Thanta and Noosegirl, Cheek to Cheek


On the last Sunday of 2001, Noosegirl and I improvised this brief roleplay involving two women and one noose. It makes a good companion piece to "Midsummer's Afternoon," another of our roleplays posted on this site.

We were in a three-way chat with Pixie in Black. Noosegirl was describing how she had awakened from a dream of being hanged in such a state of excitement, that she woke up her husband and pounced him in the middle of the night.

Pixie had to leave to go buy an ice cream from a passing truck for a young friend and Noosegirl and I decided to go back to IM mode. As soon as we got back to IM, I found that Noosegirl was in a playful mood.

Noosegirl: mmmm kissing you softly.

Noosegirl: my hands stroking your sides. Feeling your soft skin.

Thantasy: <Remembering all the loving times we have had together.>

Noosegirl: the sun shines through the bars of our cell.

Thantasy: <Loves it when you touch my side, right above the hip.>

Noosegirl: stroking that spot with my middle fingers. my tongue flicks and crosses your lips.

Thantasy: <Looking into your eyes.>

Noosegirl: looking at you longingly.

Thantasy: Ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Thantasy: Sara, are you sure you want to do this? We'll disappoint a lot of people.

Noosegirl: my hand moves over your back. just above your buttocks. i pull you to me.

Thantasy: People have come from miles to see two women hanged.

Noosegirl: i nod.

Noosegirl: thanta... i love you. i just don't know if i could face all those eyes... staring at me. at us.

Thantasy: Well, I guess we might as well get on with it.

Thantasy: There isn't much time.

Noosegirl: *nodding*

Thantasy: <Taking the makeshift rope that we have woven together out of sheets and our clothing.>

Thantasy: I hope this is strong enough to hold both of us.

Noosegirl: i back away, and toss the single noose made of our dresses over the ceiling beam

Noosegirl: me too.

Thantasy: I wish we hadn't had to use every stitch of clothing we have....

Thantasy: It would be nice to have a little modesty, but, oh well.

Noosegirl: help me push the bunk to the middle, so we can step off.

Thantasy: <I help you push the bed near to the rope.>

Noosegirl: i grab you and grind my cunt into yours.

Thantasy: Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Noosegirl: we get onto the bed, the noose above us.

Thantasy: This will be so exciting!!!

Noosegirl: violently, i spread your thighs

Thantasy: AHHH!!!!!

Noosegirl: and slide my legs between them

Noosegirl: our nether lips kiss.

Thantasy: <I yield to your desires.>

Noosegirl: grinding together.

Noosegirl: my frenzied passion breaking down your reserve.

Thantasy: <As we grind away, I reach over and grab the noose.>

Noosegirl: god, thanta... i'm not ready to die!

Noosegirl: i just want to cum with you again and again.

Thantasy: Well, darling, we will be cumming together for eternity.

Noosegirl: yes.

Noosegirl: oohhhhhhhhh cumming already!

Thantasy: <I feel your explosion, which triggers my own.>

Thantasy: AHHH!!!!!!!

Noosegirl: let's do it!

Thantasy: Yes, yes. Let's.

Noosegirl: slippery with juices

Noosegirl: standing. wobbly on the precarious perch.

Noosegirl: should we face each other, or face away?

Thantasy: I think it will be faster if we face away from each other.

Thantasy: If we face each other, I don't know if we would strangle.

Thantasy: It might just hurt our necks without killing us.

Noosegirl: *gulp* yes..

Thantasy: <Putting the noose over our heads.>

Noosegirl: kissing you one last time...

Thantasy: <Pressing my lips, my body into yours.>

Noosegirl: running my hands over your ass

Noosegirl: then, with decision, i turn

Noosegirl: the rope burns my neck slightly.

Thantasy: <I gulp.> Well, good bye, Sara.

Noosegirl: i crane my head back onto your shoulder

Thantasy: <I turn, reach behind me.>

Thantasy: <I can reach your clit with my hands.>

Noosegirl: our cheeks caress each others. both on our faces and our bottoms.

Thantasy: <It's good that we are the same height.>

Noosegirl: my arms reach back and I begin to massage your clit.

Thantasy: I wish I could get my fingers down further.

Noosegirl: our buttocks hump against each other.

Thantasy: <I strain, barely able to stimulate the front of your pussy lips.>

Thantasy: Ohhh .....

Noosegirl: i lean my head all the way back and kiss you.

Thantasy: <I turn my head to return your kiss.>

Noosegirl: then... i push my feet away from the bunk.

Noosegirl: we swing out and away, into the middle of the room.

Thantasy: <I feel your body leave the couch. Rather than try to hold you back, I go with you.>

Noosegirl: we sway to and fro, legs squirming.

