Stories by Muddy Ivy


Muddy Ivy is a fun and funny gal who has introduced me to the pleasures of WAM (Wet And Messy) eroticism. We met through a quicksand club, which I joined because of my general interest in asphyx. Ivy, however, has shown me that wet, gooey, sticky substances can have lots of erotic uses beyond cutting off one's air. After we played a bit on line, she told me that she had written some stories and I said I would love to see them.

Ivy performs comedy professionally and, as you might expect, her sense of humor is very evident in her WAM erotica. Her writings, in fact, are a pure delight -- well, "pure" may give the wrong impression; let's say "a thorough delight" instead. When she told me that the sites where she had posted her stories were now defunct, I asked her for permission to post them here -- they are much too good not to share.

Cardaniel and I are very pleased to present Ivy's stories to our readers.