night in Summer 2001, Noosegirl and I caught each other online and were in a mood for play. I have left in most of our pre-scene chat to show how we used the device of selecting a picture we both liked and building a scene around it. I recommend this as a quick way to develop a scene spontaneously.

Noosegirl: hi thanta. how are you?

Thantasy: hi!!!

Noosegirl: :)

Thantasy: So, how have you been, sara?

Noosegirl: pretty well. work has slowed a bit, and im able to relax more

Thantasy: Is work slowing a GOOD thing?

Noosegirl: yes. too stressful before

Thantasy: Some places it isn't.

Noosegirl: in this case it is. it'll pick up again in a few weeks

Thantasy: does play help you relieve stress? It does for me.

Noosegirl: me too

Thantasy: Have you been playing much lately?

Noosegirl: not much at all "\

Noosegirl: :-\

Thantasy: Darn!

Noosegirl: have you?

Thantasy: Oh, yes, dear. Maybe we could give you a little dose.

Noosegirl: lucky thanta :)

Thantasy: I'm on line almost every night. Sometimes just chat but usually play.

Noosegirl: :)

Thantasy: Wanna play a little now?

Noosegirl: just a second..

Noosegirl: ok (had to slip my panties off *giggle*)

Thantasy: Hmmmm

Thantasy: Got an idea.

Thantasy: If you have a favorite pic that you can find, we could use that to build a scene around.

Noosegirl: you have mail

Thantasy: Okay. Let me look.

Picture sent by Noosegirl to Thantasy to inspire the scene that follows.

You can see this and many similar drawings on Chupacabra's Site (after entering, click "Artists" and then click "Le Chat." If you go there, please come back to us using the BACK button on your browser.)

Thantasy: whew! took forever for that second one to come up.

Thantasy: Usually when it takes that long, it means adios.

Noosegirl: like any of those?

Thantasy: I like them both, but the second one seems a little more like you and me.

Noosegirl: and the third?

Thantasy: Oh, only saw two. Hold on.

Thantasy: That's good, too. Still like the second.

Thantasy: Less set up involved.

Noosegirl: :)

Thantasy: shall we go for that?

Noosegirl: lovers to be hanged... yes

Thantasy: Yes.

Thantasy: Our decision.

Noosegirl: our choice

Thantasy: Maybe one of us has a terminal? Or is going to jail? Or is under threat of death?

Noosegirl: i hold your hand as we wait

Thantasy: and we decide to go together rather than be separated.

Thantasy: Sound good?

Noosegirl: hmmmm

Thantasy: One of us is doomed. the other doesn't want to be alone.

Noosegirl: how about you are going to jail, and i can't stand to be without you?

Thantasy: Okay. Sounds good.


Thantasy: Oh, Sara, are you sure you want to do this?

Thantasy: You don't have to. I'll understand if you go on and find someone else.

Noosegirl: Yes, Thanta. I can't stand to be apart from you.

Noosegirl: 20 years. It's too, too long.

Noosegirl: Are you sure you want to do it?

Thantasy: <Putting my head on your shoulder. Sobbing.>

Thantasy: I....I .... don't want to be without you.....

Thantasy: and, I.....

Thantasy: well, really don't want to imagine you with anyone else.

Thantasy: I'm sorry. I should want your happiness.

Thantasy: I'm the one who got into this mess.

Thantasy: I never meant to cause you harm!!!

Noosegirl: <Running my fingers through your hair.>

Thantasy: I love you sooo much.

Noosegirl: It's best this way, I guess. I love you.

Noosegirl: And don't want to be with another.

Noosegirl: And you in that prison! With all those cruel women.

Thantasy: Yes. I could never fight them off.

Thantasy: And you have given me too much good loving.

Thantasy: I could never go without for long.

Noosegirl: <My hands hold your head gently, and I kiss your lips softly.>

Thantasy: I'd wind up being everybody's whore.

Thantasy: I'd become something you would be ashamed of.

Thantasy: I couldn't stand that!

Noosegirl: Do you want to do this, Thanta?

Thantasy: Rather than be without you? YES!!!!!!

Thantasy: I mean, I'm the slut, I'm the whore.

Thantasy: I wouldn't blame you if you just wanted to hang me and be done with me!!!!!

Noosegirl: <I hold you closely, shuddering as I imagine you surrounded by dirty mean sluts.>

Thantasy: If you want, Sara. I'll let you hang me, and you can go on with your life.

Thantasy: I'll even write a suicide note.

Noosegirl: No. How can I live without you?

Noosegirl: <My hands take yours.>

Thantasy: Just because I fucked up, doesn't mean you have to die too.

Noosegirl: We'll go as we've always been. Together.

Thantasy: Okay.

Noosegirl: <I hug you.>

Noosegirl: <Holding you tightly.>

Thantasy: You're right, as always. If I had listened to you, this never would have happened.

Noosegirl: <My hand lightly spanks your bottom.>

Thantasy: Emmmmm.

