Vader's Halloween Present for Thantasy


Happy Halloween to everyone!

Vader and I played this scene on Halloween 2000. I actually can take very little credit for this scene. It is practically entirely Vader's work and so, therefore, I can say without being immodest that it is exciting, sexy, scary, and compact.

We only had ninety minutes that night because Vader, a medical professional in real life, had to go work a night shift. However, he had prepared so well, that a lot of action was packed into those ninety minutes. I have left most of our short opening and closing chat intact as well as some of our [bracketed] comments to each other within the dialogue.

This scene is a part of a continuing series that we had started about a month before. I hope to post more scenes from this series.

Here is a brief sketch of the characters to set up this scene.

Vader's character, Lord Vlader, is a vampire of considerable power who has recently passed his gift to my character, Thanta. They have the traditional vulnerabilities of vampires -- stakes through the heart, beheading, exposure to sunlight. Thanta is extremely grateful to Vlader, but her love for him goes far beyond gratitude -- even as mortals, they would be deeply in love.

As a novice vampire, Thanta's powers are not yet fully developed and Vlader has rescued her from death several times. The chamber where they rest during the day is a magickal place where both their powers are exceptionally strong, a place where Thanta has felt completely safe.

The fact that Vlader and Thanta are able to feed on each other not only cuts down on the need for victims (though the need is still there), but it has added a very special and intense dimension to their sex life.

That should be all you need to know in order to enjoy this very erotic and exciting scene for which I take little credit.

*        *        *

Vader: Well, would you like to start tonight's brief story?

Thantasy: Yes!!!! But we only have 90 minutes before you have to go work.

Vader: I have given it some thought.

Vader: And I think I have something

Vader: So, I know you will complement the general outline.

Thantasy: Okay. Give me the scoop.

Vader: Well, I prefer if you just get it as we go if that is ok

Thantasy: Emmm. Yes. Ready.

Vader: If we stray I will sidebar you

Vader: and we will discuss then.

Thantasy: Okies! Love to be sidebarred!

Vader: Ready, My darling? And remember, Halloween is one of those bad nights for vampires.

Vader: Starting.........

Thantasy: {Yes}


Vader: It is dark and silent in our boxes safely within our chamber.

Vader: [Turn out the lights rt where you are.]

Thantasy: [Already done. Just now. Sync. Except, of course, I have to see the keyboard.]

Vader: The still air in the castle chamber had become chilled from lack of circulation.

Vader: Nothing stirs in this place.

Vader: ..........

Vader: like we are frozen in a time capsule

Vader: in our crypts.

Thantasy: <I lie in silence, waiting for my lover to awaken me.>

Vader: There is a LOUD crash as your lid is thrown open and almost instantaneously a hand descends roughly across your mouth as if to silence any...

Vader: ...screams.

Thantasy: MMMPHHHHH!!!!!!

Thantasy: <What is happening!!!!!>

Thantasy: <I struggle, but I am subdued.>

Vader: You are suddenly and roughly awakened by these barbarians who have invaded this inner sanctum of His Lord Vlader's castle.


Vader: Two of them subdue your arms and quickly bind your wrists together.

Thantasy: <My strength fails me!>

Vader: These men are very, very strong and overwhelm your additional strengths.

Thantasy: <I can not understand how this can happen in our retreat!>

Vader: They clutch your throat while holding hands over your mouth and thrust you from your coffin.

Thantasy: <My vulnerability astonishes me!>

Vader: As you are brought to your feet. You are able to now see the extent of this surprise invasion.

Thantasy: <My eyes survey the scene.>

Vader: You look toward the large door leading into the chamber from the stairs and see that it is smashed to pieces...

Vader: wood strewn about like splinters.

Thantasy: <How dare these mortals invade us!!!>

Vader: There are five invaders.

Vader: All are large ominous men.

Vader: Two have a firm hold on you.

Thantasy: <I look about for some sign of my lover.>

Vader: And three are standing around Lord Vlader's still unopened coffin.

Thantasy: <Oh, LORD!!!!>

Thantasy: <I struggle violently, to no avail.>

Vader: Two of these men have large Mallets and Iron Spikes which they are driving into the edge of Vlader's ornate Coffin...

Vader: nailing the lid closed!

Thantasy: <Trapped thus within, he probably cannot help me!>

Vader: One of the men who has you groped around your lovely full bosom decides to free the hands of his comrade....

