Scene -- Thantasy and Jonni


The following short IM conversation is reproduced in its entirety. I'm presenting it with the permission of my partner (whose name I have edited down) to show how easy it can be to move into a very satisfying scene.

I also give my partner some hints about solving the problem that he has had with getting the satisfactions he has been seeking in role-play. I am not his ideal play partner, as you will see, but I did know how to respond to his desires.

This IM was the second one I had had from him that night. The first took place just as I was beginning a session with Cardaniel and this one came right at the end of that session, about five hours later. I had had a very good time in that session and decided to pass the good feelings on.

*        *        *

Jonni: Hello..Still at it?

Jonni: I am impressed.

Thantasy: hi. hold on.

Jonni: of course.

Thantasy: hi. perfect timing. I was just saying goodnight to my partner.

Jonni: very good. Tell him or her that I am impressed by such sustained inventiveness.

Thantasy: have you had a good time tonight? Yes, we are very inventive!

Thantasy: did you get a chance to check out our site?

Jonni: lamentably, i have passed most of the evening watching a Superman marathon on tvland..

Jonni: yes..i saw the site.

Thantasy: Well, Superman is good.

Jonni: As is, I found no partner or playmate for a good fantasy over the afternoon.

Jonni: Regretably, nobody cared for asian cuisine.

Thantasy: Now, we will be posting things every two weeks or so. But if you want to go back to check what's new, you need to dump your temp files....otherwise, you will see the pages as they are when you go there the first time.

Jonni: i will check again.

Thantasy: I need to go potty. BRB

Thantasy: back

Jonni: So far I have found two sorts of fantasy partners. Those who are more interested in how to slice,roast, and serve up portions than in any inventive activity beforehand.

Jonni: I do not want to be the equivalent of a mcdonald's burger.

Thantasy: That's too bad. The foreplay is where the fun is.

Jonni: they could just as easily have fantasies about working in a slaughterhouse or sausage-grinding factory.

Thantasy: Oh, jeez! Where do you find those people?

Jonni: under the longpig category the dullards seem to stand.

Thantasy: No kidding.

Jonni: with fantasies of fattening you up, then heating up the spit.

Jonni: A great lack of style about things.

Thantasy: I don't mean to brag, but my profile has brought me just the attention I want.

Jonni: admirable.

Thantasy: I've looked over your profile. It might help if you were more frank about what you want.

Jonni: perhaps so. I preferred not to be so open, to work things out from there- it seems to have had less than successful results.

Thantasy: To a lot of people, the phrase "bottomboy" would mean that you are prepared to take whatever someone want's to give you.

Jonni: well...basically so. I only wish they had more to offer-

Thantasy: Well, darling, there are such people out there. You just have to let them know how to find you.

Jonni: i will make revisions later.

Thantasy: I mean, what search word did you use to find me?

Jonni: cannibal,dolcett,fantasy,

Jonni: i tried a lot of them.

Thantasy: okay. Well, now what words in your profile would draw someone to you?

Jonni: I miss HWarrior..he was a roleplayer who claimed to be part Indian..wanted to ritually torture, then finish me off before devouring my vital organs.

Jonni: I have not found him lately.

Thantasy: I mean, kinky, offering, captive -- those are nice.

Jonni: He had some inventive ideas about tribal ritual.

Jonni: I should be moving on, miss.

Jonni: To see what I may be able to find tonight.

Thantasy: but if I were looking for someone to chow down on, I don't see how I would find you.

Thantasy: That's the point dear!!!!!

Jonni: Fine..I guess it does not pay to sell subtlety.

Thantasy: Make them find YOU!!!!!!!!

Jonni: add words..EAT ME,DUMBASS!

Jonni: perhaps would be more effective.

Thantasy: of all the people I've had contact with, all of them except one have found me!

Thantasy: It is the nature of prey to be found.

Thantasy: Not to go seeking the preditor.

Thantasy: Just trying to be helpful. You seem really sweet.

Jonni: Thank you, miss. I do not suppose you had any ideas how to make use of me in roleplay- well, I offered.

Thantasy: I want to see you get what you deserve. Well, yes, darling.

Thantasy: Sweet submissive tender offering that you are....

Jonni: sweet submissive offering drumming his fingers impatiently waiting for the damn chef to show up.

Thantasy: Such a tasty morsel, so willing, so eager to be of use.

Jonni: What does it take for a boy to get raped and eaten around here?

