Introduction by Thantasy

After Muddy Ivy and I spent hours cyber-wallowing in the pleasures of Wet and Messy erotic fun together, we came up with an idea for a playlet that we could have some fun composing together. Ivy performs professionally in improvisational theater and I, well, always wanted to be a playwright and, yeah, a performer, too.

Warning: Ivy doesn't like grim outcomes, so we kept this light and, we hope, funny and sensuous. We hope it reads like a sitcom - well, a sitcom with naked women surrounded by ooze.

The story concerns two college co-eds who have admired each other from afar and who find themselves literally thrust together under unusual conditions.

Here's the cast of characters:

CHRISTINE (dialogue written by Thantasy) is an art major who has decided to do a set of life-sized castings for her creative thesis for her Master of Fine Arts degree. The theme for her work is the dual nature of woman. She has created four castings already, two focused on the intellectual side of woman and two focused on the physical side. In her fifth casting, the two natures will be combined. To represent the intellectual, Christine has chosen a model named

IVY (dialogue written by Muddy Ivy), who is a perky pixie of a woman, studious but somewhat chaotic and less than perfectly graceful. Ivy does not know that the other model Christine has hired is a woman she has long had the hots for but has never really been introduced to, namely,

THANTA (dialogue written by Thantasy), who is statuesque and muscular, but somewhat insecure and shy. Thanta has also had a yen to get to know Ivy up close and personal and is about to get her chance.

*      *      *      *     

Thanta: <Knocking on door. A little breathless. Had to hurry to get there on time.>

Christine: Come in. <Thanta enters.> Oh, good, Thanta. I'm glad you made it on time.

Thanta: Well, I had to stop for a bite to eat. Just grabbed a quick cheeseburger.

Christine: <Stepping back.> With onions, I see.

Thanta: Is it that bad? I hope the other model doesn't mind too much. Uh, who is the other model? I can't quite recognize her from the headless figures.

Christine: Oh, the other model is a girl named Ivy. I think you might know her.

Thanta: <Gulps.> Ivy????? A sort of short, cute little blonde?

Christine: Yes. I think that's a fair description. Do you know her?

Thanta: Uh, well, I haven't really had the, uh, pleasure. <OH, GOD, HOW I'VE WANTED IT THOUGH!>

Thanta: Uh, Christine -- do you have any mouthwash??????

Christine: Yes. In the medicine cabinet, but.....

Thanta: I'll be right back. <Rushing off to bathroom, digging in her purse for a roll of Certs as she goes.>

Ivy: <Knock, knock, pause, flurry of knocking.>

Christine: Come in, come in. Don't knock the door down. The dope has already been flushed, anyway!

Ivy: <Ivy enters. She's hopping on one foot trying to get a shoe back on her foot. As she precariously struggles, her bookbag overturns itself spilling papers and pencils and books on the floor.>

Ivy: Ooooo. Sorry, I'm late. I was having a little problem with the.... <finally loses her balance and stumbles> ummm stairs. <Smiles awkwardly.>

Christine: Careful, Ivy. You're on time. Everything is just fine. And don't worry about your shoes. You'll be taking them off soon enough, along with everything else.

Christine: Now, the other model is already here. She's in the bathroom, right now, which is not a bad idea, since you will be standing still for about three hours.

Ivy: Oh right, okay. <Hurriedly cramming stuff back in her bag so it over-balances again>.

Ivy: <Doing quick double takes between the bathroom door and the mass of garbage from the black hole of Calcutta that is her bag.> I'll just wait then.

Christine: <Thinking, I'm glad I decided to have Thanta represent physical grace and Ivy the intellectual side.> Now, if you have to go potty or anything, you can take care of that as soon as Thanta comes out of the bathroom.

Ivy: Oh, ummm... Thanta is the other model? <Quickly pulling out various pens she has stuck in her hair.>

Christine: Yes. Do you know her? She thought she recognized your name.

Ivy: Oh, yes, I've seen her around. <Grabbing all her garbage and plunking it on a chair that is hopefully out of sight. Trying to primp up a bit.> So, Thanta just got done modeling. Wow, that must have been neat!

Christine: Oh, no, dear. She just got here, too. Didn't I tell you? Today I am going to make a cast of both of you together.

Ivy: Oh, no really? Oh ok. <Blushing and fidgety.> Well, that's good. I'm glad I got my nails done. <Quickly pointing at her toes.> I mean, I know you can't see them in the casts, but I figured it might add to the aesthetic subtext of the piece and, well, you know...<catching herself in mid-ramble>, well... just help...

Christine: Yes, dear. I admire your careful attention to detail. You do take a sort of method-acting approach to your role. You are so thoughtful. That's one of the main reasons I picked you for this project.

Ivy: Well, thanks. <Beaming.> I always thought it was because I just looked desperate for money.

Thanta: <Emerging from bathroom, crunching the last of her Certs.> Hi. I guess I'm ready... <Stunned by Ivy's quiet beauty.>

Ivy: Oh, wow... I mean, hi there, Thanta. <Averting her eyes, so her quick shy wave totally misses her mark.>

Christine: Oh, Thanta... Oh, Thanta, your breath smells so minty fresh... like an explosion in a toothpaste factory.

Christine: Umm, I take it you two have not been formally introduced. Thanta, this is Ivy. Ivy, Thanta.

Thanta: <Extending somewhat shaky hand.> Very pleased to be working with you, Ivy.

Ivy: Hello, Thanta. <Pink racing to her cheeks.> It should be a lot of fun. <Raising her hand to Christine.> Can I use the bathroom now?

Christine: Sure. But hurry back. If you want to start disrobing in there, you can.

Ivy: <Attempts a false sense of grace while strolling toward the bathroom. Shutting door, all hell breaks loose with water running and strange crashing sounds.>

Christine: Ivy!!! Are you all right in there? Do you need any help????

Ivy: <Feebly.> No, everything's fine.

Christine: I didn't think there were that many movable objects in my bathroom.

Christine: Thanta, are you sure you haven't met Ivy before? I would think that two lovely ladies like you would surely have made a connection, even on a large university campus?