Noosegirl: our bodies writhing.

Thantasy: <Feeling your firm, tight ass against my larger, softer ass.>

Noosegirl: i can't reach your cunt...

Noosegirl: so i stimulate my own as we slowly strangle together.

Thantasy: <I follow your example, one hand on my pussy, one on my breasts.>

Thantasy: <As I kick, I find that my legs can intertwine with yours.>

Noosegirl: feeling your thighs.

Noosegirl: gripping you tightly with my legs, unable to breathe.

Thantasy: <Locking ankles with you, wanting to hold us together as tight as possible.>

Thantasy: <I feel the movements of your glutes against mine.>

Thantasy: <Breathing is almost impossible.>

Noosegirl: muscles clenching and unclenching. bodies swaying in our cell.

Noosegirl: a beam of light through the window shining on us.

Thantasy: <Pressure on arteries, cutting off blood flow.>

Thantasy: <Dizziness, wooziness.>

Noosegirl: faces reddening.

Noosegirl: tongues lolling out.

Noosegirl: we feel nothing but our cunts and our bodies clutched together.

Thantasy: <Vigorously working clit and nipples.>

Thantasy: <Your tight, perfect ass against mine.>

Thantasy: <Beginning to lose feeling in legs.>

Thantasy: <Darkness setting in.>

Noosegirl: i twitch as i climax.

Noosegirl: and my vision grows dim.

Thantasy: <Feeling your body against mine. Feeling you twitch.>

Thantasy: <As always, the feeling that you are climaxing drives my own excitement.>

Noosegirl: drool runs down my chin.

Noosegirl: still fingering, but my hand is slowing.

Thantasy: <I begin to shiver and quake with orgasm.>

Thantasy: <Just in time, as I feel consciousness fading.>

Noosegirl: you going over the edge triggers me again.

Thantasy: <The warmth of your body against mine.>

Noosegirl: i feel one with you as i fade.

Thantasy: <Imagining what we must look like. The visualization arouses me tremendously and gives me something to focus on as I slip over.>

Thantasy: <Our hands drop away from pussies and breasts.>

Noosegirl: we now both hang limply... just the beam of light silhouetting us.

Thantasy: <Our hearts continue to beat and our feet twitch after we have lost consciousness.>

Noosegirl: then that slows, as well.

Thantasy: <We make a lovely tableau.>

Noosegirl: yes, we do.

Thantasy: <The guards, when they find us, are aroused by the sight.>

Noosegirl: and the milling throng is depressed.

Thantasy: <The guards reach up, finger our breasts, feel the moisture dripping down our legs.>

Noosegirl: and shake their heads sadly, wishing they could have watched.

Thantasy: <They feel cheated, deprived, having missed the show.>

Noosegirl: while we cavort freely in the hereafter.

Thantasy: <They are tempted to lay us down and make use of our bodies to relieve their raging hard-ons.>

Noosegirl: and they do, tearing us from the noose and relieving their primal urges on our dead bodies.

Thantasy: <Deciding that a wet pussy is a terrible thing to waste, they lay us down, draped over the bunk the short way.>

Noosegirl: and they take turns.

Thantasy: <Our heads loll back over the edge of the mattress.>

Thantasy: <Our breasts bounce with the jostling.>

Noosegirl: but we don't care. let them have their fun.

Thantasy: <Our heads flop side to side.>

Noosegirl: swollen tongues dripping the last of our saliva.

Thantasy: <When they are done with us, they heft us up and place us once again in the noose, just as they found us.>

Thantasy: <Our pussies now drip not only our own juices, but their semen as well.>

Noosegirl: the crowd is allowed to troop through the jail, to confirm with their own eyes that, yes, the sluts are dead.

Thantasy: <Playfully, one of the guards gives a push to my thigh and sets us spinning.>

Thantasy: <This sight amuses the crowd.>

Noosegirl: the crowd is surly, but satisfied by the spectacle.


Noosegirl: {thanta, that was wonderful}

Thantasy: {You too, Sara.}

Thantasy: We work well together.

Noosegirl: :)

Noosegirl: yes, we do

Noosegirl: i need to run along, i guess

Noosegirl: (with a spring in my step)

Thantasy: I think I'll save this up for posting later. That's okay, right?

Noosegirl: ok, as long as you correct my misspellings!

Thantasy: Oh, if I don't catch them, Dan will.

Noosegirl: see you again soon, ok?

Thantasy: Yes, I hope so.((((HUGS)))))

Noosegirl: :)

Thantasy: Take care. Go pounce your hubby again.

Noosegirl: *hug*