About Us

CARDANIEL is a retired mathematics professor, of all things. His interest in bondage goes back as far as he can remember, but his interest in snuff, sexual asphyxia, and cannibalism has bloomed recently after being inspired by the drawings of the legendary Dolcett. A mutual interest in these subjects has led to a rewarding friendship with THANTASY. He's 6'1", eats a lot of Mexican food, wouldn't hurt anyone in real life, and feels odd writing about himself in the third person. He and Thantasy together have created this site with the goals of sharing the creations of their imaginations, encouraging others to give their fantasies free rein, and possibly engendering friendships with other like-minded people.

Thantasy says about Cardaniel:

Cardaniel's well-developed mathematical mind (of which I am admittedly envious) enables him to bring special gifts to the creation of both his artwork and his prose. When combined with his deep humanity, fine sense of humor, and boundless erotic imagination, the result is an entertaining and arousing high-quality product.

His acute geometric vision gives his Poser pictures a dramatic perspective usually lacking in that art form. Most Poser art leaves me cold -- NOT in the way a necrobabe likes to be left cold -- but Cardaniel's work is a pleasing exception.

His stories feature ingenious devices, difficult puzzles, and novel means to attain erotic goals. The struggles of his protagonists are fitting metaphors for the predicament faced by those of us whose fantasy paths to sexual fulfillment take us through the extreme western regions of the dark side: How much risk are you willing to take for the possibility of how much arousal, especially when the very risk adds to the arousal? It's a knotty problem, but Cardaniel's stories show much fun the search for a solution can be.

*      *       *      *       *      *      *

A necrobabe/Dolcett girl since her earliest sexual awareness, THANTASY (call her Thanta for short, if not for long) had never even heard these terms until March 2000. It's always nice to learn new names for yourself.

When a pair of unrelated but equally stressful real life ordeals simultaneously came to conclusion, she decided to compensate herself for misery endured by finding partners with whom she could indulge in the kind of dark erotic play she had privately fantasized about. The problem was how to find the partners.

In the past, she had failed to find what she was looking for by going to vampire and s/m chatrooms, so she decided to create a new screen name and a profile that very explicitly stated her desires. As a result of being so open, what she had been seeking was drawn to her. There may be a lesson in that.

She's learned a lot about herself since she spliced "Thanatos" (Greek deity of Death) and "fantasy" together to come up with "Thantasy," and there have been other gains as well.

In addition to the high quality of eroticism that comes from finally sharing private fantasies with others, she has also had some genuine emotional satisfaction. The people she has met under this name are, perhaps not at all surprisingly, not only some of the brightest and wittiest, but also some of the most genuinely caring she has ever encountered.

A frustrated entertainer at heart, Thanta has found a release for her pent-up creative energies, even if her audience usually consists of one person at a time. She loves the challenges provided by the restrictions of the live theater of the mind provided by online role-play. SHE IS VERY GRATEFUL TO HER PARTNER FOR DOING ALMOST ALL OF THE WORK INVOLVED IN CREATING THIS SITE, WHICH WILL ALLOW HER TO ENTERTAIN A LARGER AUDIENCE.

In her role-play, Thanta has very few limitations; she's been done in by almost every means conceivable, short of nuclear holocaust.

However, as much as she enjoys a well-executed demise, she also finds it very rewarding when she manages to create a character who is so cute and sexy and funny and just plain lovable that her lover/would-be-slayer decides that she is worth keeping around for a while.

Although in real life, she has an MA in English and is certified as a counselor, Thanta works at a very dull, mundane job that she loves because she doesn't have to take it home with her and because her mind is free to wander during the workday, thinking about the scenes she is involved in.

Cardaniel says about Thantasy:

While it is common for necrobabes to place torment and snuff in an erotic context, Thantasy uniquely places them in a romantic context. You can read snuff stories until you are snuffed yourself, and you will usually find that the stories represent the extreme end of the current trend of separating eroticism from love. You won't find that separation in Thantasy's scenes, and you'll wonder why it ever existed. She loves exploring her characters, sketching out their backgrounds, examining their emotions and needs. Rather than interfering with the eroticism of the scenes, don't be surprised if it makes some very erotic images stay with you a little longer.

*      *       *      *       *      *      *

The pictures on this site were created by Cardaniel using "Poser," amazing software that can manipulate realistic-looking three-dimensional human images with surprising ease. Poser was originally distributed by Metacreations, but is currently sold by Curious Labs, Inc.