Thanta: Oh, well, I have seen her little round... I mean, I have seen her around a little.

Ivy: <Returns in panties and a t-shirt.> I figured I'd start getting undressed. <She tries to hide a pair of sopping wet jeans.>

Christine: Oh, you are eager. Thanta, you had better catch up.

Thanta: <Pealing off clothes quickly.>

Ivy: Well, I got a little wet in there... I mean... ummm I got a little wet... well... <Gives up.>

Ivy: Christine, I will mop up the bathroom once the session is finished, I promise. I told you I have problems with liquid soap.

Christine: <Looks at Ivy. Normally, she is SO together.> That's okay, darling. We all have our areas of, uh, weakness. Well, while you two finish undressing, I will explain the concept behind what I am doing...

Ivy: <Kicking off shoes and peeling off t-shirt.> Okay.

Christine: This work of art will consist of five pieces. Four single female characters and one of the two of you embracing.

Thanta: <A little startled at the word embracing.>

Ivy: <Stops with her t-shirt halfway over her head.>

Christine: Now, Thanta, in your poses -- the discus throwing thing and the lifting the heavy rock -- you represent the physical. Ivy, in your two solo poses....sitting reading a book, and sitting on a stone in imitation of the famous statue THE THINKER...

Thanta: <Laughs.> Oh, is that what that was! I thought it represented constipation.

Ivy: <Merrily sticks out her tongue at Thanta.> Well, it's better than throwing a frisbee.

Christine: <Frowns at Thanta.> You, Ivy, represent the intellectual side.

Thanta: Uh, Christine, I'm not taking this personally, but why aren't I representing the intellectual side?

Christine: Dear, it could have something to do with the fact that you bench press 250 pounds.

Ivy: Holy cow... that's a big bench.

<Thanta and Christine exchange puzzled looks.>

Ivy: <Her face still trapped under her t-shirt.> Christine, this embracing... how do you fit the two molds together?

Christine: Good question, Ivy. As a matter of fact, I am not going to fit them together later. I am going to cast the two of you at the same time.

Christine: The tank I have is big enough for two. You two will be locked together in an embrace, the opposite sides of a woman's nature joining into one.

Christine: You will be so close together that your bodies will actually seem to merge, to blend into each other....

Ivy: <Finally freeing herself from the tentacles of her clothing.> OH MY... I mean, oh, my, what a great concept!

Christine: I'm glad you like the idea, Ivy.

Thanta: <Feeling herself becoming aroused. Evidence of that about to drip onto the floor.> You mean, we, uh, hold each other -- for three hours? Encased in plaster?

Christine: Yes, Thanta, that's right.

Ivy: <Tracing random patterns on the floor with her toe.> Okay, ummm... just so long as she doesn't crush me.

Christine: Well, yes, Ivy. Thanta will be like strong tower. She will wrap her arms about you, and you...

Ivy: I'll try to breathe?

Christine: Well, Ivy, I want you to cling to Thanta like... uh... like... hm... Ivy, I'm stuck for a metaphor here.

Ivy: <Giggles.>

Christine: Ivy, I want you to cling to Thanta like... oh, I don't know, something clingy.

Thanta: <Having a momentary asphyx fantasy, offers> Saran Wrap?

Ivy: I shall be the Saran Wrap to your olive loaf sandwich of beauty and strength. <Striking a pose.>

Ivy: Or maybe like a graceful intellectual gull in a storm.

Christine: Yes. Or like a gull. The gull idea is good, too. Something living, something vital.

Ivy: <Beaming a smile at Thanta.> I'm a gull.

Thanta: <Thinking "And I'm a sandwich.">

Christine: Well, now, in order that your lovely skins not suffer from contact with the plaster, I want you two to cover yourselves with lotion.

Ivy: Okay... <Begins to slowly lather herself with lotion>.

Christine: Now, I want you two to help each other. Thanta, you smear lotion on Ivy's back. Ivy, you do the same for Thanta.

Thanta: <Taking bottle of lotion, approaching Ivy, somewhat shakily. Oh, her skin feels so good. Oh, and those tight back muscles. Involuntarily moans.> Oooo.

Ivy: <Arching her back at Thanta's touch. Purring slightly.> Thank you, Thanta. <Shy smile. Shaking her head to clear her clouded eyes.> Okay, let me get you.

Christine: Now, be sure to get the lotion into every crack -- I mean every indentation. The plaster is very insidious. It will completely engulf you.

Ivy: <Stepping over to Thanta, and slipping in a bit of lotion so her breasts brush up against her back.> Mmmmm... sorry.

Thanta: <Trying very hard not to tremble at the small beauty's touch. Not entirely successful.> Oh, that's all right. I mean, it's more than all right. No, I mean, that's just fine. <Thinking, oh, do it again. PLEASE!>

Christine: If you're cold, Thanta, don't worry. Soon you will be up to your neck in warm plaster.

Ivy: <Lingering slightly and returning to massaging the lotion onto Thanta.>

Thanta: Ahh!!! Oh, yes, right there. Yes. Emmm. That feels very, very nice.

Christine: <Noticing that the two are really enjoying their work. Such enthusiasm is good to see in models.>

Christine: Now, the solution is almost ready. I think it's time for you two to step into the tank.

<Tank is a large, vertical cylinder, divided into hinged halves.>

Thanta: <Tentatively enters the cylinder with Ivy.>

Christine: Now, stand in the center, facing each other. Once you get into position, I am going to attach these plastic strips to your sides, like always to make the two halves of the cast easy to separate.

Christine: Now, you stand nice and straight, Thanta. I'll put this box in front of you for Ivy to stand on. We don't want Ivy to drown. We know she doesn't like grim endings.

Thanta: <Stands in center while Christine places the box. Waits, trembling, for Ivy to mount the box.>

Ivy: <Pads onto the box, after awakening from a daze.>

Ivy: <Feels the warmth coming from Thanta's body and smiles.>

Thanta: <The touch of Ivy's soft body, the encouraging smile on her lips. Oh, this is lovely! She just feels as warm and soft as I thought she would.>

Ivy: <Trying to separate Thanta's tremblings from her own. Smiles awkwardly.> Sorry, I'm so cold.