Noosegirl: Consider yourself punished, my sweet.

Thantasy: <Tears fill my eyes in gratitude.>

Noosegirl: <I kiss a tear away as it slides down your cheek.>

Thantasy: Thank you.

Thantasy: <I let you guide me.>

Noosegirl: And you know.... I've always wanted to try hanging, anyways.

Thantasy: Yes, Sara. It has been a fantasy of mine, too.

Noosegirl: <My fingers clutch the hem of your skirt.>

Noosegirl: <And I slip it up, slowly sliding it over your head.>

Thantasy: Emmmmm!!!!

Thantasy: We'll be naked when we're found.

Thantasy: Our two beautiful bodies dangling side by side.

Noosegirl: <I guide your fingers to the bottom of my blouse, and motion for you to remove it.>

Noosegirl: Yes, Thanta. And hopefully they will know why we had to do it.

Thantasy: <I undress you as you undressed me.>

Thantasy: The world will know of our love.

Thantasy: <Both of us naked, I look at your body, the body that has brought such joy to me!>

Noosegirl: <I tremble as you unbutton my jeans.>

Thantasy: I'm so sorry I've brought us to this.

Thantasy: <Naked, we stand facing each other.>

Noosegirl: <Holding hands.>

Thantasy: <Drinking in each other's beauty.>

Noosegirl: <I lean forward and kiss you.>

Thantasy: <I respond. I kiss you passionately.>

Thantasy: <I let you lead me by the hand to the room where you have already secured two nooses to the ceiling.>

Noosegirl: <Our bodies close. Touching.>

Noosegirl: <A low bench rests beneath the nooses.>

Thantasy: Oh, Sara, you planned this! You really didn't want to go on without me!

Thantasy: You are more than I deserve.

Thantasy: I'll be brave for you.

Noosegirl: <Smiles.>

Noosegirl: <I step onto the bench and hold out my hand.>

Thantasy: <I see you mount before me. I take your hand.>

Thantasy: Sara, you've always been the strong one.

Noosegirl: <As I gaze at you my pussy lips moisten.>

Thantasy: <I feel overwhelming desire and love.>

Noosegirl: <I help you up onto the bench.>

Thantasy: Sara, should we tie our hands, or just hold on to each other?

Noosegirl: Let's just hold each other's hands, love.

Thantasy: I'd rather die touching you, even if it meant a longer death.

Thantasy: <I stand quivering, waiting for you to put the noose around my neck.>

Noosegirl: <I take the noose and slip it over your head.>

Thantasy: <Gulp.>

Noosegirl: <Then I tighten the noose around your lovely throat.>

Thantasy: <I feel my juices flow as you bring the rope tightly around my neck.>

Thantasy: <I see you are about to take the other noose and put it around your own neck.> No, Sara, let me.

Noosegirl: <I smile and look in your eyes.>

Thantasy: <I try to be brave. I can't believe that I am about to kill the woman I love.>

Thantasy: <Somehow, my dying for you seems only fair. Your death, so undeserved!>

Thantasy: <But I bring myself to put the rope on you.>

Noosegirl: <I kiss you deeply.>

Noosegirl: <Arms around you.>

Noosegirl: <Our breasts pressed together.>

Thantasy: <I kiss you back. I press myself to you.>

Thantasy: Sara, let's just kiss and feel each other up and get excited...

Thantasy: and not deliberately kick the bench away...

Thantasy: just let our passion do it for us.

Noosegirl: <My hands cup your ass cheeks.>

Noosegirl: <I feel your skin warm under my touch.>

Thantasy: Maybe we won't even notice that there isn't anything under our feet.

Noosegirl: <I lick your neck where the rope has slightly indented it.>

Thantasy: Maybe we'll just be so intoxicated with each other, that we will only seem more excited rather than dying.

Thantasy: <I lick your neck.>

Thantasy: <I run my hands up and down your sides.>

Thantasy: <Your beautiful, strong muscles.>

Thantasy: <I press myself into you.>

Noosegirl: <I wedge my left leg between your thighs, and let my warm skin touch your moistness.>

Thantasy: <I raise one leg and place it around your waist.>

Thantasy: <Our clits grind together, our juices mingle.>

Thantasy: <I look at your lovely red hair.>

Noosegirl: <I moan at the touch of your wetness.>

Thantasy: <So beautiful.>

Noosegirl: <My fingers stroke your back and ass.>

Noosegirl: <So lovely.>

Thantasy: I love it when our nipples touch.

Noosegirl: <I lean back and the rope pulls at your neck.>

Thantasy: I always have.

Noosegirl: <As I rub my nipples over yours.>

Thantasy: I am not afraid. I am in your arms.

Thantasy: What better place to be?

Noosegirl: Together.

Thantasy: What does death matter if I am with you?

Noosegirl: I love you, Thanta.

Noosegirl: <Our hips grind together.>

Thantasy: I love you, Sara.

Thantasy: Friends forever. Lovers through eternity.

