I Walked With a Necrobabe


The Jayne Horror Picture Show

by Cardaniel and Thantasy

"I Walked With a Necrobabe" is a story developed in online chats by Cardaniel and Thantasy, organized as a play in nine acts.

  • In Act I, the main characters, Jayne, Rick, Mavis, and Dr. Lon C. Haney are introduced. The plot has not thickened yet. At this point, in fact, Thantasy did not yet know what the plot was going to be. She only knew the immediate circumstances of the characters. In an effort to hook our readers, there is, at least, a little sex in it.

  • In Act II, "Jayne Goes Under the Knife," or "Just a Little Slice of Life," Jayne undergoes a life-saving operation -- but are there unknown consequences? (Thantasy still did not know what they were yet.)

  • In Act III, "A Night of Love and Horror," or "Uh, Isn't That Sort of Redundant for a Necrobabe?" Jayne finds ways of coping with her long, chaste period of recovery, ways which profoundly affect the interrelationships of herself, Rick, and Mavis.

  • In Act IV, "Science Creates the Perfect Necrobabe!" or "It's alive! It's alive! I mean, it's dead! It's dead!" Jayne resolves on her own, without waiting for the doctor's permission, to resume her pursuit of a satisfying sex life -- only to find that the doctor has plans of his own which definitely don't involve her permission. The plot, at last, is unveiled.

  • In Act V, "Whatever Happened To Aunt Jayne?" Jayne tries to keep her life together, determined not to let the horror of her situation undermine the happiness she has in her relationships with Rick and Mavis, if at all humanly possible. Turns out it's not.

  • In "Jayne's Dream" (interpolated between Acts V and VI by Thantasy), we see that dreams can confuse or clarify.

  • In Act VI, "A Necrobabe Fights Back," or "I Love Lucy, Dead or Alive," Jayne emerges from her dream with a satisying solution to her crisis -- until Mavis proposes a solution still more satisfying.

  • In Act VII, "A Night at the Bordello of the Dead," or "The Pay Is Good, the Hours Are Great, and the Working Conditions Are, Uh, Very Relaxing," Jayne, accompanied by her Significant Others, pays her first visit to the Bordello of the Dead to discharge her Tuesday duties, and walks into a necrobabe's dream. Death, it seems, is more than just a way to pass the time.

  • In Act VIII, "Killed by a Dead Girl!" or "I've Got the Pit If You've Got the Pendulum," Jayne and Mavis schedule the doctor for a procedure not covered under most major medical plans. Will it pay off?

  • In the final act, Act IX, "Alas, Poor Jayne," or "The Good Die Young --- In a Manner of Speaking," loose ends are tied up as we try not to reveal what happened in Act VIII.