Ivy: <Mmmmm, you feel so warm and safe.>

Thanta: Oh, uh, don't worry. I'm sure that, uh, when the plaster starts to pour in, we'll get much, much warmer.

Christine: Okay, Ivy isn't quite high enough. Let me get a book for her to stand on, too. Hmm. My mother sent me Rush Limbaugh's I Told You So. I can't think of a better use for it.

Ivy: <Stands on tippy toes while the book slides under her feet.>

Ivy: <Leaning forward her breasts lightly brush Thanta's.>

Christine: Okay, I knew this book would be good for something. That brings your shoulders and your breasts just level with each other.

Christine: Now, Thanta, don't be shy. Put your arms around Ivy.

Christine: Ivy, press yourself into Thanta and cling to her like.....oh, like something clingy.

Ivy: <Presses gently against Thanta, whispers:> I'm a gull.

Christine: I would like it if you could wrap your legs around her, but I don't think you could hold that pose for three hours.

Ivy: <Arms slowly entwining around Thanta.> {Thinking: I could try.}

Thanta: Yes. And what was I again. Uh, am I a sardine? No. I'm a tower of shelter from the storm.

Christine: Well, at least, press your thighs together as tightly as you can. And, Ivy, I guess your bush comes to just above Thanta's.

Ivy: <Curls her toes over the edge of the book, and snuggles against Thanta.>

Christine: Thanta, maybe you could put one hand down and sort of grab Ivy's butt -- in a NICE way.

Ivy: <Whispering under her breath at Thanta's touch:> That's a nice way.

Ivy: <Feeling warmth and heat mingle with her own.>

Christine: There now, are you, two nice and comfy? Do you think you can hold that for three hours?

Thanta: <Thinking, oh, for the rest of my natural life -- maybe even beyond, but that's a slightly different topic area.>

Thanta: Yes, Christine. I think I can handle this. <Oh, can I ever!!!>

Ivy: <Turning to Christine, trying not to peel her body off of Thanta in the slightest.> I'm fine.

Christine: Okay, I'm closing the door and I'm going to start the plaster flowing.

Ivy: <Jiggling slightly.> Goody!

Christine: Now, I know that some women like the feeling of warm, gushy substances covering their bodies, making their way into every crack and crevice, totally encompassing them.

Ivy: <Purring slightly.>

Christine: Some find it arousing to feel a texture thicker than water, yet softer than a blanket, covering them as intimately as the embrace of a dozen lovers.

Ivy: <Flushing.>

Ivy: <Down below, Rush Limbaugh's puss is crinkled under Ivy's toes.>

Thanta: <Feeling the plaster begin to cover her toes, feet, ankles -- realizing that, yes, this has turned her on before, but now with the additional simulation of Ivy's perfect body next to hers, the arousal is almost unbearable.>

Thanta: <Finds herself inadvertently squeezing Ivy's ass cheeks.> Oh, uh, sorry. My, uh, mind wandered.

Christine: That's right, girls, relax let it flow over you, binding you together.

Ivy: <Bouncing under Thanta's pinch, stirring for her daydream of Thanta's warmth, and waiting for the first kiss of the plaster's touch.>

Christine: If it were not precisely measured, it might cover you entirely, preserving you two together for millennia to come -- but I can't pay that much overtime.

Thanta: <Feeling Ivy's hard nipples pressed into her breasts, knowing that hers are just as hard.>

Ivy: <Anticipating the plaster's touch, shifting slightly, thighs slick with lotion and a sheen of sweat slipping against Thanta's.>

Thanta: <Jeez, if I weren't such a chicken shit, this would be the perfect time to tell her how I have panted after her hot little ass since the first moment I saw her.>

Thanta: <Self control, self-control, self-control.>

Ivy: <Unconsciously, tracing her fingers gently over Thanta's back.>

Thanta: <The plaster has covered most of their thighs, is just beginning to ooze between their legs, to touch, every so slightly, their pussy lips.>

Thanta: Ahhh!!! Oh, that does feel, uh, nice and warm!

Ivy: Mmm, yes! <Pressing against Thanta.>

Ivy: It's very, mmm, soothing.

Thanta: <Looking down at the adorable little beauty, heart aching to declare itself.> Yes, so, so relaxing.

Thanta: Like being buried in the warm sand on a hot day at the beach.

Ivy: <Losing her footing, Ivy's toes scramble for purchase, sliding against Thanta's leg.>

Ivy: I feel like a spoon in the thickest pudding ever.

Ivy: <Giggling.>

Thanta: AHHH!!!! Hold on, there. Let's not tip over.

Ivy: I'm okay. {I'm more than okay, I'm great, fantastic, screaming from the heights of heaven.}

Christine: Yes, don't fall over, girls. If that happened, I don't know how you would ever get back up. You could be struggling helplessly under the weight of the ooze until your life's breath left you bodies.

Christine: And you would perish entwined in each other's arms. And that would be the sort of grim ending that Ivy doesn't like....so.....

Christine: Here, I've got an idea. Just to make sure you don't fall over....

Christine: <Makes a noose in a rope and tosses the rope over a beam.> Here, Thanta. Reach up and put that around your neck.

Christine: That should keep you from falling over....and even it doesn't, Ivy could climb the rope to safety and then you would both have the sort of endings that you prefer.

Ivy: <Slowly wriggles against Thanta, the thick grip of the plaster holding her in place.>

Ivy: <Helping Thanta with the noose, her fingers lingering on Thanta's face.>

Thanta: <Puts rope around her neck. She has had hanging fantasies and right now she needs the stimulation of a rope around her neck like a drowning person needs a glass of water.> Thanks, Ivy. <Quivering at the darling's touch.>

Thanta: <Plaster is now up to their breasts.>

Ivy: <Hands slowly sliding down Thanta's back, they resume a position deep in the plaster.>

Thanta: <Feels the very slight asphyx effect of even pressure surrounding her rib cage -- something else she can really use right now.>

Ivy: <Looking down at her pale creamy breasts bobbing in the thick waves of the slowly undulating plaster.>

Christine: Okay, now if either of you feels the uncontrollable urge to go potty, like I've told before, just release. It will blend into the plaster. I don't want you to be uncomfortable.