Noosegirl: <My toes curl around the edge of the bench.>

Noosegirl: <My fingers touch your hips.>

Noosegirl: <Holding you.>

Thantasy: <I raise my other leg and also place it around your waist.>

Noosegirl: <As my leg kicks the bench away.>

Thantasy: <I grind my hips into yours.>

Noosegirl: <We drop slightly, lips still joined.>

Thantasy: <I suddenly feel the pressure on my neck.>

Thantasy: <I know that the end has come.>

Noosegirl: <My breath is cut off.>

Thantasy: <I cling to you tightly with arms and legs.>

Noosegirl: <Our tongues still swirl.>

Noosegirl: <Our clits touching.>

Noosegirl: <Necks stretching.>

Thantasy: <I feel pounding in my head, but also pounding in my lower regions.>

Noosegirl: <Muscles shuddering as waves of orgasm overtake us.>

Thantasy: <I want to blend into you, become one with you.>

Thantasy: <My entire body seems to tingle.>

Noosegirl: <We sway jerkily from our ropes.>

Thantasy: <The only presence is you.>

Noosegirl: <Frenzied as we passionately share our last moments.>

Thantasy: <You are all that matters.>

Thantasy: <I am feeling the lack of air.>

Thantasy: <The sensation in my pussy spreads up and engulfs my whole torso.>

Noosegirl: <Lightheaded, I hold you closely.>

Thantasy: <I grasp at you.>

Thantasy: <I feel your arms slacken, then tighten again.>

Thantasy: <I want to tell you again and again that I love you...>

Thantasy: <But I have no breath.>

Thantasy: <I try to make you feel it with my body.>

Thantasy: <I press myself into you. I want to become one with you.>

Noosegirl: <Our writhing slows.>

Noosegirl: <I feel your love for me coursing through your body and mine. I hope you can feel mine for you.>

Thantasy: <My whole body is an orgasm. And I feel you quivering as I have felt you quiver so often before.>

Thantasy: <I know that we are both at the height of bliss.>

Thantasy: <Soon we will be two dead things, hanging side by side...>

Thantasy: <but right now, we are one living being. An orgasm in two bodies.>

Noosegirl: <My body shudders again. A final quiver.>

Noosegirl: <Our lips still locked.>

Noosegirl: <Swollen tongues touching.>

Noosegirl: <Eyes bulging.>

Thantasy: <I feel darkness close in.>

Thantasy: <The only warmth comes from your body.>

Thantasy: <It fades, it all fades....>

Noosegirl: <Darkness closes in. But all I feel is you.>

Thantasy: <We wash over the edge out of life.>

Thantasy: <I feel that our spirits are joined.>

Thantasy: <I feel that I am not alone, wherever I am. I have my love with me.>

Thantasy: <I can never be afraid.>

Noosegirl: <My final spark fades, and you fade with me. Joined for eternity.>

Thantasy: <We are together forever.>

Noosegirl: <We are joined in spirit.>

Noosegirl: <And below us, two beautiful naked bodies sway from nooses.>

Noosegirl: <Still joined.>

Thantasy: <In a day or two, the landlady comes to see if there is a problem.>

Thantasy: <The body of the blonde slut and the pristine redhead who loved her are discovered.>

Thantasy: <We've stiffened together.>

Thantasy: <We make lovely photos for the crime lab guys and gals.>

Thantasy: <They joke about which one of us would be the better fuck.>

Noosegirl: <They bury us together, as we were found. Still kissing.>

Thantasy: <Together in one coffin.>

Thantasy: <No need to clothe us.>

Noosegirl: <Naked. As we died.>

Thantasy: <Somewhere we are together as we never thought possible.>

Noosegirl: mmmmmmmmm

Thantasy: <Having shed the bodies that brought us together and at the same time separated us...>

Thantasy: <we are now free to be with each other in eternal blissful orgasm...>

Thantasy: <and the blonde's body and the redhead's body rot together.>

Noosegirl: <We drift in perpetual joy. Together.>


Thantasy: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: Oh, sara, I am going to have such good dreams!!!!

Noosegirl: me too :-) *licking fingers*

Thantasy: may I put this on the site?

Noosegirl: yes

Thantasy: honest to god, girl, they can put me in a box with you anytime!

Noosegirl: i agree

Thantasy: You are sweet and lovely and sexy!

Thantasy: Have a pleasant night of sensuous dreams...

Thantasy: and awaken in the morning, queen of the world!

Noosegirl: you too, thanta

Noosegirl: :)

Noosegirl: kisssss

Thantasy: Kissssssss

Thantasy: I'll see how fast I can get this in shape for the site.

Noosegirl: :)

Noosegirl: ok

Thantasy: we might never ever meet rt, but I do enjoy making love with you, dear.

Noosegirl: as do i. mmmmmmm

Thantasy: take care see you soon I hope.

Noosegirl: you too :)

Thantasy: Bye for now.

Noosegirl: bye.