Thantasy: Well, I'm not normally in that role, but I'm sure I could find a way.

Jonni: Some predators...I have seen DMV employees respond more quickly.

Thantasy: I'll give the matter some thought.

Thantasy: I wonder what instrument I could use on you to bring you to the peak of arousal at the moment you are dispatched?

Jonni: well, as a bottom, i respond very eagerly to being penetrated and violated.

Thantasy: To get hormones and adrenaline flowing through those luscious tender muscles of yours to the highest level of tastiness.

Thantasy: I guess I'd have to use a well-lubricated dildo.

Thantasy: I wouldn't want to damage you, bruise you.

Thantasy: I trust you prefer to be bound.

Thantasy: Silk scarves might suit you.

Jonni: of course..definitely

Thantasy: probably spread eagle.

Jonni: is far more sensual as a binding..

Thantasy: Have to have you in a position where I could stroke your sensitive chest and taut abdomen while I ravished you from behind.

Jonni: o yes, miss...indeed..

Jonni: on back, my body smooth shaven from neck down..

Thantasy: Are your nipples sensitive? I like men's nipples.

Jonni: legs widely spread, nipples hard..

Jonni: yes yes, miss

Thantasy: Oh, I love hairless men!

Thantasy: The asians I've been with do not have much body hair to begin with. It makes them very desirable.

Jonni: thank you, miss..

Thantasy: Are you small in stature? I find that desirable, too.

Jonni: 5'7, miss.

Thantasy: Just a delicate little plaything....

Jonni: thank you

Thantasy: a smooth body, fit for licking.

Jonni: mmm...bound by silk, spread for the tasting and licking..

Thantasy: Now, one question is, would you prefer to be worked up to a peak and allowed to cross the threshold before your demise? Or....

Thantasy: would you prefer to be taken right at the moment of maximum arousal, before your last chance to discharge your passion?

Jonni: probably one might wish to experience the greatest orgasm of all life before offering up body..

Jonni: One should at least leave on a high note.

Thantasy: I think that's only fair.

Thantasy: Would you prefer a quick, rapid end following your last orgasm, or would you rather that the butchery begin while you still drew breath?

Thantasy: I think you must have gotten lost in fantasy.

Jonni: to be dispatched with

Thantasy: with????

Jonni: a blow from a katana and decapitated by sword..

Jonni: then prepared for the rest-

Jonni: Sorry..I pressed cancel instead of send..

Jonni: thus causing confusion.

Thantasy: Oh! Marvelous! I don't know what a katana is, but decapitation!

Jonni: katana is a samurai sword, miss.

Thantasy: That fine muscular body of yours, writhing headless!

Jonni: a single strike can cut through all muscle and tissue..

Jonni: yes..

Jonni: my severed head on the floor..body slick with my spent semen spurted across my skin..

Thantasy: I'm sure the discharge of adrenaline into your tissues at that last moment would lend a spectacular flavor to you!

Jonni: then the chef would prepare me for eating.

Thantasy: yes!

Jonni: how, miss?

Thantasy: spit roasting, I think.

Jonni: replace the dildo with a long dullpointed spit..

Jonni: shape its tip like a would be suitable, miss.

Thantasy: basting that lovely hairless body, already covered in part with your own seed!

Jonni: would madam prepare my penis and testicles?

Thantasy: I think a honey glaze would match your sweet nature.

Jonni: yes, yes,..

Jonni: honey soaking my flesh,..

Thantasy: well, separating those manly organs from the rest of your body with perhaps a slash of the sword.

Jonni: yes..bind them at the their full size..

Jonni: then sever them, and fry them up..

Thantasy: Oh, yes. I'm sure they would be magnificent.

Thantasy: fry them with onions!

Jonni: yes yes

Thantasy: I love fried onions!

Thantasy: slicing very, very tiny bites.

Jonni: quite good quite good

Jonni: .....(just came with considerable intensity)

Thantasy: Perhaps have them as a snack while I watched the rest of you cook on the spit.

Jonni: ..slightly dazed..

Thantasy: Okay! See that wasn't so hard, was it?

Jonni: thank you, miss

Thantasy: you're very welcome.

Thantasy: perhaps at some future date you can reciprocate.

Jonni: i will try, miss

Thantasy: tell me how much you would enjoy slicing my breasts from me and cooking them while I watched.

*        *        *

Note: The conversation ends abruptly at this point. Perhaps my partner got booted or had to go wash up.