Ivy: Mmmm. This is quite delightful <resting her cheek on Thanta's shoulder.> Excuse me, Thanta, I just need to gather my strength a bit in my legs.

Thanta: <As the plaster begins to cover their shoulders, at least she will not have to look at Ivy's smooth, soft shoulders and her perfect breasts pressed against her own.> Oh, uh, that's just fine, Ivy. No problem at all.

Thanta: <Oh, cling to me! Depend on me! Let me support you!!! -- Well, in a physical sense, not a financial, of course.>

Ivy: <Looking up at Thanta. Her shoulders just peeking through the plaster like an island.>

Thanta: <The plaster covers their shoulders, stopping just beneath the noose around Thanta's neck.>

Ivy: I think maybe I might be able to wrap my legs around you.

Ivy: I mean, I think the thickness of this plaster will keep me buoyant enough.

Christine: Okay. Perfect. <Shuts off the valve.> Now, just hold that for about three hours.

Ivy: I mean...ummmm Christine does think it will make for a nice effect.

Thanta: Say, Christie. Ivy says she can get her legs around me. The plaster will buoy her up so I won't have to hold all of her weight. But.... you wouldn't want us to do that, would you?

Christine: Oh!!!! I didn't even think of the buoyancy of the plaster!! Perfect. Yes. Do it, Ivy!

Ivy: I'll be happy to try Christine! For the sake of art, of course.

Thanta: <Feeling Ivy's pussy pressed tightly to her tummy! Oh, heaven on earth! But not something she needs right now. This little darling is irresistible!>

Ivy: <Deep under the plaster, Ivy's leg curls around the curve of Thanta's hip, her other leg stretched behind, and entwining its way down the back of Thanta's leg.

Ivy: <Feeling a bit of plaster slide and squirt between her breasts as she squirms closer.>

Thanta: <Can not help herself. Holds Ivy tightly to her, trying to keep hands still. They want so badly to run all over Ivy's luscious little body.>

Ivy: <Her face so close to Thanta's that her breath is like a cool breeze across the sheen that masks Ivy's straining composure.>

Christine: Well, now, I want to be sure you two are going to be comfy and able to hold this position. Thanta, are you comfy?

Thanta: <Wiggling toes in the plaster, feeling Ivy's wonderful body pressed against her.> Oh, I'm just fine.

Thanta: <Goddess! Am I just fine!>

Christine: How about you, Ivy? Are you comfy?

Ivy: <Snapping out from slowly churning her legs and toes in the thick inviting goo.> Perfectly comfy.

Ivy: Well, hold on a minute.

Ivy: <Adjusting herself so she slowly slips along Thanta's form.>

Christine: What is it dear?

Ivy: There that's better. Yepper. Just fine

Thanta: <Ohhhh!!!!!! You little vixen!!!!>

Christine: Now, Thanta, do you mind having Ivy's legs wrapped around you?

Thanta: I, uh, think I can, uh, em, bear up, ah, under the, um, strain.

Christine: Good. Now, you two can move about just a little, but once the plaster starts to harden, I want you two to stay as still as you can.

Christine: I want you both to know how much I appreciate this. I know it isn't the easiest sort of modeling.

Thanta: Oh, uh, well, for the sake of, em, art, I'm willing to ..... exxxxxxxtend myself.

Ivy: <Hugging Thanta slightly with her legs, shoulders bobbing to the surface, thick white plaster cascading down them, until they slowly sink back under.> The gull is secure on her perch, oh great Artiste.

Thanta: Yes. And the perch is able to....bear the .....burden.

Ivy: Thanta, I'm sorry but I have to keep shifting until this plaster thickens a bit more.

Thanta: Ohhhh. Ahhhh! That's okay. Just make yourself....ahhhh! comfortable.

Christine: I'm glad that you two are able to work so well together. Your temperaments are so different. In many ways, you are almost opposites.

Thanta: Yes. Well, I like to think of myself as, ah, flexible and, emmmm, accommodating. Oh, yes, Ivy, try to stay right there! That feels so ..... stable.

Ivy: Well, Christine that's not nice. I know I'm pretty. But Thanta is pretty too! <Sticking tongue out merrily.>

Thanta: Oh, really? You think so! <Blushing. Thinking, I can't believe I'm acting like this!> Why, thank you, Ivy. Yes, you are pretty.

Ivy: <Sliding her sole down Thanta's thigh, and pinching her slightly with her toes as she tries to maintain balance.> Sorry. The gull was slipping off her perch. (Giggles.)

Thanta: <Oh, she thinks I'm attractive! Well, wait. Maybe it's only an aesthetic judgement. Must not get too excited.> Oh, that's okay, my little birdie!

Thanta: <What's that they say about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush? I've got her in my hands, but I would sure like to have her in my bush!>

Ivy: <My squirming sending little waves of plaster sliding around Thanta's glorious neck and noose.> Oh! Sorry! I'm making waves crash against the tower.

Ivy: <Smiling at Thanta, admiring how with her hair up to keep it from a plaster shampoo, the little wisps fall to the side like a strong Greek goddess.>

Thanta: Um. <Thinking about lying on the beach, holding her in my arms, while the waves edge up to cover us!!! Oh,....say! Now, that would be a great asphyx scene! Oops, We don't want to get grim.> Oh, I like the ocean! I love the water.

Ivy: <Noticing a strand of hair falling before Thanta's eyes.> Oh no, Thanta, that will drive you crazy! I'm sorry I can't use my hands. <Leaning forward and gently blowing the hair away with a whisper of a breath.>

Thanta: <Feeling the small beauty's warm breath. Oh! So, nice. I would love to have her blow in my ear.> Oh, thank you, Ivy. If you see anything else that you would like to blow on, just feel free.

Christine: Oh, I think that is so sweet! Just like little animals grooming each other!

Ivy: It's that noose. I think its staticky, Christine.

Christine: Well, I suppose it would be safe to remove it. You two seem stable.

Ivy: Poor Thanta's hair keeps sticking to it whenever it slides around her neck.