Vader: and quickly fashions a scarf into a gag which he places around your mouth....

Vader: and ties it tightly behind your head.

Thantasy: <I feel incredibly invaded!>

Thantasy: <I struggle.>

Thantasy: <I try to resist the gag, cannot.>

Vader: You can only watch in horror as these men continue to rivet shut Lord Vlader's fine wooden box.

Thantasy: <I am hoping that he may have found some means of escape.>

Thantasy: <But he has never told me of a secret exit, so my hopes may be in vain.>

Vader: Now, with these rude invaders having finished their desecration of this sanctum....

Vader: one speaks.

Vader: "Now, you heathenous wench, we have both of you Hahahahah!" (in a most evil laugh).

Thantasy: <The man disgusts me!>

Vader: The four men position themselves about Vlader's box and lift as if pall bearers.

Thantasy: <I struggle again.>

Thantasy: <If I had any freedom of movement at all, I would intervene.>

Vader: And the one that spoke up has you in his charge and proceeds toward the remains of the doorway.

Vader: The procession winds up the dim passageway to the great hall of the Castle.

Thantasy: <I am led to I know not what!>

Vader: The men just grunt as they struggle with the heavy old Coffin up the stairs.

Thantasy: <I am working, trying to free myself from the bonds.>

Thantasy: <Digging with my fingernails into the rope, not having much luck.>

Vader: Upon arriving in the main area of the Castle entry, he again speaks: "Now on this night we shall have Justice and Revenge on Vlader."

Vader: "Struggle all you want, Vlader's whore. There is NO escape tonight. HaHaHa!"

Thantasy: <These disgusting mortals!>

Vader: He laughs again and it echoes through the halls leading off the entry area.

Thantasy: <I wait for any opportunity to spring at them.>

Vader: "The wonderful thing..." (he pauses and tears at your ropes to spin you.)

Vader: (You whirl and face him.)

Vader: "is...."

Vader: "You, Lovely slut..."

Vader: "are the Bait........."

Vader: "Ha ha ha!"

Vader: as he grins and looks back at the large coffin

Thantasy: <I do not fully understand.>

Thantasy: <I am to be used to trap my lover????>

Thantasy: <What is their diabolical plan?>

Vader: He quickly moves you aside as the others continue to carry Lord Vlader's coffin through the main doors of the castle into the night...

Vader: down the front steps and place it on an a waiting cart....

Vader: drawn by a team of horses.

Thantasy: <I will not be used in this way!!!!>

Thantasy: <I do not understand how I am to be used as bait.>

Vader: As you pass through the main door you also notice that these intruders knocked through these two large oak doors as well destroying the old artistic doors in their efforts to invade.

Thantasy: <These men are obviously limited in their powers if they need me. Oh, these disgusting, disrespectful louts!>

Vader: You are thrown into a second cart behind the first one and two of the men jump in with you.

Thantasy: <Obviously, they have no respect for beauty!>

Thantasy: <However they plan to use me, they must have me in order to do so.>

Vader: They have each cast their eyes upon you and as they survey your beauty they all grin as dogs about to devour a piece of meat.

Vader: The click of the two drivers summons the teams to action and together we all take off into the night.

Thantasy: <Now that we are in motion, perhaps they will slacken in their attention to me.>

Vader: It is around two hours before midnight as near as you can guess judging by the position of the moon.

Thantasy: <I wait for an opportunity...>

Vader: As we bump down the road they are all looking and snickering at you.

Thantasy: <They are not restraining me, counting on the motion of the cart to make me remain still.>

Vader: One speaks: "I shall enjoy you very much, bitch!"

Vader: They are near the end of the cart; you are behind the driver.

Thantasy: <If I could but fling myself from the cart, not so much to escape, but to deprive them of their "bait"...>

Vader: "No escape tonight!" says one looking at you

Thantasy: <I move as seductively as possible.>

Thantasy: <If I can arouse them...>

Thantasy: <get the to thinking about their dicks, I may have an opportunity.>

Vader: Sensing your thoughts to look for an opportunity....

Vader: he grabs your throat and stares right into your eyes.

Vader: "Look, bitch, you can not use your seduction on us!

Vader: "We fully intend to have our time with you!"

Vader: He then throws you back onto the floor of the cart.

