The sites listed below are of interest to Cardaniel, Thantasy, or both, and in general have some connection with the subject matter of our site.

  • Cardaniel's Kinks -- More stories by Cardaniel.

  • DolcettGirls Forum -- A message board for Dolcett-themed discussion and stories. (You need to register in order to access it.)

  • After Dark Fantasies --- lots of pics and stories involving asphyx, cannibalism, women eaten by monsters.

  • An artist named Paul has two websites with Dolcett-themed stories and drawings. The sites are both called "," and they can be found here and here. Take a look at both. Drawing style is very nice.

If you have a site, or are aware of one, that could be appropriately mentioned here, please let us know. We will include it in the list, in return for your including our site on your list.