Christine: <Gets up on the step ladder to pull the noose off.>

Thanta: Uh, that's okay. You can leave it. If Ivy doesn't mind blowing on me occasionally, I can put up with the static. Do you mind, Ivy?

Thanta: <Enjoys feeling Ivy's chest swell when she takes in a deep breath.>

Ivy: Not at all. It makes you look beautiful and noble like Joan of Arc, of course she was burned at the stake, but still....

Thanta: Yes. She is one of my role models.

Ivy: I hope your mother told you not to play with matches.

Thanta: Oh, yes. She told me not to, uh, play with fire of any kind. <Of course, Mommy didn't mention what to do about the little fire going on between my legs right now.>

Christine: I think the plaster should be starting to harden just a little now. It is very fast acting.

Ivy: <Of course, Thanta, you are the stake and I'm the one feeling the fire secured to you.>

Christine: Why don't you try to wiggle just a little and see if there is any resistence?

Thanta: Uh, yeah! Sure. <Twists a bit, side to side.> It does seem to be firming up.

Ivy: It sure feels a bit thicker. (Shuddering as both Thanta and the goo slides around her body.)

Christine: Well, in a little while, it should be solid enough to hold you in place.

Ivy: But I can still squish my toes in it. That feels really good.

Thanta: Oh, really? Let me try. <Oh, this does feel good!> Yes. She's right! It squishes.

Ivy: <Giggles and bobs as her toes slide slowly and playfully through the thickening goo.>

Thanta: It feels so nice, encasing us in a warm, gentle, complete, total embrace of our bodies.

Thanta: Like the tender caress of loving hands on every inch of your flesh.

Ivy: Oh dear! Thanta, you have a little plaster on your earlobe.

Thanta: Oh, I do? <Shakes head.>

Ivy: <Blows gently on the tiny speck of plaster.> There we go. Less plaster to wait to dry. <Winks and giggles.>

Thanta: Is it coming off? I wouldn't want it to harden there.

Ivy: Too late. <Giggles.>

Thanta: EMMMMmmmmMMMMmmmmm. Oh, th-th-th-thank you, Ivy!

Christine: Well, if you two are sure you'll be okay, I'm going to run out for a while. I could put some music on for you two, if you like.

Ivy: Sure.

Christine: Is there anything particular you would like to hear? I have some Indigo Girls.

Ivy: Do you have any Cement Blonde?

Ivy: <Snorts at her own joke.>

Christine: Just a second. Let me check. My last roommate left me a bunch of her cds.

Ivy: I was just kidding. Blech, Christine. For an Artist you are so literal.

Christine: Oh, heh! Yes, you did have me going there.

Ivy: Well, nothing too toe tappy, if I won't be able to move them soon.

Christine: Well, how about some k d lang?

Thanta: I, uh, think maybe we could just make small talk. <Really don't need any music to add to my arousal level!>

Ivy: <Happily curling her toes in the squidgey mess.>

Christine: Look, I'll put on some nice relaxing easy listening stuff. Might be a little dippy and romantic.

Thanta: Okay. I guess that's a nice compromise.

Christine: Now, before I take off, do you two think you'll need anything to eat or drink?

Ivy: Just so Thanta doesn't get drowsy. No Tower. No little gull.

Christine: Maybe you would both like some chocolate? Does that sound good?

Ivy: Yummy.

Christine: I've got a Hershey bar I can divide between you two.

Ivy: <Bobbing in the thick goo. The plaster slurping noisily as she bounces.>

Ivy: Ooooo! Listen -- the plaster is hungry too.

Christine: <Fetches it.> Okay. Now, half for Ivy and half for Thanta.

Christine: <Breaks candy bar in two and mounts the ladder.> Now, open wide, little gull. <Puts a piece in Ivy's mouth.>

Ivy: <Leaning back, the cool plaster kissing the back of her neck.>

Ivy: Mmmmmm.

Thanta: <Watching Ivy open her mouth, seeing her sexy little pink tongue.>

Christine: Now, your turn, Thanta. <Puts the other half in Thanta's mouth.>

Ivy: <Watching Thanta's lips part, wishing she could slip her tongue in that sweet mouth.>

Ivy: <More chocolate for me then, she thinks.>

Thanta: Thank you. <Has always found chocolate a very sensuous experience.> Emm. That tastes good.

Christine: Opps, there's a little just below your lip, Thanta. Maybe you can reach down with your tongue and get it.

Ivy: <Looking at the little streak of chocolate in the corner of Thanta's mouth, wishing she could softly lick it free.>

Thanta: Well, I think I got more than Ivy. Maybe she would like it.

Christine: Ivy, do you want me to pick it off, or would you rather get it with your tongue?

Ivy: I can get it.

Ivy: Don't worry Thanta I won't get all happy puppy on you.

Ivy: <Gently leaning in, warm breath gently bouncing off of Thanta she is so close, and a soft slow gently flick of her tongue.>

Thanta: <A shudder goes through her entire body at the touch of Ivy's tongue.> Emmmmmm. Thanks.

Thanta: <Goddess, if she only knew what she is doing to me! I'm sure she's straight, though! Oh, but that feels so good. No straight girl can be that good with her tongue!>

Ivy: <The chocolate tastes rich and sweet, with a slight salty tang of Thanta's sweet sweat sheen.>

Thanta: <Watching Ivy flick the chocolate into her mouth with her tongue!>

Thanta: <Shudder!>

Ivy: Mmmmmm. <Moaning slightly and then catching herself.> I love chocolate.

Christine: Well, if you two are sure you'll be okay, I'm going to run down to the Quick Trip. Can I pick up anything for either of you?

Thanta: MORE CHOCOLATE!!! Uh, please?

Christine: How about you, Ivy? Could you use anything?

Ivy: No, I'm fine.

Ivy: <Plaster hardening nicely.>

Christine: Well, okay. I'm taking off then. Now, don't you two go anywhere! <Exits.>

Ivy: <Feeling her firm nipples against Thanta's body.>

Thanta: <Alone with the cutest little blonde on campus, in vat of plaster!>

Ivy: Whew, I'm glad old stick in the plaster is gone.