Thantasy: <I should have made my move before!>

Vader: As you fall backward onto the floor of the cart one of the men guarding you moves over to kneel beside you.

Vader: He places his hands on your gown and tears it open in the front

Thantasy: <I turn, I twist to avoid his touch!>

Thantasy: {Are my legs free?}

Vader: The other man sensing your thoughts to use your legs as resistance quickly throws several quick wraps of rope around your ankles....

Thantasy: <I kick wildly!!!>

Vader: ...then ties the end to the side of the cart at the rear.

Vader: [Too late.]

Vader: [Sorry.]

Vader: The men are on you fondling your breasts....

Thantasy: <I am now helpless!>

Vader: and prodding you everywhere...

Vader: slapping your face...

Vader: and breasts...

Vader: laughing as the cart continues.

Thantasy: <I turn and twist as best I can!>

Vader: "Struggle all you want, you whore! Your time is very short -- and we enjoy your futile resistance."

Vader: "It just makes this more fun to fuck you up first!"

Vader: Laughing from both carts.

Thantasy: <I am at an utter loss!>

Thantasy: <I can think of only one chance!>

Vader: "Whoa!" as the first cart pulls up to a stone pavilion...

Vader: like an outdoor temple.

Thantasy: <I rear up suddenly, gasping behind my gag.>

Vader: The second cart pulls up and stops.

Vader: "We are here," the first man speaks up.

Vader: None have used any names yet...

Thantasy: <I arch up!>

Vader: ...but he clearly is the leader.

Thantasy: <I decide to wait, see what is to happen.>

Vader: He comes around from the lead cart. He rode shotgun in Vlader's cart.

Vader: And he again greets you to take custody of you as you are tossed off the rear of the cart.

Vader: The other men of your cart assemble at the rear of the lead cart and again unload the Coffin.

Thantasy: <I struggle as valiantly as possible.>

Thantasy: <I am fighting their every attempt to control me.>

Vader: You can see that the temple is made of large upright stones.

Vader: There are many torches lighting the inner circle of the "arena."

Vader: There appears to be some shape like a circle to this structure but the top is open to the sky.

Thantasy: <I observe all this, all the while fighting, forcing them to control me.>

Vader: The leader turns and looks at you.

Vader: He is deadly serious.

Vader: "Thanta, you are Vlader's whore."

Vader: "We know of your powers."

Thantasy: <I subside somewhat in my struggles, listening to his words.>

Vader: "And you will be put to final death tonight, after you serve two of our purposes."

Vader: "First, we are each going to have you as payment for our parts in ridding the world of you two unholy monsters."

Vader: "And, second, your flesh will lure your lover to our trap."

Thantasy: <At this, I rebel most violently.>

Thantasy: <I almost break their hold on me!!!!>

Vader: "And we are well aware that a wooden stake into your heart shall finish this night."

Thantasy: <I give it my best shot.>

Vader: He points and touches your breast.

Vader: "So, I admire your attempt but I assure you it is futile this time."

Vader: And he yanks the rope and leads you toward the temple.

Thantasy: <I wrench myself violently.>

Vader: "Lord Vlader will be helpless inside the temple confines..."

Vader: " a mortal man..."

Vader: "and there we shall have you both."

Vader: He thus reveals the last part of their devious plan.

Thantasy: <I struggle again, resist.>

Vader: You enter the circle and observe.

Vader: There is an altar.

Vader: It is in the very center of the circle.

Vader: There are torches and candles everywhere.

Vader: The place is well lit.

Vader: There is a fount of water to one side of the altar.

Thantasy: <It actually could be rather lovely, if it were not so threatening.>

Vader: There is a table directly in front of the altar.

Vader: The men carry Vlader's coffin and lay it on this table before the alter.

Thantasy: <I find my position, and that of my lover almost hopeless.>

Vader: Looking back through the entry way, there is an archway on which is graven a most unusual symbol. You wonder about that as your eyes catch the symbol.

Vader: The leader points and speaks: "Vlader lies now between the alter and the symbol."

Vader: "He is powerless between these two objects, even on this night."

Thantasy: <All seems to be lost!>

Vader: "At the stroke of midnight it will be the first of November...."

Vader: "...All Saints Day and a stake shall be driven into both of you..."

Vader: " rid this world of your reign of terror and lust."

Vader: "But first, you must summon him forth for us."

