This story explores one segment of Carthanage society: willing women who provide nutrition for mass consumption long before they are snuffed, in the form of that unique product of a woman's body -- milk. Though there are large institutions such as the State Dairy which own large numbers of human girlcows for that purpose, there are inevitably also small family farms... family farms in a much more literal sense than we are accustomed to seeing, as the family members are not only the people who work the farm, but are also its livestock.

WARNINGS: This story contains lots of girl/girl sex (what else would you expect? There aren't that many men), extreme body modification, snuff scenes and (obviously) cannibalism. There is one stretch in which the main character is treated quite badly. On the other hand, here's a further warning: if you're looking for a story of women being treated like shit, you may be reading the wrong story, because in Carthanage (with some exceptions), women are given the respect to which their service to humanity entitles them, and they are usually snuffed at the time and in the manner of their choosing -- the only limitation is that they can't, in any case, live past the age of forty-five, and usually they choose to go around forty or so, if they haven't been drafted earlier. That includes the free women as well as the bed-slaves, the breeders, and the girlcows. All of the types of slavery listed above are simply career choices, and a woman might decide to do almost anything with her life: be a doctor, a businesswoman, a married woman and mother, a slave, or any of a number of other options.

There are a couple of illustrations along the way. There may be more someday, and I encourage any reader with some artistic ability to contribute his/her vision. (Feel free, JRB.) I can't guarantee I'll post every submission somewhere in the story -- I will if I feel they fit my own vision.

So what sort of story should you be expecting? Be looking for a saga that covers more than thirty years of life at a dairy farm. And it's a love story.


by Cardaniel