Thanta: <Oh, she looks so sweet! What pretty eyes! What a cute little nose! What a warm, delightful, moist mouth -- a mouth drawing me, drawing me. Oh!> Uh, yeah. It's good to be alone...I mean, it's nice that she left us here. I mean, we don't have to listen to her chatter.

Thanta: <Decides to go on a little fishing expedition.> So, uh, Ivy. Uh, what does your boyfriend think of you posing in the nude? <Oh I hope she says she doesn't have a boyfriend!>

Ivy: <Giggling.> Boyfriend? Who needs a boyfriend when I get to wallow weekly in this mafia mud pit? <Squirming in the ooze.> Oooooo! Doesn't this just feel so dreamy?

Thanta: <YEA!!!!! NO BOYFRIEND!!!> Yes, this is dreamy! <Like a dream come true!>

Thanta: You, uh, seem to really enjoy being, uh, up to your neck in plaster. Have you ever done anything like this before?

Ivy: Just for Christine

Thanta: Really? Well, this is my first time, too. So, that makes us kind of like a pair of virgins....exploring a wonderful new world of sensuous experience with each other.

Ivy: <Blushes.>

Thanta: <Oh, her skin looks so lovely when it gets that little glow!>

Thanta: <Very, very subtly shifts position. Undulates lower abdominal muscles against the smaller woman's mound.>

Ivy: <Slowly squirming her toes in delight, flushing as the thick plaster slides between each toes and Thanta slides against her>

Thanta: I'm sorry, I guess I just had a little muscle spasm. I hope that didn't bother you.

Ivy: Oooo no, that's fine. No need for you to get crampy. <Mmmmm I just had a delightful full body muscle spasm.>

Thanta: <Very, very slightly contracts forearm muscles, slightly caressing Ivy's back with her finger.> I want to make sure my hands don't fall asleep.

Ivy: Just make sure you hold me tight. <Hold me so close.> I don't want this piece to turn into "jungle queen and the quicksand."

Thanta: <Holding Ivy. Barely able to contain herself. Watching the clock. Part of her wishes this would never end, part wonders how long she can take this.>

Thanta: It would be awful if we got muscle cramps while encased in plaster!

Ivy: <Clinging to Thanta, feeling her so close, feeling the plaster ooze and squish around her at the slightest movement, feeling everyone of Thanta's slightest movements, her own energy ticking like a bomb.>

Thanta: I'm going to try some more of those little mini-contractions and extension, not enough to really move anything, but just enough to relieve the muscles.

Thanta: <Very, very moderately clutches and relaxes hands on Ivy's back.>

Ivy: Mmmmm... yes. Christine wants us to be still, but moving ever so slightly in this ooze is too much fun!!

Thanta: <Goddess, her skin feels so good.> I suppose we could wiggle our toes as much as we want.

Thanta: I mean, my feet will sort of blur into the base.

Ivy: <Breasts pressing against breasts, a slow smooth stream of plaster squishing between them.>

Ivy: But my toes aren't on the base! This isn't fair!

Thanta: <Wiggling her toes, finding it surprisingly arousing to feel the plaster between her nether digits.>

Thanta: Well, just wiggle them a little. People will just think you have big feet.

Ivy: Why are you smiling, Thanta?

Thanta: Oh, emmmm. Just thinking happy thoughts.

Ivy: See I told you it felt nice!

Ivy: Oooo wait! I have an idea!

Thanta: Well, you do represent the intellectual side.

Ivy: Hold me tight now!

Thanta: Okay. <Squeezes her even tighter.>

Thanta: <Feels that small perfect body pressing into her.>

Thanta: Ahhh!!! <Can not help but sigh.>

Ivy: Mmmm <Squeeze me more.> Ok, now I'm going to shift.

Thanta: Okay. Be careful, though. I think the plaster is getting pretty hard.

Ivy: Stop sighing in exasperation! Its no fun if I can't wiggle my toes!

Ivy: <Keeping one leg firmly wrapped around Thanta like a smooth sleek boa, Ivy bends her other leg at the knee, sliding her other foot down Thanta's rear and between her legs from the back>


Thanta: Emm. <OOOHHHHH!!!!> There, was that quiet enough?

Ivy: Ooooo! Yes. Now I can wiggle these toes and no one will see.

Thanta: <Stimulated by Ivy's toe wiggling. It is not helping the matter, but she is NOT going to ask her to stop!!!> You just wiggle away, Ivy.

Ivy: <Slowly shifting her foot between Thanta's legs.> I'm not pinching you, am I?

Thanta: Hm? Oh, no. No, not at all. That feels...emmmm.....just fine.

Ivy: <Sliding her toes down Thanta's thigh and squeezing her toes against her taut flesh.>

Ivy: There...that's a pinch just so you know....(Laughing mischievously.)

Thanta: <Maybe I could try solving algebra problems in my head. Let's see. 3x + 2Y = 120. X - Y = 16.> Ah!!!! Yes. I feel the difference.

Thanta: <Oh, she is so cute and playful. I can't tell if she's flirting or just being playful and friendly, like if we were Campfire Girls or something.>

Thanta: <Of course, I'm sure Campfire Girls flirt with each other.>

Thanta: <Probably a lot.>

Ivy: <Starts humming Kum-by-ya and remembering Campfire Girls.>

Thanta: <Probably if two Campfire Girls went on a hike and got stuck in the mud together, why, they would feel just like this.>

Ivy: Hey, Thanta wake up!

Thanta: Oh!!! Yes!!!

Ivy: You know what I was just thinking?

Thanta: What were you thinking, Ivy???? <Something that will get my mind off of your hot little body, I hope.>

Ivy: This is just like Campfire Girls when we used to play in the mud.

Thanta: Oh, did you really? <Jeez! Maybe we are developing a psychic link or something.>

Thanta: <Of course, if that were true, I should be able to figure out what she would do if I kissed her.>

Thanta: What was that like? I was never much of a joiner when I was a kid.

Ivy: <Shifting and sliding slowly in the thick, thick ooze.> Mmmmm. this is getting a bit hard to move in.

Ivy: You're lucky or I would have started a plaster ball fight.