Thantasy: <Once again, I make an effort to escape!>

Vader: The men withdraw the nails from the lid of Vlader's coffin.

Thantasy: <Struggle as violently as ever!!!!!!>

Vader: The leader tells you, "Lord Vlader will not arise in this place except by his own volition."

Thantasy: <The men have to fight very hard to control me.>

Vader: "And in the state of slumber we can not be assured of his death."

Vader: They stretch you upon the altar and remove all of your robes.

Vader: They secure your arms and legs to the four corners of the stone table.

Vader: On which you now rest.

Vader: The table is very long and your limbs are tightened by the pull of several men against the ropes assuring that you are very stretched.

Thantasy: <I realize that this is my last and only opportunity.>

Vader: There is a wooden stake and a mallet on the floor near the head of the altar.

Thantasy: <Resisting as much as possible...>

Vader: The time draws near.

Thantasy: <I summon all the rage within me!!!>

Vader: And the leader begins to disrobe.

Thantasy: <I fight....>

Thantasy: <My struggle is valiant!!!>

Vader: He mounts your struggling body and violates you.

Thantasy: <Then quite suddenly....>

Thantasy: <I arch up...>

Vader: He begins to force himself into you and takes full advantage of your struggles.

Thantasy: <and let myself go utterly slack.>

Thantasy: <Lifeless.>

Vader: He looks into your frightened eyes and laughs at your futile efforts.

Thantasy: <Totally motionless.>

Vader: He fucks you hard and vigorously.

Thantasy: <I allow my eyes to remain open...>

Thantasy: <...but fixed in a motionless position.>

Vader: "Well, your choice not to enjoy this," he says as he slaps across your face.

Thantasy: <I even cease breathing....>

Vader: The other men poke you with wooden sticks.

Thantasy: <become utterly unresponsive....>

Thantasy: < all appearances, dead.>

Vader: The harassment becomes more intense...

Vader: ...and the force of the attack more violent...

Thantasy: <I make every effort to convince them that I am dead...>

Thantasy: <...useless as bait.>

Vader: ...forcing you to draw a breath.


Vader: "You will perish soon enough, wench, but not till midnight."

Vader: The gag is removed.

Vader: One of the men brings forth a torch...

Vader: ...and sears your flesh on your thigh...

Thantasy: Awwwcccchhhhh!!!!!

Vader: ...surprising you.

Thantasy: Owwwww!

Vader: As the leader is about to cum he grimaces...

Vader: ...and he thrusts deep inside and lets out a loud howl...

Vader: ...of ecstacy.

Thantasy: Leave off your loathsome sporting!!

Thantasy: <I utterly resist the urges within me to respond with lust to this act of violation!!!>

Vader: Now the others form a line and continue to make carnal sport with you.

Vader: Each taking his turn inside you and each releasing within your pussy his vile seeds at the end of his violation of you.

Thantasy: <I try to send thoughts to my lover, do not trouble yourself!!!>

Thantasy: <Make no effort to save me!!!!>

Vader: It is now moments before midnight.

Thantasy: <Allow me to perish!!!>

Vader: The last of these men have finished their use of you.

Thantasy: <If you have any capacity to save yourself, do so, abandon me!!!!>

Vader: They adjust the leg ropes and you are slid to one end of the altar.

Vader: Your head is allowed to droop off the end backward.

Vader: And the ropes are again fixed tight.

Vader: This arches your throat back nicely.

Thantasy: <I reconcile myself to my doom.>

Thantasy: <I only hope that my lover will resist their trap!>

Vader: Your arms are attached tightly stretched out like a cross.

Vader: The leader steps up to your head...

Vader: ...and looks down at your well positioned body.

Vader: He kneels at your head...

Vader: ...and says, "It is almost time."

Vader: You are looking at him upside down.

Vader: "You will cry out in agony."

Vader: "I just wish you would spare yourself a few moments of pain."

Thantasy: And how might I do that, my dear ravisher?

Vader: "You can summon Lord Vlader to this trap and I will vanquish you with one full stroke of the mallet..."

Vader: "..or you can suffer till you cry out."

Vader: "But the time has arrived."

Thantasy: I do not bargain with such as you!!!!

Vader: It is a minute before midnight.

Vader: "Fine, then die well, whore!" the leader says as a ring gag is shoved into your open mouth.

Thantasy: I eagerly await release!