Ivy: Christine would have been soooo pissed.

Thanta: A plaster ball fight??????

Ivy: Instead of a mud ball fight, goofy.

Thanta: Oh, right! Did you do that? Gee, that must have been fun!

Ivy: Boy, you didn't get out much, did you? <Giggles.>

Thanta: Yes, I did miss out on a lot as a child. <Pouting a bit.> I've often wished that someone might come along sometime and help me to have some of the fun I never had back then.

Ivy: Oh yeah. I used to go and play in the mud all the time. And we used to sing songs...


Thanta: <Okay, that's weak, weak WEAK! You don't to make her feel sorry for you; you want her to crave your body! Or at least be okay with it if you crave hers.> Oh!!! Gee, uh, Ivy!! You have a lovely voice!

Ivy: Well, we didn't sing that, of course. And I didn't sing much at all because I sing like a gull. <Frowns.>

Thanta: Oh, no, no, Ivy. Your voice has an enchanting quality to it.

Ivy: Well, no, it doesn't, but thanks. <Smiles.>

Ivy: Anyway, Thanta, don't be sad. It's like were in a big sleeping bag together!!!!

Thanta: Yes. Just like a sleeping bag. All enclosed, head to toe by soft fabric, the two of us pressed together. Ahhh.

Thanta: Have you done that very much? I mean, been in a sleeping bag with someone?

Ivy: Well, we used to do it all the time and lay and talk ... <pressing closer> of course ... I was never wrapped around the other girls like this ... mmmm ... well .... only when I woke up in the morning....um...

Thanta: <The image of sweet little Ivy cuddling with her girlfriends, braving the elements together, fellowship, sisterhood, the ties that bind!>

Ivy: I wish you were a Campfire Girl, Thanta. We would have had soooooo much fun!!!

Thanta: <OKAY!!!!! Finally an opening!!! Okay, pounce on it!!!> See that would have been fun. Of course, they do say it's never too late. Do you like to go camping?

Ivy: <Trying to bounce in Thanta's arms, the thick, heavy plaster pressing against her, holding her in place.>

Thanta: <Can feel Ivy's energetic squirming.>

Ivy: Of course I do! I love campfires, being all toasty. (Being all toasty and snuggling close.) The rain hitting the tent. Sliding my toes out in the morning and feeling the delicious mud kiss them awake.

Thanta: Well, uh, gee, maybe we could, uh, think about going camping together sometime.

Ivy: (Squirming against Thanta in delight.)

Ivy: Sure. I will teach you the official Campfire Girl pledge.

Thanta: Oh, uh, sure. I'm always ready to learn official stuff.

Ivy: And since we have bonded <giggle> and are being bonded together... you won't get mad when I wake up all snuggled all over you.

Ivy: Oh, I mean...I can't help snuggling something when I sleep.....

Ivy: I miss my teddy bear.

Thanta: Well, uh, yeah. I miss mine, too. Well, actually....

Thanta: I didn't have a teddy bear. I had a Wonder Woman doll.

Ivy: Cool!!!

Ivy: See, we would have been best friends!

Thanta: Oh, you like Wonder Woman, too????

Ivy: She's soooooo cool!

Thanta: <Oh, great! We've got common ground!!!> Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful to be from a magickal island inhabited by nothing but women?

Thanta: Maybe someday, I can show you my collection of comic books.

Ivy: Hee hee.

Ivy: I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Thanta: Emmm. <She feels so cute when she laughs. And, yes, she is flirting!!! Yea!!!> Well, we can flip for who would go first.

Ivy: <Giggles.> Stop, Thanta. You will make me snort.

Thanta: <God. I love it when she giggles! I've got to think up some jokes or something.>

Ivy: Wait a minute, Thanta.

Thanta: I bet you Campfire Girls told a lot of cute stories and jokes around the campfire. Now, Campfire Girls really do have campfires, don't they?

Ivy: <Squirming with great difficulty in the goo.>

Ivy: <Slowly and carefully drawing her finger gently up and down Thanta's back.>

Ivy: <Reciting slowly with each word.>

Thanta: I mean, I don't think Brownie Scouts have real brownies, do they? I mean like pixies.

Thanta: I suppose they do have brownies as in yummy chocolates to eat.

Ivy: Thanta + Ivy = B.F.

Ivy: There!

Ivy: And a heart!

Thanta: Oh! That is so, so sweet!!!!!

Ivy: <Giggles.> I was a campfire girl not a brownie! But I am a pixie!

Ivy: <Jiggles against Thanta giggling.>

Thanta: Oh, I suppose I should watch out for pixie dust!! <AHHHHH!!!>

Ivy: <Blows gently on Thanta's face.> I'm blowing pixie dust on you.

Ivy: <Giggles and blows.> You have pixie dust on you and can't get it off.

Thanta: Ahhhh!!!! Oh, that reminds me! Did you see THE ADDAMS FAMILY? You know where Wednesday and Pugsley are selling lemonade and a girl asks if it's made from real lemons and then tries to sell them some girl scout cookies and Wednesday asks if they are made from real girls scouts.

Ivy: <Pursed lips lingering so close to Thanta. Wanting to kiss her soooo bad.>

Ivy: Oooo Wednesday Addams is so cute!!!!

Thanta: Yes. She is a terrific role model.

Ivy: I wish my name was Wednesday! If my parents had to name me something stupid, why not Wednesday? <Pouts.>

Thanta: Oh, I don't think Ivy is a stupid name at all!! I like it!!!!

Ivy: <Smiles.> All the Campfire Girls called me poison ivy.

Thanta: You know, marsie doats and doesie doats and little lambs eat ivy. A kid'll eat ivy, too, wouldn't you?

Ivy: My best Campfire girlfriend would call me poison ivy and I would tickle her and say "I'm making you itch."

Thanta: Oh, you did. Heh, heh. That must have been really, really cute. <Oh, Goddess!! I wish I had been there!!!>

Ivy: <Giggles.> <Squirms really close to Thanta.> I'm trying to tickle you but I can't move much.

Thanta: Yes, uh, well, uh, my loss. <Oh, jeez! That was stupid.>

Ivy: Ooooo, that's it.

Thanta: <Okay, she's warm, she's friendly. She's open! It might be time to make a move of some kind -- well, not really a move, since we are stuck in plaster.>

Ivy: <Trying to squirm hard, the plaster making her only move slow and sensuously against Thanta.>

Ivy: <Cheeks flushing half from frustration half from arousal.>

Thanta: <Beginning to think of a ploy, something that might work, break the ice in an obvious, but not too obvious way.>

Ivy: <Giving up on trying to tickle Thanta and just slowly squirming against her, feeling warm little fires flicker through her body. Hoping Thanta doesn't notice the change.>

Ivy: I'm...mmmmm still...going to tickle you...oooo

Thanta: <Okay! Gulp! Here goes!!!!!> Ha! You know, I just thought of something funny.

Ivy: <Biting lip.> What's that?

Thanta: I don't think I've ever been this close to someone for this long...ohhhhh!!!!! .....I mean, you know, pressing right together like this, except for, well....

Thanta: when I was making out with somebody!

Thanta: I mean, it somehow seems kind of unnatural to be this close for this long and not be, well, kissing or something....

Thanta: Not that I mind being unnatural....

Ivy: <Giggles.> In a big soft sleeping bag?

Thanta: Well, yes. Actually, though, I was thinking more along the lines of the backseat of a Chevy.

Ivy: Sooo romantic... <Giggle.>

Thanta: I mean, it is odd, don't you think? Or don't you find it odd, to be here, like this, this close, face to face, tummy to tummy...

Thanta: breast to breast to breast to breast.....

Ivy: Trapped together in a big gooey sleeping bag?

Ivy: <Sliding her foot between Thanta's legs.> All wrapped around each other.

Thanta: ...skin touching, and, yes, surrounded by a medium that sort of enhances the closeness....and to uh, just be standing here, not doing anything, uh, like romantic...you know.. Doesn't that seem odd???

Ivy: The warm plaster <biting lip again> just pressing us together.

Ivy: Our lips so close, that one of us could just move and...

Thanta: I mean, it almost seems like we should, uh, you know, be, uh, doing, you know, uh, something, uh, more than just, you know...standing here.....

Thanta: Like in that song....

Ivy: <Pulling away from Thanta looking at her with eyes somewhat sad, somewhat hopeful.>

Thanta: Your form, just like a clinging vine...

Ivy: <Smiles.>

Thanta: Your lips, so warm and sweet as wine....

Thanta: Your cheek, so soft and close to mine.... Divine!

Ivy: Thanta....

Thanta: Of course, in the song, that led to dancing....

Ivy: Not much dancing can go on here....

Thanta: You know why Baptists don't have sex standing up? Because they're afraid it will lead to dancing.

Ivy: <Stifles a giggle.>

Thanta: No, there can't be any dancing here, but.....

Thanta: but.....

Thanta: <Lips quivering...>

Thanta: <heart pounding....>

Ivy: <Head still pulled back, eyes looking directly into Thanta's... drowning..>

Ivy: Thanta... <Her voice a whisper.>

Thanta: Yes, Ivy???????

Ivy: <Looking away quickly, making up her mind, and looking again... staring at Thanta and seeing only her.>

Ivy: Thanta...you know those big Campfire Girl sleeping bags...

Thanta: <That withdrawal, that return, those eyes.> Yes, what about them?

Ivy: <Her body pressing and squeezing Thanta gently, trying to get as close as she can. Head still pulled away as the plaster's grip will allow...Eyes taking in only Thanta.>

Thanta: <Leans forward, bringing her lips within an inch of Ivy's.>

Ivy: <Every curve of her face ... every wisp of hair gently blowing in the only breeze there her breath.>

Ivy: <Closing eyes.>

Ivy: <Whispering so faint...>

Ivy: We used to kiss in them too.

Thanta: Oh!! Like this? <Brings her lips to Ivy's.>

Ivy: ......Yes.

Thanta: <Passion erupts.>

Thanta: <Lips pressed hard, hard together.>

Thanta: <Tongue tentatively probing.>

Ivy: <A puff of breath filling the space between them, so close, a shudder slithers through Ivy's body, secreted as the plaster holds her immobile.>

Ivy: <Lips so soft and warm, touching. A tongue, warm slick and smooth like the plaster that once churned around them, meeting.>

Thanta: <Lost in the intoxicating warmth of Ivy's wonderful personality and her sweet body.>

Thanta: <Clutching Ivy tightly with her hands.>

Ivy: <A quick breath of delight passing through my nose, as our lips and tongues gently mingle.>

Thanta: <The plaster now encasing them tightly, as their passion mounts and the desire to breathe deeply increases, that desire is thwarted by the...

Ivy: <Feeling so warm so complete, her body aflame, she wonders if her passion's heat has dried the plaster solid it is so intense.>

Thanta: <... tight plaster, making it harder to breathe, contributing a very mild asphyxiation effect.>

Thanta: <Lost in the image of being in a sleeping bag with Ivy.>

Thanta: <A rainy night. Mud, building up around them.>

Thanta: <As they roll back and forth, they hear the squish of the mud beneath them.>

Christine: <Door opens.>

Christine: Oh, I'm sorry it took me so long!!!!

Christine: I'm sure the plaster has dried by now....

Christine: Thanta, Ivy? Are you two okay?

Thanta: <Christine does not get a response as the two remain tightly locked together, oblivious to their surroundings.>

Christine: I think it's time to separate the halves of the shell. Now, the plaster should just come right with it.

Christine: Okay. Now, hold on.!!! <Separates the two halves of the cast.> Ah, perfect!!! This will be lovely!!!

Christine: Uh, you two can stop hugging now!

Ivy: <Still clinging to Thanta's perfect form.>

Christine: You can stop anytime!!!

Christine: It's over. I have the mold I need.

Thanta: <Not paying the least bit of attention to Christine, her entire concentration is on Ivy.>

Christine: Well, okay. You don't HAVE to separate.

Christine: <Looking at the two of them.> Of course, I could just paint you two white and then I wouldn't need the mold.

Christine: But I want you both to know, I AM NOT PAYING YOU OVERTIME!!!!