Vader: Two of the men position themselves beside the coffin.

Vader: The other two take position on either side of you.

Thantasy: <I only hope that he resists the temptation to come to my aid!!!>

Vader: The leader opens his trousers...

Thantasy: <I will suffer my fate gladly, if he can be spared.>

Vader: ...and places his crotch to your upside down face and gagged open mouth.

Vader: He reaches beside your head and grabs the mallet and the stake and gives a nod to the others.

Thantasy: <I shiver with anticipation.>

Vader: He enters your mouth which is held open by the ring.

Thantasy: <At least their game will bring them no reward, if only my lover resists the temptation to rescue me!>

Vader: The two men on the sides of you begin a violent thrashing of your breasts and belly with heavy leather floggers.

Vader: The intensity is horrible.

Thantasy: <The pain is intense, but bearable...>

Thantasy: <...compared to the pain of betraying my lover!>

Vader: The last two men remove the lid of Vlader's Coffin...

Vader: ...and look at his sleeping Body.

Vader: The leader continues to abuse your mouth...

Thantasy: <I suffer in silence.>

Vader: the other two thrash with unbelievable vengeance on your exposed flesh.

Thantasy: <In my mind, I beg my lover not to come to my rescue!!!>

Thantasy: <Surely they will tire of their sport soon...>

Thantasy: <...and drive the stake into my heart and end this torture.>

Vader: The leader lays the stake between your beaten red breasts...

Vader: ...and applies the point to its mark.

Vader: He raises the mallet...

Thantasy: <I await my deliverance!>

Vader: ...and he is hard inside your mouth.

Vader: "One thought will deliver you swiftly..."

Vader: ...he utters.

Thantasy: <I search for that thought!>

Vader: "Just one request and Vlader will arise."

Vader: Seconds before midnight...

Thantasy: <I refuse to make that concession.>

Vader: "Now..." the leader says menacingly...

Vader: " have never felt the death of a thousand lifetimes all at once."

Vader: "This pales in comparison."

Vader: The floggers add torches to burn your flesh as well...

Vader: ...adding to the pain.

Thantasy: <I feel the pain!>

Vader: "Just one quick thought and I will drive this through you instantaneously," the leader assures you.

Thantasy: <I steel myself!>

Vader: "The suffering will cease."

Thantasy: <I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!>

Thantasy: <DO NOT TRY TO SAVE ME!!!!>

Vader: The clock of the nearby village begins to toll.

Vader: One

Thantasy: <Surely this must end soon.>

Vader: Two

Vader: It hollow sounds echoing.

Vader: Three

Vader: The whipping and burning increase.

Vader: Four

Thantasy: <I prepare to bid farewell to this existence.>

Vader: "Harder men, harder!"

Vader: Five

Thantasy: <I remain quiet!>

Vader: The thrusts of the leader into your mouth are powerful.

Vader: Six

Thantasy: <I put my mind back in our abode.>

Vader: "I shall have you one last time..."

Vader: Seven

Vader: ...he says.

Thantasy: <I remember the love that we shared there.>

Vader: he prepares to unload.

Thantasy: <I go there in my mind...>

Vader: Eight

Thantasy: <I remember his loving embrace.>

Vader: The torches are laid to your nipples.

Vader: Nine

Thantasy: <I remember the love and joy that we shared.>

Vader: They sear the tissue.

Vader: Ten

Thantasy: <I remove myself from what is happening!!!>

Thantasy: <I am at a distance, far away...>

Thantasy: <I am in the arms of my lover, feeling his kiss....>

Vader: The floggers strike your stretches pussy and bite the clit.

Vader: Eleven

Thantasy: <I am safe, I am not here...>

Vader: Once again they lay their bite to your pussy...

Thantasy: < my mind!>

Vader: ...and sting deeply...

Vader: Twelve

Vader: the release of the leader's seed fills your mouth.

Thantasy: <I am free, utterly free!!!!!>

Vader: The thrust of the leader's hips arch your neck back into his crotch.

Vader: Lord Vlader stirs in his box...

Thantasy: <I know that my death is imminent...>

Vader: ...and arises.

Thantasy: <No, NO!!!!!!!!!!!>

Thantasy: <DON'T SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!>

Vader: The sound of the last chime trails off into the distance.

Thantasy: <FLEE, IF YOU ARE ABLE!!!!!!!!!>

Vader: And the leader pulls out of your mouth as he prepares to deliver the promised blow.

Vader: Vlader looks at your face...

Thantasy: <My deliverance is at hand!>

Vader: ...and into your loving eyes as the two men surround him.

Thantasy: <With my eyes I assure him that I am all right!>

Vader: You see that he is about to be taken...

Vader: ...and he thinks about his love for you...

Vader: the mallet starts do decend

Thantasy: <Please my lover, save yourself, if possible!!!>

Vader: The mallet slams down like a gavel in court...

Thantasy: <AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

Vader: ...but strikes the table beside your head instead of the stake!

Thantasy: <He has missed????>

Vader: Laughter erupts -- "HAHAHAHAHAHA" -- among the men...

Thantasy: <What trick is this?>

Vader: ...and Lord Vlader also smiles.

Vader: "Trick or treat, my dear," Vlader says with a smile.

Vader: "These are my minions."

Thantasy: <AHHHH!!!!!!!! I am delirious with relief!>

Vader: The men withdraw.

Thantasy: <MY LOVE!!!!!!!!>

Vader: And the wooden stake is placed on the floor.

Vader: "Happy Halloween, My Lover."

Thantasy: <HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!>

Vader: The men begin to hunch over...

Vader: ...and take the form of wolves...

Vader: ...and as a pack thy run off into the woods.

Thantasy: <Unbind me so I can embrace you!!!!!>

Vader: "This just leaves us, my Darling."

Thantasy: <And get this thing out of my mouth!!!!!>

Vader: "First, I think I may use you a bit in this place."

Vader: With a pass of the hand all ropes are free as usual.

Thantasy: <With my eyes, I give my assent to this wonderful idea.>

Vader: And the bit falls free from your mouth.

Thantasy: My darling!!!!!

Vader: "We shall enjoy this romantic place and night under the stars now."

Thantasy: Yes!

Vader: As I embrace your naked body...

Vader: ...all of your marks vanish...

Thantasy: <I feel myself healed instantly!!!!>

Vader: ...revealing again your unparalleled beauty.

Thantasy: <I offer my arms to you, I spread my legs for your entry!>

Thantasy: <I kiss you with love and appreciation!!!!!!>

Vader: "What pain you endured for my love!"

Thantasy: 'Twas nothing, my dear!!!!

Vader: I embrace you and hug you tight.

Thantasy: EMMMMM!!!!!!

Vader: "I know how strong your love is, Darling."

Thantasy: <I melt into your arms!!!>

Vader: And mine is equal for you, Darling.

Thantasy: <I nestle into your arms!>

Vader: I open my mouth to kiss you but reveal instead my famous teeth and slide onto your neck...

Thantasy: AHHH!!!!!!

Vader: ...for a light piercing.

Thantasy: YES!!!!!!

Thantasy: Feed upon me, my love!!!!

Vader: The blood trickles down your neck onto your chest and breasts...

Thantasy: <I spread it about with my fingers, decorating myself.>

Thantasy: AHHHH!!!!!!

Vader: we melt together onto the ground for love under the stars.

Vader: "Happy Halloween, again, my lover," Vlader says, and all the torches and candles are hushed.

Vader: [finis]


Thantasy: VERY, VERY GOOD!!!!!!

Thantasy: That was terrific!!!!!!

Thantasy: Thank you so very much and a very happy Halloween!!!!

Vader: did you really like it?

Thantasy: You are marvelous!!!!!!

Thantasy: No kidding!!!!!

Vader: would you please clean it up a bit

Vader: and consider posting it

Thantasy: Oh, will do!!!!

Thantasy: Thank you so much!!!!!!

Vader: I am sorry I did not have more time to detail some of the parts

Thantasy: Have a good shift tonight.

Vader: I wanted to fit it all in tonight

Vader: but feel free to share it with your partner and add to the parts

Vader: where you are ravaged

Thantasy: Yes!!!!

Vader: Add all of the fine details you are famous for darling

Vader: sorry also you were tied and gaged through most of it

Thantasy: Shall we plan for a week from tonight????

Vader: yes

Vader: that would be good

Thantasy: Okay, same time!!!1

Vader: same

Vader: yep

Thantasy: Take care of yourself.

Vader: bye

Thantasy: Have a good week!

Thantasy: Bye!!!!!

Vader: u too